1st Aug 2006, 04:51

Just bought a new VIOS 1.5G, in a very nice Subtle Gold color. Definitely smooth automatic shifting compared to my Dad's Ford Lynx. Its my first time to encounter a digital dashboard though. Any suggestions on proper maintenance? The car will be used mainly by my wife for short trips around the neighborhood.

7th Aug 2006, 09:17

Just continue to drive your new VIOS. Nothing much you need to do except to do your periodical maintenance.

5th Oct 2006, 12:16

Driving a Toyota Vios 1.5G.

From what I know, I'm completely contented with the car except for occasional problems now and then. My fuel consumption is around 400km per full tank due to some mods and driving style. Apart from that it has been a very reliable and fun to drive car.

Looking at this car from a performance perspective is alittle unnecessary. The Toyota Vios 1nz-fe is only running 1.5 litres. How much exactly can you churn out of an engine with such capacity and compression. Our performance advantage is our weight. I'm running on 17" rims and some mods and my car can do 8.6 seconds to 100. If you are looking for a more powerful car then go for a higher cc or get a more performance specified car. Only con when I first got the car was the handling. This car is built also for comfort. The springs on a Vios is soft and high making it harder to handle around corners at higher speeds.

The Vios wins in an all-rounder fight. The design is just superbly simple. Functionalities are sufficient. Performance is available. Convenience is a snap. Although the Vios may not have gadgets like the city. It's a more user friendly and a car much loved by many.

My verdict :-

Performance :- 7.5/10

Style/Appearance :- 8.5/10

Value for money :- 6/10

Simplicity :- 9/10

Gadgets/Techs :- 4/10.

Final rating :- 7/10.

A good buy through my eyes. Something I didn't regret after taking it home.

6th Oct 2006, 00:06

I had a duel with a Proton Gen 2 1.6 Manual. To be honest, Gen 2 has a better acceleration due to Manual Transmission. But maintaining high-speed chase was still inferior to a stock 1.5 G Auto Vios.

24th Oct 2006, 15:04

I've been driving my Vios 1.5G (no modification) for just over a year now and I do find some lackings:

1) Fuel consumption - I'm not sure how the car owners of the previous comments did it, but as far as I'm able to achieve, a full tank can go only up to 450+- (city driving), and never more than that. I've been driving the car to outstation and such, and it could only hit around 500+-.

2) Stability - I've reached 180km/h without stepping fully on the accelerator, but don't dare to go any faster after that (as you know, there are always monkeys that cut out to the fast lane and driving slowly). I do feel that the car an go on a higher km/h. However, the car is not really stable after 140km/h, so, do becareful when you're driving on high speed.

3) Interior - I've been looking at the interior of new City, and, although I do not want to admit, but City gives you a more classy look. More techie things to play around with, and the least of all, more compartments (this is really one thing I hate, they don't even provide a single proper compartment)!

Don't get me wrong, I still love my Vios for it's exterior design, even without any modification, it looks nicer than many other cars. The gear transmission has been really smooth, and the suspension system is one thing that I'm proud of Toyota.

The above are just a few things that I'm not satisfied with, I'm sure no matter what car you own, you'll still have complaints here and there.

Would love to see any advice/comments, especially on the fuel consumption part.

1st Nov 2006, 09:24

I believe the Kembara mentioned earlier is the older model right?

Look at where the max torque of older Kembara peak at.. RPM5100! It is no where comfortable to drive so we usually see Kembara owners drive at a rather slower pace, but once pushed to the limit, the small SUV is in its zone!

But again, for overall diving pleasure, Vios serves the purpose a lot better.

16th Jan 2007, 00:40

Hey guys.

What a review from each and everyone of you gave. I have read all of your comments, but still you all didn't come to a conclusion of how to maintain this car instead of comparing with other cars and so on. Why not try to rectify what should be done instead. I am going to buy this car soon, but it seems that when I get this car, those reviews that I have read above will soon be a burden to me later on. Still, I have watched how this Toyota Vios performed in circuit in Pasir Gudang and the results is 7/10. This car can really follow go fast. So whats the actual story about this car? Need any settings to make it right? Drop the height for cornering? Strut bars for stability? 15" or 18" wide rims is better? Any bodykits involved? Top spped unstable, needs any spoiler?

18th Jan 2007, 23:18

Hi everyone, I am from Sri Lanka. I bought a VIOS 1.5 E car in August 2006. It was manufactured in late 2004 and imported from Singapore as a re-conditioned vehicle. (Mileage 47,00KM)

Most of the people here are happy with this model simply because of its style & the fuel economy. After using few months I found that the fuel consumption is around 10 Km/Ltr in city traffic. Unlike in Singapore or Thailand, there is no big traffic jams and the fuel consumption is not acceptable in these conditions.

When I contacted 3M, they recommended me to change the fuel filter, which is attached on top of the tank and also to do an automatic fuel cleanup. I was amazed and now the car has a great acceleration power and also I can travel 14Km/ Ltr.

29th Dec 2007, 13:07

Hi! I recently got a 05 toyota vios 1.5L, I am thinking of increasing the acceleration and power of the car, any recommendations? like including an air charger? or carbon charger intake? or maybe changing the exhaust system? any tips? I am dying to know, because I wouldn't want to spend a bomb on the wrong components likewise for everyone.

29th Feb 2008, 09:03

Hi Guys,

I'm from Sri Lanka, and recently I bought a Vios. The fuel economy in the city limits is around 8Km/l and outside city limits, it's about 16Km/l. To improve the fuel economy, I also tried tuning it up. But the service dealer, Toyota Lanka, told me that the fuel economy of 8Km/l in city limits is the acceptable amount, but I'm not satisfied with this explanation since most users here say that the vehicle does more on fuel. On close inspection of the vehicle, the dealers told me that it is in very good condition.

Any idea why the fuel economy in city limits is so low? I drive in moderate traffic.


4th Jul 2008, 02:21

I bought a VIOS in December 2007 from a Car Dealer in Rawathawatte, Moratuwa. They directly import used VIOS cars from Singapore. After I started using the car found that there are a few problems and was brought to the knowledge of the dealer. However, they did not attend to those problems properly and finally I had to spend my own money to rectify those problems. So if you are planning to buy a Vios car from a dealer in Moratuwa please don't do so.