2004 Toyota VIOS 1.5 E 1.5 VVT-i from Malaysia


I wish I can own Toyota 2.4 Variable Valve Timing-i CAMRY


My ABS brake almost to me to the heaven. It is still hard for me to forget the experience. That was a time I driven my KIA Spectra while I full accelerate suddenly a truck get in front of me, for immediate response I step hard on my brake to avoid accident happen. My KIA Spectra scared me with the ABS plus EBD brake that lock my wheels so that I was skiing with my KIA Spectra.

The worst thing is the paint of the car. The paint on the opener of doors is worn out itself while I own the car for less than 6 months. I was first user! Can you believe it?

General Comments:

For the Toyota VIOS that I own, it is very good. Noise proofing is one of the top 5 in its class. The engine really quiet in high RPM.

Petrol saving two times more that my previously owned KIA Spectra. For KIA Spectra RM50.00 I can run only around 300KM. But for Toyota VIOS RM50.00 I can run around 530KM!

Because of my driving habit, I tried a several time of emergency braking for my Toyota VIOS. My VIOS is front disc brake, rear drum brake, no ABS nor EBD.

VIOS able to let me trust its brake, VIOS only require little distance for emergency brake if compare to Kia Spectra.

If VIOS come with slightly bigger size, I think I will use it until it break down!

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Review Date: 18th March, 2005

16th Aug 2005, 04:41

I am trying to understand what you are saying here. Is it a good or bad car?

14th Sep 2005, 22:38

I think he is trying to say that this is a good car compared with KIA.

22nd Sep 2005, 10:31

I think he mean driving Vios will prolong his life more longer due to his driving habit.

23rd Apr 2006, 05:56

If you have ever read in the local newspaper, there was one VIOS had an accident, head on collision, the airbag operates. The pregnant lady and the baby were safe. Thanks god to the beautiful technical that comes with this cheap and good VIOS.

In my personal opinion, it is rather to spend a bit more on the car than save it. Reason being, the number of cars on the road is getting higher, in relation, ,more accidents are expected. This is a fact!

Think about it... save your life and family lives with a decent good car (of course provided you can afford too). Drive safe with Toyota. I owned VIOS and ALTIS, I love them all.

29th Jun 2006, 10:59

I think your tyres are worn out. ABS works when you do emergency braking where it works like "brake-release-brake" and prevent the tyres from locking so you can safely steer the car. Tip: make sure your tyres are not worn out, brakes are still in good condition and get your car properly maintained.

2004 Toyota VIOS J 1.5 VVTi from Brunei


It's Everything!


No problem, complaint & no factory defective.

General Comments:

Great value car only for B$17,800 (US$9890). It's much better than my crap Proton Wira 1.5 Gli.

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Review Date: 24th September, 2004

23rd May 2005, 07:33

Vios only cost B$17800? Recently I check the price from the nearest Toyota Company is around $B19000 manual (LS) I just wish to know where can we find the real price for Vios. By the way, is that the cash price since it is cheaper? Because I am planning to buy one for myself too.. thanks.

7th Jun 2006, 20:00

Yes Cash PRICE! and it's worthed.