31st Dec 2009, 01:23

My VIOS is 3 years old now.

Still doing 12-15km/litre. After servicing, I can usually hit between 16-18. I am very proud to have own this car and will always stick to a VIOS.

26th Oct 2011, 22:25

The car is slightly younger than 5 years. Let me update with the latest. I just waxed it yesterday.

The driver door produces rickety sound. It could be due to a loose door trim due to the exposure to the hot outdoor sun, causing a plastic part to warp slightly that caused a small gap. Cannot ask too much from such an excellent workhorse.

Recently, I sent it back to authorised agent servicing, after being outside serviced after the 3 year warranty expired. I requested that they check and inform of any wear, tear or damage. Agent informed that a drive shaft boot was torn. Replaced both drive shaft boots at less than half the authorised agent price outside. That was about three months back.

The aircon fresh air duct vane dropped onto my aircon filter. The authorised agent put it back without charges earlier this year. Maybe, because I paid them to install an aircon tray and filter a few years back, or maybe it could be a defect.

One thing I continued to like about my toy is that it continues to return me the mileage of about 18.5km/ltr using the minimum grade of RON petrol approved. The driving pattern remained the same at about 80% highway.

21st Jul 2014, 03:10

Hi, my Toyota Vios is now 7.5 years old. After that drive shaft boot replacement, the following parts were replaced:

(a) Front and rear hydraulic suspension cylinders (due to one non performing cylinder in the front, replaced front and rear set anyway).

(b) Brake pedal button (causing brake light to be locked on).

(c) Wiper spray nozzle (apparently choked).

Other than above parts replaced, the vehicle also showed signs of age related quality problems.

The upholstery patterned cloth drapes down from door panels, cushions appear to shrink a bit, headlamp cover finishes have begun to peel, exposing the headlamp plastic to sunshine, tinting it yellowish (I hope that Toyota have addressed this by now?).

I still rate this Toyota Vios as excellent.