2003 Toyota Yaris T3 1.0 litre from UK and Ireland


Fantastic little car, highly recommended.. I love MY little TOYOTA


Absolutely NOTHING has gone wrong with my car, it is totally and utterly dependable, put the key in and it fires into life. No matter what the weather is doing.

There is JUST NO comparison to my last car, which had DREADFUL reliability. Owning a car which is so reliable and dependable, is a breeze, it is rather comforting.

General Comments:

The drive is absolutely superb. The performance is okay, of course it is no racing car, but then it is only little WEE engine. But give it some "BEANS" and "REV" and it certainly picks up your order; those variable valves spring into life.

It has got to be the lightest, and easiest car I have ever driven, VERY SIMPLE.

Handling is best described... as not to be hurried, although the steering is FABULOUSLY light, the FRICTION in the steering does not help though, I do find it somewhat hard to keep a straight line? Or possibly did have my glasses on!! The friction issue is noted on many reviews which I have read. Apparently, these issues have been put right in the new YARIS, the ride has also been improved too.

The brakes are great, you hardly have to touch them, no worries about stopping.

For such a little car, it is very roomy inside. The rear seats have been well thought-out, the way it slides it great if your carrying something large in the boot.

The front seats are very comfortable, you kind of sink into them, almost like memory foam!! Although, the support is somewhat lacking.

The dash design is also great, but a little CHEAP looking, although well screwed together. The abundance of cubby holes are brilliant, although I think they could have lined them with something!!! TOTALLY LOVE the digital center display, as does everyone who sits in it.

A lot of reviews regard the display; looking like an EIGHTIES calculator, sorry I don't agree.

My weekly commute of around 260 miles, is a doddle. I recently reset the computer, and achieved 55.4 MPG, yes it did take some doing, one would think it ran on fresh air, it is VERY fuel efficient.

The CO2 output, although not very high, it's not exactly cheap at £120.00 for one years worth of car tax... sorry a REAL bug bear!!

I would certainly consider the DIESEL next time, that just creeps under the magic mark, £35 for one years worth of TAX !!!!! WOW

Costs, well like I mentioned, nothing has broken or fell off, in two years of ownership, it has not cost anything other than routine maintenance, MOTs, and a set of tyres. And it certainly does not need to see a garage in between for 'REPAIRS'

Would have another one... AT THE DROP OF A HAT.

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Review Date: 5th August, 2008

2003 Toyota Yaris 1.3 VVTI from Montenegro





General Comments:

The car is great, it pulls really good after you pass the 3500 RPM mark.

It's quite roomy for such a small car.

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Review Date: 13th April, 2008

2003 Toyota Yaris 1.4 D4D T Spirit 1.4 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Easy to drive, economical, reliable



General Comments:

Great car for both town and distance driving averaging over 55mpg in town and 68 on long journeys.

My wife found our previous car (a Ford Fiesta) uncomfortable due to hip problems and the hard suspension was noisy and uncomfortable over speed humps (which are far too prevalent in the uK). The Yairs is higher and has wider doors and very comfortable seats and she enjoys sitting and suffers no discompfort on entry/exit.

The car handles well (although being high it rolls a bit), is comfortable and very easy to drive and park. The diesel pulls well in town with minimal turbo lag.

The dash mounted display is easy and simple and not at all distracting although the fuel gauge rarely moves :-)

Add in low UK Road tax (£50 versus the Fiesta's £175 per year), well finshed paintwork and no rattles and it's a well built and economical car.

My wife loves it.

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Review Date: 4th July, 2006

30th Apr 2009, 02:37

I am considering buying one of these cars but I have a question. I do everyday motorway driving, what kind of revs does this car have at say 75mph in 5th gear? Currently I have a 1 litre which revs near the red line at motorway speeds.

5th Aug 2009, 10:55

I have had a 1.4D4d Yaris T Spirt (2003 reg) for 3 years. AT 75mph revs are approx 2,900.. But wind noise starts to be bad over 75mph.

Otherwise I would just reiterate the comments on everything the original poster said.. except RFL is now £35... and it's cheap to service and 100% reliable...

4th Apr 2010, 15:19

Have owned a Yaris 1.4 d4d for 6 years from new.

Agree that 75mph in 5th is around 3000rpm, but suffers on uphill gradients often needs downshift.

Front shocks needed replacing after 70000 miles, almost certainly due to number of speed bumps I have to do each day, am talking 100's.

Overall a great little diesel.