2011 Toyota Yaris 1.3 petrol from Oman


It is an extremely reliable car


Nothing has gone wrong with this car. It is an extremely reliable car.

General Comments:

I like this Yaris because of its trouble free ownership. It is very reliable and cheap to run. I have driven many cars from Lexus, Infiniti, BMW, Chevy and Nissan. By far Toyota is the mother of reliability in my country. I get very good gas mileage. I am 179 cm tall and 110 kg, and I still fit in this car perfectly and lots of room is still there.

The power from the small 1.3 engine is amazing and the A/C is ice cold in our burning summer (51C). I don't know why some people complain about cheap interior, but I find it better than Korean makes by far, and also it doesn't rattle or fall apart as some say.

I wanted to sell it to get a VW Golf, but I said heck no at the last moment, because of the terrifying VW stories in my country.

My Yaris is not a driver's car or that sporty, but it definitely keeps a smile on my face when I realize how much money I save with it.

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Review Date: 12th November, 2015

2011 Toyota Yaris Terra Sport 1.0 from UK and Ireland


The Yaris is not the 'best built car in the world'


Dashboard trim repeatedly falling off, even after visiting the dealer. Held in with paper now.

Poorly fitted dashboard trim, not flush with heating ducts since new.

The car feels like it's pulling to the left at high speed. The dealer assured me this is normal due to the light electronic power steering.

Creaking sound at front left at low speeds developed at 16,000klms. Haven't had this looked at yet, as it's due a service at 30,000klms.

Noise in back suspension developed at 25,000klms. Will get it looked at on the next service.

General Comments:

Bought a 2011 Yaris (phase 2) as I had an old 2000 Yaris (phase 1) and had no problems with it in 11 years. In my opinion, the phase 2 Yaris is a much more inferior model than the phase 1.

Plus points are:

The car has plenty of power for a 1.0, and the cabin is roomy for a supermini.

The car is cheap to run and is light on fuel.

Minus points are:

Cabin plastics are cheap and poorly fitted. Also feel very weak, and are not well fitted to the car.

The car is noisy and feels like a diesel. Maybe this is due to the 3 cylinder engine.

The chassis feels weak, and car wobbles when you hit an uneven surface at speed.

Electronic power steering is very light, and the car doesn't feel solid on the road.

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Review Date: 4th July, 2012

4th Jul 2012, 12:22

Whatever you do in this life... try to hang on to any older japanese car/truck/SUV that still has a lot of life left in them. The Japanese have had to cut a lot of corners to compete with the emerging Korean manufacturers, and American manufacturers that have regained some of their lost focus, and now are making better cars.

There is an old saying... they don't make them like they use to, and it's especially true with cars.

2011 Toyota Yaris Four door lift back 4 cylinder from North America


Best of the small cars


Nothing has gone wrong.

General Comments:

Great acceleration. Got 41 MPG with 30% highway and 70% city.

Bought a center console arm rest and a rubber guard for back bumper top on the Internet. Saved $300 over dealer cost and they were easy to install.

Very roomy cabin. I weigh close to 300 lbs and it has a ton of room. Easy to get in and out of. Fold flat back seats that also recline are super. If you fold the seats, there is a flip up and over panel that covers the hole made by the seats being folded. Seat is firm, and I use a cushion on long trips.

Very tight turning radius. It is quieter than my 2010 Mariner or 2010 Expedition. We tow it behind our RV on a dolly. Fun to drive and looks great.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2011

12th Feb 2011, 14:34

Does the driving position bother you? I constantly read how people say it's awkward and irritating. I have an 05 Echo, the predecessor to the Yaris. I've never had a problem with the driving position, or the centre mounted gauges that are also in the Yaris. Is the driving position that bothersome or different from an Echo? I love my car, and want a Yaris if or when it dies.