15th Aug 2007, 13:12

I have a Yaris 1300 purchased in December 2006. Also has dash rattles and gearbox whine at 115km/hr. I asked Toyota if these were common faults and they referred me to my local dealership. Will probably mention these problems when I take the car in for its first service.

I did manage to improve the dash creaks and rattles by injecting a small dose of silicone into all glovebox gaps and hinges. I still have an annoying rattle coming from the panel in front of the speedo display though.

I'm also disappointed with the upholstery as far as the seats are concerned. It is already going "fluffy" in heavy wear areas. Otherwise great little car.

1st Sep 2007, 23:57

Same problem with my yaris sedan that I bought in Aug 2007...annoying rattling sound coming from the general direction of the dashboard.

What's the solution? Where do you get this silicon thing, and how do you fix it, pls let me know at: phoenix4@email.com.


24th Dec 2007, 14:12

My 2007 Yaris has rattles from the windshield frame area, but especially in cold weather. I'd suggest this happens because in cold weather, the shocks get stiffer, thus transmitting more vibrations to the car's frame.

Absolutely no gearbox whine at any speed, except in reverse (manual transmission). Maybe someone is missing transmission oil? On a Yaris forum (http://www.yarisworld.com/forums/) there's a topic about several transmission failures on Yaris with over 15000 miles, due to improperly factory tightening of a internal gearbox part, letting the gearbox develop an oil leak.

23rd Mar 2008, 12:14

I forced Toyota to fix the dashboard rattling today. The dealership was evasive to the extent that there is no sound (they meant to say that I was imagining things, etc.), please come back later because we have to take off the whole dash to investigate properly, and so on and so forth. Ultimately, I flipped and wrote to Toyota directly and that I am thinking of taking them to court. That's when Toyota woke up, ordered the dealership to fix the problem ASAP. This time the dealership was very sincere, fixed my problem 95%, although it took the whole day. Now I hear only a faint rattling whenever I drive over a ditch or a road crack (which have popped up all over the place, since we had a severe winter in Canada this year), otherwise not.

Kind of satisfied...

18th Apr 2008, 07:40

You cannot evaluate a car in 200km (124 miles) of driving. Sadly many of these reviews need to be taken with a grain of salt because the new car giddy feeling has not worn off. Nobody can properly rate any vehicle objectively without driving it for 15,000km or around 10,000 miles.

24th May 2008, 22:34

Until our government wises up and outlaws the 3-ton SUV, no child of mine would be allowed to even RIDE in a Yaris. All our relatives and neighbors buy their children large, truck-based SUVs in order to protect them.

16th Jul 2009, 12:09

Needing to drive an SUV to keep your kids safe? My mom had a 1965 VW Bug and had it until late 1976. That car took us everywhere and never had any problems.

The Yaris is a fine car -- I would ignore the above comment.

2nd Aug 2009, 17:06

You were going to sue Toyota because of a dashboard rattle? This is an economy car, it was put together quickly and efficiently. If you wanted a car that didn't have the occasional rattle or pop, you should have gotten a Corolla.

2nd Aug 2009, 17:11

I need an SUV to keep my kids safe? I don't think so. Small cars like the Yaris are designed to be safe in a collision with a larger vehicle, let's face it, they have to be. There isn't a car much smaller than the Yaris on U.S. roads. And besides, if you think your kids getting hit in a small car by an SUV is bad, what about the dangers of putting inexperienced drivers behind the wheel of something so large as an SUV?