21st May 2008, 12:17

It's a good car.. but I really don't like the odometer in the middle dashboard...it's very annoying when driving.. Toyota has a good reputation in the Car industry... how come they're making cars that are complicated... make it simple you know... ODOMETER should Be on the Driver seat...

21st May 2008, 17:20

You know what? I thought the same thing about the odometer till I drove it. Personally, I like it. It keeps the dashboard lower, and with the short little hood, you can see more of the road, like a go-cart kind of driving experience. It's fun in my opinion. I'll be buying one very shortly if the money is right.

23rd May 2008, 07:11

Just bought a 2008. Love it!

Roomy, quiet, can't beat the gas mileage and the price.

19th Aug 2008, 20:34

There is no way I would buy a car with the odometer in the middle. To drive with my wife checking my speed is an impossibility! C'mon, the designer was a woman or just married! :-)

20th Aug 2008, 15:23

Excellent point 20:34!!!

25th Aug 2008, 19:15

Drove my wife's Hyundai Accent & got 45MPG. The Yaris may get better MPG, but the interior shoulder width is 1 to 3 inches less than Accent. Both have the same exterior width. With the backseats up, Accent's cargo room is 60% more than Yaris. I thought the Accent had a nicer interior, more added standard features (airbags, armrest, mudflaps, trip odometers, 8-way adjustable seat, tach), looks better, is cheaper (one dealer sold Accent for $7800), & has a better warranty with free oil changes. Wife's Accent functions 100% with no squeaks, creaks, or rattles.

25th Aug 2008, 20:20

One of the reasons the speedometer is in the middle is to cut cost. This way they don't have to move the dials to the right when they sell it in certain countries like England.

16th Nov 2008, 21:26

After 1 year driving a yaris I have not gotten to those odometer in middle. It's really stupid! Anyhow, seems it's like the other things about this car : (

10th Mar 2009, 08:51

I have a company supplied 2008 Yaris F/O A/T 1.3 VVT-i engine. I think the car is great. Toyota has always done a great job on the sound isolation.

Fuel consumption is great, 14 Km/Liter Urban driving, which reduces to about 12 Km/Liter with the A/C, which is still great. One can hardly feel or hear the engine. I believe that Toyota has done a good job.

Odometer in the center is not a problem. I get used to it real quick and it does not bother me.

My kids love it actually, and when we go out with the Yaris they fight about who sits in the middle.

Overall I believe it is a great car, but a little expensive for its class.

2nd Aug 2009, 21:37

I had a Yaris for a week (my car was at the body shop) and I can't believe people buy the car.

First, the seats are made with cement. I'm sure the seat supplier is Demix (Demix is a cement company).

Secondly, the handling of the car is awful; it's a pain to drive.

Third, the gas mileage was good, but close to if not worse than a better car like Civic, Focus, Mazda 3 etc...

Fourth, the dash. I think the car is built for driver who never checks the dashboard.

Fifth, noise, it's so noisy a dead person will come back to life in that car.

Oh and the awkward placement of the steering wheel; it was probably designed by a bus driver.

But there are some good points; the acceleration from a stop is very good, and at speeds over 100km/hour it's acceptable, and the size of the car in city driving is good. Toyota reliability will surely be good. The car will keep its value.

I didn't try the other small cars, but I suggest you do before you buy this piece of pain.

5th Sep 2009, 20:17

I leased a Toyota Yaris a two weeks ago here in Houston. I can say it was hard for me to get used to see the odometer in the middle of the car and not in front of the steering wheel. It is really hard to get used to it. Mainly if you have experience driving cars (most of all) with odometers in front of you.

Seats were OK for an economic car.

About the rest. The gas mileage is superb for an economic car. I had leased a Ford V6 a day before, and power is obviously abysmal. Obviously the mpg rate. This is not a car for climbing mountains or high hills.

I would recommend this car for mostly daily economical commute. Unfortunately the car seems very weak for receiving a crash accident or lateral hit. I think you would have severe problems if you receive some kind of impact. As always, you get for what you pay for.