9th Mar 2011, 00:10

This is the original poster. It's been months that I've owned this car, and I love it. One day I took it to the dealer to fix the rattles at the back (baggage door). They fixed it under warranty with no cost. Surprisingly, they even fixed things that I didn't mention. Somehow, after it got fixed, it feels more solid. For example, when I close the door, I can feel the powerful build up. It used to be shaken up when I closed it. The engine also got smoother after it got fixed. Even, I can say, it's smoother than my dad's tenth generation Corolla.

When waiting at the dealer to fix my car, they gave me free coffee and chocolate. The waiting room is comfortable enough. They have air conditioner, a widescreen HDTV, and some car magazines. The way they talked to me is like talking to friends. They're also professional at taking care of the cars. I am very satisfied with the dealer service; like most people said, nothing can beat Toyota's service in Indonesia.

9th Mar 2011, 15:01

I'm shocked! A positive experience with Toyota. I read so many comments that say all Toyotas are death traps, even though some models, like the Yaris, were not affected by the recall fiasco. I like my Toyota, too, and would like a Yaris if I had to replace it.

9th May 2011, 07:04

This is the original poster, after months owning it, I noticed that the steering wheel becomes slippery when it's cold inside/when it's clean, which is another ergonomic problem. Sometimes I almost crash due to the thick roundy pillars that block the view. I also feel that the rear view mirrors are just too small. I've seen the pictures of the new Yaris, and I hope Toyota fixed the ergonomics.

4th Nov 2017, 12:52

The first generation Toyota Echo (named in the North American market), also named Yaris in the rest of the world, built from 1999-2005, was a completely different car from its successor the second generation Toyota Yaris (named like this all over the world) built from 2005 to 2013. These cars were completely different in all aspects except for the engine. The seats were different, the steering was different, the driving feeling was just two different cars. The first generation had a much better composed driving with better suspension. The driving position in the first generation was excellent, while in the second generation the steering wheel was too far from the seat for taller drivers. The first gen 2 doors would seat only two people in the rear while the second gen 2 doors had seatbelts for three people in the back. All in all, two very different cars.

The second generation was more mature with better interior materials, but with poor driving position and uncomfortable seats. The first generation had cheap looking interior and thin doors, but had very relaxing seats and was fun to drive.

5th Nov 2017, 13:33

And the first generation was hideous to look at, especially the two door.

The second generation was slightly better looking.

16th Mar 2018, 16:55

To the gentleman from Indonesia. This was a very informative review. I just bought the car yesterday and I noticed the clumsiness of the transmission and now I know that is typical for the 2010 Toyota Yaris and I can breathe a lot easier. I appreciate you!