7th Apr 2006, 06:06

I bought a brand new Yaris (2006), in March. I have had many cars over the years and consider myself to be quite an experienced driver.

This is a beautiful car. It is well made, solid, well thought out, extremely practical and versatile. It's unusual to find a manufacturer who considers the needs of drivers and passengers to such a degree.

Customer service shows concern that the product satisfies the needs of the buyer.

The car has the ride and feel of a much larger and more expensive car. The instrumentation seems strange at first, being electronic, but you soon get used to it, and I love the range of data it gives to the driver.

Storage is excellent and the ratio of luggage space to passenger space is easily selectable by the driver.

All in all, I really like this car and I would buy a new Toyota.

26th Apr 2006, 16:19

Hi! I bought a brand new 2006 Yaris Hatchback in March, & all I can say is that I'm totally in LOVE! I absolutely love the overall exterior look of the car -- it's very modern & adorable at the same time! It gives me a lovely solid ride, compared to a few of the other smaller cars I have test driven that seemed very tin-like & hollow. My husband has an SUV so this is a great second car for zipping around the City in, and it is GREAT on gas!! I chose candy apple red - I'm very pleased with my little baby!! YAY YARIS!

28th Apr 2006, 10:49

I am thinking about buying a New 2007 Toyota Yaris. I really found all of your comments helpful in making my decision. I live in the US so I believe the 2007 Toyota is new to all of us over here. What I found is that if there are any complaints on this vehicle there aren't many, which is great. I also heard Toyota was a reliable vehicle so I look forward and keep my fingers crossed that this will all work out. Thank you so much for posting!

15th May 2006, 09:49

Hi - I'm the original instigation reviewer at the top of this review page. Just thought I would update anyone interested with further details after 'test driving' it for a month or so. Still love the car. Always a pleasure to drive. Very happy with the power within the 1.3 engine & is ideal for city runs & long distances on the motorway etc.

Also - nice to be sat higher off the ground than most other cars.. A good safety aspect & has other benefits.

Downside of being higher off the ground:

You can feel any side wind on the motorway - guess due to the ground clearance & also thinner tyres (use to driving an MG ZR with wide tyres & sat low to the ground).

Simple things still give me a buzz (you may think this is sad).. The doors give a solid shutting noise & feel very solid, the digital instruments are brill, + many more things.

Only one problem I have had - and that was the air conditioning.

Has been working well (on the nice few days we have needed it) until last week... it started to make a funny noise like the back of the fridge & a slight hissing noise so I took it back to the Toyota garage.. They confirmed that the cylinder has leaked or emptied or something. Unfortunately, Toyota Europe have no stock of the replacement part so they have had to order it from Toyota Asia & may take 2-3 weeks to arrive before they can fit it.

In the short time they had my car to assess the details, they gave me a Yaris courtesy car 1.0 engine version. Doesn't have any where near the same power. Would say okay for round town, but wouldn't take it any further & glad I went for the 1.3 version.

Conclusion so far:

Very nice car & very pleased with it - even though the air con has gone. 1 thing - if it would have gone in my old MG ZR, I would have had to cough up for it myself with null warranty.. At least with Toyota, I can't see them going the same way ever.

Hope the above info helps you decide on your next purchase.


23rd May 2006, 21:51

Here in the north east u.s. the Yaris is offered with a 1.5L motor 34-39 mpg. The S model is not on the dealership lots, but can be ordered (4-6 months wait)... I test drove a base model, automatic trans Yaris at my local dealership for a 4 hour ride. I was concerned with the steering. Seemed to me I had to hold the steering wheel more firmly going down the highway at 70mph in the Yaris compared to my Jetta I currently own. The Yaris seemed to wander the road a little. The fuel mileage was superb!!! The power was weak compared to my Jetta 2.0L, but enough to pull the Yaris around well enough to merge in normal traffic. The roominess inside the Yaris was a treat. For a sedan, the car feels safe accelerating around corners at above posted speeds.

I consider the Yaris a well built and safe gas saving automobile. I plan to trade my Jetta in for a Yaris S model when they become available here on the east coast.

30th Jun 2006, 16:14


I tried the car last week because I was looking for a new car. I must say that the car made a big impression because of the easy driving and the style.

I will buy it in two weeks.

Thank you for giving me your opinions!

5th Aug 2006, 17:44


I would like to hear more comments. :) I'm planning to buy Yaris this fall. I like the look of it and the fact that it's economical. We now have Celica 2001 but need a second car. Toyota rocks! :)

19th Sep 2006, 19:18

I can't fathom paying $15,000 for what is basically a $8000 econobox. I'd recommend the Aveo. I drove both, and the Aveo is faster, smoother, quieter and sells for $8000 now.

11th Nov 2006, 03:50

Aveo goes up significantly once stuff you'll want like...say..A/C. I think the Aveo is made by Daewoo an iffy Korean car company. Sure, a barebones Aveo would cost a bit under 9k, but once you add necessary "options" your approaching Toyota/Scion, Honda prices for a car that's about as attractive as an 85 Ford Tempo, and probably about as reliable.

For me, the best options are the Honda Fit and the Toyota Yaris. The Yaris body looks the coolest, but on the hatchback cruise control isn't avaialble as even an option. Plus it gets pretty pricey due to Toyota's packaging stunts... some safety features are options, a lot of which a base Fit comes with as standard. The Fit is somewhat opposite, not as cool on the outside, but excellent on the inside. Fit has a good track record too, selling since 2001. Toyota has had some quality problems lately, nothing major, but annoying minor stuff. Several Yarises had to be recalled in the Japanese market actually.

So, also look at the Fit, Nissan Versa, Kia Rio5, Civic Hatchback 2006. It's too bad Americans still haven't figured out that the oil demand and oil supply are quickly losing balance. Most of the coolest models haven't made our shores and probably won't for as long as Americans drive mini-buses and Hummers 1 block to the market.

20th Aug 2007, 14:38

Does anyone else have steering problems over anything other than a flat smooth road surface, put the new Yaris on undulating potholes, or anything approaching a rougher surface and it fights for grip and the steering feels weird, I put this down to the fact that the front wheels are fighting the power steering which is not tuned to "feel" the problem, so it goes light, and it doesn't give you the same feedback from lane changes that the older yaris did.

Tyre pressures are checked and OK as is tracking, but its got something wrong, and as I saw earlier here, sidewinds seem to affect it. Toyota may not agree, but we put high mileage on our cars, and have now had 6 yaris and the 7th is definitely something different in the steering department.

23rd Jan 2008, 18:32

SIDE-WINDS : with 185/60/R15 tires, the car keeps straight with almost no steering correction. BUT although no steering correction is needed, the steering has a very particular feeling in side-winds. It feels like something it's wrong with it. That said, the car is impressively stable on highway in windy weather and till now, I never felt like being pulled side-way.

11th Nov 2008, 17:08

Hello I have a 2003 (old shape) Yaris, and it is brilliant.

I do 300 miles a week - commute, and it is a doddle.

Having owned many many poor, bad, horrid... and down right unreliable cars, my Toyota is a breeze. That is the main reason I bought a Toyota.. it is so dependable.. period.

Would have another one (diesel - £35 Tax) the ride has been improved, as well as a few other things to boot.