1976 Triumph TR7 2.0 litre from North America


No making Lemon aid with this LEMON!


Timing chain snapped ($500) on the way to a trip to a beautiful beach resort. Oil pump failed and motor seized on the way back home. Had to have it towed behind a '78 Dodge pickup.

Fuel pump and electrical problems were a constant as were the dual Stromberg carburetors always out of sync. Floor pans rotted, but man did I ever look cool in that car. Chicks dig the TR7. Well at least they did in the 80's.

General Comments:

Surprisingly it had a lot of leg room for tall people (I am 6'4). This is a bad car all around however. Don't let the sexy wedge design fool you. This is the car which caused Triumph to go under. If you want nostalgia and more value in a classic which you like tinkering on, go with a TR6 or older.

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Review Date: 13th February, 2003

5th Apr 2004, 19:34

I take challenge the statement that the TR7 caused Triumph to go down. It is a matter of history that British Leyland's management decisions and poor build quality of all vehicles across BL's catalogue were the real reason.

I really think the writer was being over critical, and is perhaps not very well versed with either the vehicle or the history of British motor industry in the 70's - 80's.

Sadly he may have been the victim of a genuine lemon, as I was with a late 70's BL Mini.

23rd Jul 2004, 10:26

Considering that the author of the review was talking about a 1976 model, I'm not surprised at the troubles he experienced.

The later (post 78) cars are superior in all respects, both in the quality of parts and assembly.

I know this from experience, as I purchased a 1980 convertible in August 1984, and it is owned to this day by a friend of mine. Considering that it's now a quarter of a century old, remarkably little has ever gone wrong with it, outside of what you might expect for ANY vehicle of it's age.

1976 Triumph TR7 Victory Edition 2.0 liter gas from North America


A Few Good Parts


By the time I had owned this car two years, the head gasket had been replaced twice. The rear suspension was attempting to succeed from the car and there were significant brake and electrical problem.s.

General Comments:

You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!" The truth is that cars like this will break guys like you. You talk about how cool this vehicle looks at parties, but deep down inside you want me working on that car. Oh yes! You want me AND my tools working on that car.

I put my tools on the line everyday for cars like this. Head gaskets, brake discs, electrical relays? These are word you use for going bankrupt, but you know, yes you know that you like the way the car looks.

So, while you will go back to looking cool while this thing is running, I'll be back at the garaged doing my job. Waiting again for the wedge-shaped drone to come rolling back in.

Now, if you'll excuse me, Liutentant, I've got to go back to my garage so that I can work on what few TR-7s there still are left on the road.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2002

3rd May 2007, 18:37

Well it is true everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Yes this car has it's problems. But it is also over 30 years old! I work on NEW cars that are junk too and they all look the same! Besides I am not leaving my TR7 stock or will I let anyone else touch it. Mine is getting a turbocharged Buick V6, a Viper t56 6 speed and a wiring transplant. So while you are driving that car that looks like every other car on the road. I will be flying by you in my hot little TR7! Be glad there are still people who love old cars. Maybe you will always have work! I know I say that every time I have to work on another FRONT WHEEL DRIVE JUNK PILE!!

15th Jul 2009, 12:37

I was just wondering what ever happened the TR7, so I googled it and found this!

My first car was a 1976 Victory edition TR7, blue with a white stripe. It was a head turner... until it started to fall apart. While the car was under warranty I had 3 alternators replaced, one battery, the windshield wipers would come on by themselves, the pop up lights would not pop up. I became afraid to drive it at night due to light and electrical failures.

I sold the car after I found the dealer could not make the car reliable.