1976 Triumph TR7 Victory Edition 2.0 liter gas from North America


A Few Good Parts


By the time I had owned this car two years, the head gasket had been replaced twice. The rear suspension was attempting to succeed from the car and there were significant brake and electrical problem.s.

General Comments:

You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!" The truth is that cars like this will break guys like you. You talk about how cool this vehicle looks at parties, but deep down inside you want me working on that car. Oh yes! You want me AND my tools working on that car.

I put my tools on the line everyday for cars like this. Head gaskets, brake discs, electrical relays? These are word you use for going bankrupt, but you know, yes you know that you like the way the car looks.

So, while you will go back to looking cool while this thing is running, I'll be back at the garaged doing my job. Waiting again for the wedge-shaped drone to come rolling back in.

Now, if you'll excuse me, Liutentant, I've got to go back to my garage so that I can work on what few TR-7s there still are left on the road.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2002

3rd May 2007, 18:37

Well it is true everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Yes this car has it's problems. But it is also over 30 years old! I work on NEW cars that are junk too and they all look the same! Besides I am not leaving my TR7 stock or will I let anyone else touch it. Mine is getting a turbocharged Buick V6, a Viper t56 6 speed and a wiring transplant. So while you are driving that car that looks like every other car on the road. I will be flying by you in my hot little TR7! Be glad there are still people who love old cars. Maybe you will always have work! I know I say that every time I have to work on another FRONT WHEEL DRIVE JUNK PILE!!

15th Jul 2009, 12:37

I was just wondering what ever happened the TR7, so I googled it and found this!

My first car was a 1976 Victory edition TR7, blue with a white stripe. It was a head turner... until it started to fall apart. While the car was under warranty I had 3 alternators replaced, one battery, the windshield wipers would come on by themselves, the pop up lights would not pop up. I became afraid to drive it at night due to light and electrical failures.

I sold the car after I found the dealer could not make the car reliable.

1976 Triumph TR7 FHC 2.0 8v from UK and Ireland


Great low-cost fun


I've had so many parts replaced it's hard to list them all. However this should be set aside against the fact that the car was 14 years old when I got it (now over 25) and not looked after particularly well.

In that time I've had a re-con engine & 5 speed gearbox, up-rated brakes & suspension (a must in my opinion), clutch and a fuel tank.

My only real gripe is the electrics - any electrical problems are an absolute nightmare to resolve, and the location of the fuse box (at the back of the glove compartment, accessible from inside only) was the brainchild of someone who would take the vehicle to a garage to have a brakelight bulb replaced.

General Comments:

Though I've had many things replaced and upgraded the car is cheap to run with plenty of new (and used) parts available. The cost of spares is surprising as they are usually much cheaper than comparable parts on newer vehicles.

The TR7 is never going to 'burn-off' and mildly hot 16v car, however it's torque through the gears will surprise many as you out-accelerate them up the hills.

Inside it's pretty comfortable and the rest plate for your clutch foot is welcome. Headroom could be a problem if you like your seat up-right - I'm a shade over 6ft and find my hair rubs on the lining if the seat is upright... this isn't a problem though as I like a relaxed driving position.

When considering running costs it's worth bearing in mind that any repairs help retain or increase the value on a vehicle that doesn't depreciate.

Insurance is also very cheap - less than £120 for fully-comp on an unlimited mileage, agreed value policy.

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Review Date: 11th January, 2002

1976 Triumph TR7 2.0 litre from North America


A labor of love


Head gasket leak, resulted in complete engine rebuild. Then rebuilt the transmission. Then rebuilt the front & rear suspension. Added Weber carbs, after market electronic ignition, electric fuel pump, AC-Delco alternator (made a BIG difference).

TR7, on a good day (very rare), is a blast to drive. Of course every noise that you hear causes you to pull over! Not a car for the faint of heart or mechanically challenged.

Even with all the work and frustration, it will be a cold day when I give mine up!

General Comments:

Great layout, lots of room. Also answers the question, "What happened to all the layed off British Aerospace engineers?" They went to work on TR7s!

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Review Date: 15th March, 2000