1991 Vauxhall Astra L 1.4 from UK and Ireland


It does the job well :)


Only one problem so far - the clutch died! Nothing really major (1 hour to fit a new one) but it meant the car was immobile for a day. I knew this was going when I brought the car.

Nothing major other than that, just general wear and tear. The centre section on the exhaust parted company with the front section... a big bore exhaust sound for free! This is temporarily fixed now, but will need replacing soon.

Another problem (nothing major, although very irritating) was the instruments lights failing to work at night. I fixed this by linking the bulbs to a switched 12v+ supply and to a ground link. Only thing is that the lights ALWAYS come on now on the dashboard - at least it's safe.

General Comments:

Much improvement over my last Astra E (mk2 in Vauxhall speak - I used to work for them) which was a 1200 OHC. Much better ride, smoother engine and better trim, although the dodgy brakes are still there!

Impressive for it's class!

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Review Date: 21st September, 2002

1991 Vauxhall Astra LSi 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Comfortable and economical for the price


Timing Error.

Wing Mirror - it fell off when I was driving. Doh.

Battery replacing.

Electrical Faults.

Dirty Injection Heads (i mean V. Dirty)

Rotor Arm faulty.

Rear wiper motor failure.

General Comments:

Since buying the car back in September 2000, it has given me an overabundance of troubles, which was really only one trouble that all mechanics seemed to be totally oblivious to. The car would have very big problems starting and when it finally did start it was like driving a bucking bronco. It was like it was choking as though it could not fire properly, and of course it could not!

I took it to a number of mechanics who'd just charge me a few hundred pounds for replacing some bits which did not actually make it any better at all.

If anyone is having this problem with their car that sounds like this then read on!

It turns out, one day on my way to work I broke down, and fortunately I have the AAA cover which I now highly recommend, and he fixed the car for me, for nothing! It was a combination of a dirty injection system that could be cured simply with some carburetor Cleaner and the rotor arm was very worn down, I did know the rotor arm was a little worn down but I really did not think it would make so much difference as there would have been a connection being made.

Anyone, aside from this problem the car is actually very comfortable, it's the MK3, and it has all the refinements, which is impressive for a 1991 car, electric windows, central locking, sun roof, nice looking in side and out, and for £600 which is what I paid for it your can't really complain.

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Review Date: 10th April, 2002

18th May 2002, 07:22

I think this criticism of the 1.4 Astra is quite unfair. This man was just unlucky that he had trouble with his particular car, I myself have owned a very high mileage 1.4 Astra. The only problems I had were parts wearing out like the vacuum unit on my distributor etc.. But these didn't cost me anything like what this man paid because I had the confidence to do the work myself. and besides I wouldn't trust a garage to do any work for me, I've seen so much bodged work in the past (and I'm only 19 years old!).

I now have a 2 litre 16V Astra GTE. I wouldn't consider having another car. I am having some trouble with my current GTE because of dodgy work in the past and some parts are wearing out as they are getting old now, but in my opinion the Astra is a really great car. This one is a project for me as I bought it knowing there were problems and I like to spend time working on it. But I'd reccomend the Astra to anyone.

Scott Bouchard 18-05-02.