1993 Vauxhall Astra Diamond Estate 1.8 from UK and Ireland


High performance, good load carrier


The water pump bearing started getting noisy at 70,000 miles, but I didn't get round to it in time (my fault). When it finally disintegrated it took the cam belt and two valves with it. The high repair cost was therefore mostly my own fault.

One of the rear suspension spring hangers needed replacement due to rust for the last MoT (April) - 68,000 miles.

General Comments:

I like this car. It is very quick and has a huge carrying capacity; brilliant for getting the family and all its luggage and chattels around without getting bored by a plodding performance.

The suspension should probably be a bit tighter for such a powerful car.

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Review Date: 30th August, 2003

1993 Vauxhall Astra California 1.4i from UK and Ireland


Don't buy a standard astra. you must have power steering


Nothing really.

Needed an mot when got cost me £150.

General Comments:

Very very very slow!!!

Very standard only thing its got is central door locking.

No power steering means it is difficult to park. probably why it has a few dents in it now.

Red in colour slowly turning to pink. I clean it often and wax and t cut. but still the thing is turning pink.

My escorts engine siezed so needed a car quick. I should have never bought it.

I have given!!! it to my twin sister as she has just passed her test.

Insurance dirt cheap the only plus point.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2003

11th Oct 2004, 10:33

Had exactly the same problem with that specific model. why on earth they never had power steering on them I don't know.

Also painfully slow. my daughter who had a 1.4 diesel peugeot commented on how slow the car was.

Another fault was the leaking boot.

My California never had central locking. it was just awful. I purchased it from new and learnt to live with it. I retired mine to the scrap yard. best place for it!

1993 Vauxhall Astra LS 1.7 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Nice cheap, economical and a turbo


No faults at all.

It needs new brakes so is suffering shudder.

Also needs a new clutch, but has only had one fitted since new! Not bad.

Interior is holding up extremely well as is the original CAT!

General Comments:

The suspension is a little on the soft side, but generally handles well.

For a 1.7TD its nice and quick as long as you put your foot down and the turbo has spooled up. Many a traffic light grandprix I have won!

Boot is roomy for a hatch and economy is good if you don't thrash the engine too much.

A forgiving drive as it's a diesel.

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Review Date: 24th March, 2003

1993 Vauxhall Astra LX 1.4i from UK and Ireland


A reasonably priced run around


The ignition switch failed in January 2003, at 79000 miles.

The near side steering bush needed replacing at 74000 miles.

The cam belt broke at 73000 miles.

General Comments:

For the past 18 months the engine has been pinking very badly. I had the car into three different Vauxhall garages to find the cause. I was told on all three occasions that there was nothing wrong with the engine. Unfortunately all three garages used an electronic tuning machine to work this out. I had asked that they road test it going up hill under load, but despite my asking they didn't do this.

A week ago the cause of the pinking became apparent when the car suddenly lost power and then refused to run altogether. It turned out to be the electronic sensor which controls the ignition and drive shaft speed. Once this was fixed the car ran perfectly with no pinking.

I am extremely disappointed with the 'expertise' of the Vauxhall dealer mechanics. Unfortunately real diagnostic skills have disappeared and they seem to be little more than changers of components.

On a good note, my car has very little rust for its age and is still a nice looking car.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2003

1993 Vauxhall Astra Si 1.4i petrol from UK and Ireland


Baby Cavalier is nippy for size and weight!!


Nothing out of the ordinary has gone wrong with the car. The exhaust has recently been replaced and apart from that it has just been the usual service bits such as Pads and shoes, filters and other such parts.

As with most "Vauxhalls", the electric window regulators are starting to cease up and they should cost around £40 each to replace. The alternator is also due a recondition as the bearing is starting to get noisy.

A small, but annoying thing about the car is the way that the dash board lights and heater control lights keep blowing. Bulbs are only a few pence, but replacing them is tricky.

The distributer-less coil-pack recently had to replaced however it got damaged when I tried to start the car with the leads dangling around the engine bay - my own fault. Also cheap and easy to find parts in scrap yards.

Apart from these things, the engine still feels as tight as a new one and is very lively for a 1400cc.

General Comments:

When you consider that this hatch-back is basically a shortened version of the Mark Three Cavalier (mile eating rep mobile), and weighs in at around 1.5 tonnes, you realize that the small 1400cc engine is actually a firecracker.

I've had mine doing 115mph on the clock and in a recent race with a year 2002 1.6 16v Focus I was not left very far behind.

One of my favorite things about my Astra is the interior. I think the "Recaro" half-bucket recliners are the most comfortable standard seats ever. They also look amazingly sporty and personally I prefer them to the "GSi" Astra interior.

The Mark 3 Astra is a bit ugly on the outside though, but I have transformed mine into a graceful, sleek tourer with 17" alloy rims, lowered suspension and another couple of exterior details.

Insurance is not cheap on these little numbers and the Si comes in at Group 8 (equivalent of 2000cc 16v focus) so perhaps not best suited for first time owner.

This car is the third mark 3 Astra that I have owned. I transformed my last "GSi" Astra into a track going monster as the fuel consumption was denting my wallet. However I am planning to turbocharge this little one and I have heard that even when turbocharged, these little 8v's are bullet-proof.

I would recommend this model to anyone.

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Review Date: 14th December, 2002