2nd Aug 2001, 09:59

Bloke down the pub said...

SuperChips are OK if everything is absolutely standard, but if you change the exhaust or some such, then this won't be the best option. UniChip can be reprogrammed after a modification, and is tested on a rolling road. But on the downside, they are more expensive.

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21st Aug 2001, 06:49

A Recent trip to to Santapod, resulted in the following quarter mile figures:

60ft -- 2.398

330ft -- 6.449

1/8 ET -- 9.841

1/8 MPH -- 73.00

1/4 ET -- 15.164

1/4 MPH -- 91.98

The above was got by basically dumping the clutch at 3-4000rpm and leaving the rest to the traction control. This was for a completely standard car. I had two runs and got near identical figures (15.164 & 15.186).

If I do get it chipped I'll come back and post the new figures. Advice from anyone who has chipped an Astra Coupe Turbo, would be gratefully received.

28th Sep 2001, 05:26

Get the Unichip, I had a quote of a little over £400 and after spending that much on the car you don't want to skimp out at this stage.

I've heard some other dodgy things about the Superchip preformance wise. Get a Unichip, if your not happy with it I think they give you your money back.

9th May 2002, 03:38

Has anyone experienced performance problems with this car?

I have owned the car now for about 10 months and whilst overall I am quite happy with it I find the inconsistent performance a bit of a pain.

In general the car performs OK, however on the odd occasion it seems to get an extra boost from somewhere and you can feel the difference. This makes me think that maybe the car isn't running correctly. Also when the care gets warm, and the warmer it gets the worse it gets, I find that it seems to stutter as it accelerates (but no all the time). Had it into the garage on numerous occasions, but still no fixed. Any ideas from anyone?

16th May 2002, 07:07

Not 110% certain, but I understand it has an overboost, which kinda works for the first few seconds after a gear change. Therefore if you change gear and drop below below boost, and put your foot down and you're not "on boost", you will get no benefit. If you are in boost, you get an extra kick. I really notice it if I change gear on a hill at low revs (from 3k down to 2.5k). After the overboost ends, it kinda slows down!

Also, being a quite powerful car, I also find I don't use the gears as much as I should, but when I do, it gives the reward.

16th May 2002, 07:35

... And a couple of other points, try using Optimax petrol, I find it makes it a lot smoother, when I purchased I asked and they said just use regular, but Optimax is the way to go. Have you done over 10k miles it seems to loosen up after that.

21st May 2002, 07:20

I have done over 10,000 miles, I'm close to 30,000 now. I know what you mean by the over boost setting as it's quite noticeable. However the problem I'm experiencing is different in that it has more power throughout the entire rev range and not just the initial boost. I'm also using optimax as well, in desperation really.

Could it have something to do with the traction control system. I can easily wheel-spin the car from a standing start when surely the traction control should prevent this?

Its all becoming quite frustrating so I may just get a Unichip and hope for the best!

23rd May 2002, 05:07

Hi Gents.

Traction control doesn't stop the front wheels from spinning that is not the idea of it. Traction control allows your car to still be controllable while the wheels are squealing away. On an empty roundabout pull away quick and do a quick gear change into second to get the front wheels spinning. Now try steering around the roundabout and then onto an exit. Clever isn't it?

As for Optimax... Any 2.2i owners reading should avoid it. It makes this model run like a dog. This engine likes Super Unleaded best.

27th May 2002, 12:51

Do yourself a favour, get a Unichip. Aside from increases in power and torque, drivability and responsiveness after this this miracle is fitted is worth its weight in gold. You will not be dissapointed, and if you are? They WILL refund all of your hard earned cash.

I have installed this in my Clio 172 and I am enjoying the relatively small expense. My friend has an Audi S3 and he can't keep up.

Very happy.

7th Jun 2002, 09:39

I have a Astra Turbo Convertible on order with leather pack and Mirage Met. paint.

Does anyone know of any issues with this model?

It is virtually the same spec. as the Coupe Turbo, so should be good fun! My previous car was an Audi S3.

How does the Astra compare in performance to the S3?

11th Sep 2002, 20:55

What you got to remember is 5th gear is a pretty long gear. Almost as long as 6th was on the Cali/Cav turbos. To get top speed quicker I would assume you would have to max out 4th gear to about 130 Mph then change into 5th. I will be buying one soon :) and plan to get the EDS chip and possible intercooler to get around 260Bhp +- 5Bhp. And that's with 290 Ib/Ft torque :D. That's the phase 2 the phase 1 is chip only and gives 238 Bhp and around 270 Ib/Ft torque. Now even with phase 1 your looking at some serious increase in acceleration in every gear. With Phase 1 chip your looking at around 0-100 14.5 seconds, similar to the Fiat Coupe 20v turbo.

23rd Sep 2002, 10:38

I've found to get the the Turbo moving is to ride the gears right up to 6000 revs change gear without taking your foot of the accelerator. This keeps the revs high so you don't lose a 1000rpm, the rev limter cuts in for a split second and you change gear with the engine spinning high. While this is not something I do regular it makes a massive speed difference. A mate told me he had a hired coupe turbo for a company car and had it at 140mph. Regal Auto sport deal on PHASE 1 £600.00.

Any one know how the tubo would do against a Civic Type R?

24th Jan 2003, 08:05

I've been an Astra Coupe Turbo owner for the last 6 months, and have had no problems with the engine whatsoever. It's been on the rolling road, and as totally standard gave out 224bhp, with 240lb/ft torque. Mine pulls fine in any gear, at any revs. It will easily hit 150mph, and would get there very quickly from 70mph in 5th gear. Either I've got a good engine, or there's something wrong somewhere!!

Mine is a Feb 2002 model. It may be worth paying Vauxhall a visit to see if they can upgrade the ECU program to a newer model, as I know the ECU mappings changed about the beginning of 2002. This may make a difference. Also, a Pipercross Viper induction kit is said to make a huge improvement.

12th Mar 2003, 16:33

Your car has definitley been chipped if it's got that much BHP no matter how new the ECU is. As standard they have 187 BHP, even the new GSI has only got 200BHP (I think) so good luck to you. On the issue of Chips, I'm thinking of going to Regal to get the phase one done on mine. My only concern is getting the power down. I have trouble now, especially in the wet and the traction control doesn't make much of a difference. Has anyone discovered any "super" tyres or knows of another way to try and achieve better traction.

Has anyone had any work done by Regal? Are they any good?

It's a shame really because if it wasn't for this it would be a much better car.