2001 Vauxhall Astra Club 1.6 8v from UK and Ireland


A brillant all rounder



General Comments:

A brilliant car, it handles brillantly because Lotus helped with the chassis and suspension.

The only thing that is not very good is that it has only got a 1.6 8v engine which is a bit small for the car, but does a good job when you are over 4000rpm. I've been in a 16v engine and I with I had got that because it's just as quiet with a lot better acceleration.

I had a Ford Focus before and it was no where near as good as the Astra, it had tons of faults and was even slower than the Astra, it was crap. The Astra is an excellent car, well done Vauxhall, I just don't know why people say the Focus is better, it's rubbish. The Astra is fun to drive, handles brilliantly, is comfortable and economical, even with the air-con on.

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Review Date: 24th August, 2001

10th Mar 2007, 09:18

I wouldn't say the Ford Focus was a bad car. It's a brilliant car actually. I have an Astra G SXI and its fantastic. But I would say there's not much between the two. They both drive well and there's nothing in it between the 2 1.6 engines. Overall, both great cars.

2001 Vauxhall Astra SRi 2.2 from UK and Ireland


Superb cross country thrasher


Nothing yet.

General Comments:

First, and most important, comment - this is *not* a 0-60 performance car.

If you want an ultra quick car, then look elsewhere.

If you buy the style pack, you get a lot of people trying to race you at traffic lights. If you do - you're going to lose, as this car is in it's element above 60mph.

However, if you want an effortless 4-5th gear dual carriageway cruiser, then this is your beast.

If you let the car settle to its natural speed on the motorway, it'll be happiest doing 98mph.

You'll find for the first few times, that you'll accelerate in 4/5th to catch up the next car, and suddenly realised you've overtaken them.

It's quite curious having to change up a gear into 3rd in order to overtake someone.

The seats are really comfortable.

The suspension is firm, but not hard.

It takes a looong time to warm up to operating temperature, to get the full performance out of it.

However, the engine can be red-hot, but the radiator is still completely cold.

It's a lovely all-round car. There's enough performance when you want it, and the fuel economy has been surprisingly good.

You don't *really need* a quicker car for the road - I look forward to the Focus Cosworth though :o)

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Review Date: 13th August, 2001

2001 Vauxhall Astra Coupe 2.0 turbo from UK and Ireland


A high performance bargain


Leaking window seal.

General Comments:

Had the car for two weeks and I am very impressed with it. The car is exceptionally quick which makes for effortless overtaking.

As for looks, I've had nothing but complimentary remarks from people. I went for the Europa Blue model and would definitely recommend this color.

The cabin could be better but it's worth paying extra for leather seats.

Drinks fuel for fun.

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Review Date: 13th May, 2001

2001 Vauxhall Astra Coupe 16v Turbo 2.0 turbo from UK and Ireland


The biggest bang for your buck


Nothing wrong yet, but picky negative comments could include.

Firm ride.

Quite noisy at speed.

Rear screen needs a wiper.

Heated front screen would be nice.

10 disc CD would be better than 4.

Could be faster ;).

General Comments:

What can I say, I tested the 1.8, and liked it but the turbo was the one for me. I love it. The car goes like stink, The front wags its head like a dingo with a baby, but only under full acceleration, and from a standing start, it's not uncontrollable though, just fun.

The traction control was great in the snow and ice recently, as it's the first car I've had with such electronic gizmos, I couldn't say how it compares, but I liked it and it felt a lot safer than my previous steed.

The ride is firm, but then as with all performance cars it needs to be, the turbo starts to wind up at a little over 2k, it doesn't give you a punch in the back but is fairly progressive, making for a more refined drive, not all whiz pop. A quick look in the rear view lets you know you're really shifting though, as it just leaves the rest for dead. Keeping around the speed limit is a constant struggle.

I got a good deal - £17,800.00 including leather, make sure you get at least that if not lower, good luck, I had to haggle hard. Can you believe it, £17.8k for 150+ mph motor with leather, aircon, electrics, four usable seats and a nice size boot. There is no car quicker for the money. NONE. Believe me I looked. There are some nice cars coming up which could also be worth looking at, the Civic Type-R and the Focus RS will be be good and should be used for comparison.

I was looking at the Clio 172, 306 GTi-6, Leon Turbo, Impreza, Focus (2.0 Ghia) and Mercedes 200. The 172 had the smallest boot I've ever seen (except for an x19 :) ). The 306 is a run out model so will look very dated very soon. The Leon looked very crappy inside, although was good VFM. I figured I was still too young for the Merc, and nothing could match the top end of the Astra. It's stupid really, I'll probably never max it, but it's great down the boozer to say your motor does over 150 :) The Imprezas are fabulous cars, and have four door practicality, however it was 6k more expensive, lacked top end, and is very expensive to run. They are now becoming a common sight and people are wise to their performance, and thieves (scum of the earth) can't get enough of 'em. The Astra is a real wolf in sheep's clothing, this alows you to retain anonymity, which is my preference (I've even lost the turbo badge off the boot).

In summary, "It's a fast Astra" is an insult I've heard, well yes, but it is a nicer shape (thanks bert) and I really like it. There are more practical cars - Focus, faster cars (although not under £25k) - Porsche (not Boxster), cheaper cars Clio, Leon etc, more stylish cars Audi TT and also exotica, but it is my humble opinion that the ACT has the correct blend which suits me. :) ) You could do a lot worse.

P.S. Has anybody chipped one yet?

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Review Date: 23rd March, 2001

19th Jul 2001, 15:10

I've just noticed that Superchips have released a chip upgrade for the Turbo :) It claims an extra 30bhp, giving 220bhp. Also, that figure is usually a bit low, so I expect around 225bhp and over 300Nm of torque. I'm considering getting my done... I'll let you know when I do!