1st Apr 2003, 16:04

As far as I am aware, its the same engine in the SRi Turbo and the GSi, I have the Sri and have been in a new GSi, they're identical in performance as far as I can tell and are both down as 190's on Vauxhalls specs etc. Chipping sounds like a great idea, but mine is still under a 3 year warranty (as will all GSi & Turbo hatch models). Superchips do an overriding warranty in the event of 'other' engine problems occuring and vauxhall refusing to fix them as they have somehow found it the cars been modified. Make sure you get this cover, I have heard that chipping may cause your engine to eat head gaskets like they're going out of fashion. I've also been told to change the thermostat if I want to chip the car. Is this right??

31st Oct 2003, 08:08

I own a brand new Astra GSi on an 03 plate. Bought it new, had to wait 14 weeks as they are built in Germany. Wicked car for the money. Quicker than the Honda Civic Type R. Well pleased with it.

18th Feb 2004, 16:47

Rob, I used to own an SRi 2.2 and have now traded for the Turbo. I have found that the Turbo kicks some serious arse over the old one and that's why I bought it. It is close to two seconds faster and is an overall better package. Brakes, wheels, tyres, leather, suspension and equipment more than make up for the extra cost.

23rd Jul 2004, 04:51

Can anyone suggest a good suspension for the coupe turbo? I was looking into Bilstein Sprints, but not sure about the springs. Any ideas?

14th Dec 2004, 11:34

Hi, Just bought a second hand 2002 model Astra GSi Turbo. What can I say that hasn't already been said?

Its superb in every respect! After a couple of weeks, I had money left over as I over anticipated its cost, so I bought some engine modifications, including Daztek Unichip, Piper-cross Viper Induction Kit, full janspeed exhaust and Black OZ 18" alloys. I think I spend £2k in total and the difference is amazing.

On a rolling roll it pumped out 237bhp!!! A bigger inter-cooler is next (after I save frantically) and I may even add a dump valve. There is no point maxing the car externally as its looks are already awesome.

13th Mar 2005, 13:34

I have an 02 Astra Coupe Turbo. I bought it for £13,000 2nd hand when it was 11 months old and in my opinion it was money well spent. I have also had a 'Regal' phase 1 upgrade which boosted the power to 234bhp and now the overall performance is much better, especially in 3rd, 4th & 5th. I have never had a problem with the upgrade and I had it done 14 months ago so if you're thinking about it yourself, go for it, you won't be disappointed. You can even give Scoobys a run for there money!

20th Feb 2006, 13:51

I have an SRi Turbo Limited Edition with only an induction kit as a mod, and it pulls all the way through the rev range without a problem. The car is extremely quick and will beat any other car in its class.

My pal owns a 03' GSi Turbo, and both cars are practically neck to neck until 130ish, when I pass him. I thought the GSi had 10bhp more? Does it weigh more than the SRi?

21st Feb 2006, 10:42

The GSi has 8bhp more than the SRi turbo (189bhp vs 197bhp) which probably wouldn't make much difference in the real world. Vauxhall can re-map the SRi's ECU to GSi spec anyway. The real advantage the GSi has over the SRi-T is a traction control switch!