20th Sep 2016, 16:37

Thanks chap! :)

This is a special car. With an Audi badge on it the press would go mental about it.

27th Sep 2016, 20:40

Original poster here:

Controversial opinion this, but... I reckon the J VXR might just make a fantastic GT...

Goes like stink, handles and brakes brilliantly, sure... so do the Megane / CTR yadda yadda. However... the VXR has an extremely composed high speed ride, deliciously comfy seats, more convenience tricks than a monkey's got fleas, cracking infotainment system, gorgeous contact points, fantastic pedal position and usable cruise control. Six speeds means a relaxed gait at all speeds. Great boot, lots of cabin space. Basically this beast will take two people and their luggage to Juan Les Pins in a day in sprawling comfort, fun and high speed with only fuel stops.

Sure it'll do the hot hatch hooligan stuff better than most, but the class goes way beyond IMO. Much more in common with an M3 than it does an ITR.

I'm actually going to sell my beloved mint old E39 six because the VXR does such a good job at covering ground in a civilised manner.

29th Sep 2016, 12:04

Fair comment mate, but if the VXR can compare to the old BMW that's really quite something.

I'd still miss rear wheel drive and the luxury of a large saloon though :)

30th Sep 2016, 08:34

They're chalk and cheese kiddo! But I can't run both, and the VXR covers more bases. I'll be so sad to let the old girl go though, she's MINT and covers ground like a rolls.

30th Sep 2016, 21:17

I understand mate :) Yes interesting how smaller cars may be still worlds away from a large luxury saloon, but they have come a long way in terms of refinement. Was in a modern Corsa not too long ago there and the last time I was in a car that small was in 1990 in a Vauxhall Nova, haha. Worlds of difference. The most modern smaller car will still never compare to say, a late 80's 7 series BMW or Merc S class, those cars still have their place, but most average cars also have a lot of standard equipment as well that was only an option on more expensive cars back in the day, like electrics from windows/sunroof to basically everything.

1st Nov 2016, 19:40

Original poster here - I just had a very hectic period of driving - I've covered 4000 miles in only a month. It taught m a lot about this car.

The ventilation system isn't great. The vents look really cool, but they're hard to point at the face.

The washer nozzles are silly in that they spray a mist rather than a direct stream.

That's it for the bad stuff. This is one special car. Comfy, communicative, always entertaining and as fast as an eighties Ferrari. This truly is a blue collar supercar.

2nd Nov 2016, 17:32

Thanks for the regular updates. I'm the guy that's been commenting above you. Interesting about the vents - most modern cars I've driven I've had the same problem. I think a lot has to do with modern climate control. And by modern I mean most cars built after the year 2000. Yes electronic climate control/air con is a wonderful feature (when it's laid out logically), but most can hardly be described as convenient when your favourite setting is a six button press away, and vents are fiddly/not ideally positioned no matter how much you play about with them.

Not to have a go at modern cars again, but I still preferred simpler manual systems on 80s/90s cars with the big plastic buttons to turn for temp and fan speed, rather than buttons. And a separate button for air con and demister, not one in a modern car where it directs things or sets a speed you do not like and you have to fiddle with again, which is dangerous when driving. Some things were best left old-school!

2nd Nov 2016, 19:48


I completely agree. The ventilation system on my beloved ancient BMW E39 is better than ANY modern system. Press "auto" and you get a bit of breeze through well placed and angled vents. Awesome.

27th Nov 2016, 23:26

Original poster here.

I drove my daughter's mint Citroen C2 VTS today for several country miles. It threw the ride on my VXR into high relief.

The C2 has a firm but supple ride that gives control but also some smoothness.

The VXR on 20 inch wheels is so dreadfully hard around town that it is bumped off course by small imperfections in the road.

This is the only thing that irritates me.

Also, after a lot of miles, my driver's seat has started to creak over bumps. I need to book it in for a warranty check of that.

Still loving this car though.

25th Jan 2017, 14:16

Original poster here.

10,000 miles since September now.

Ten thousand miles in 5 months.

Just needed two new fronts after 22k miles. One service.

Only failure was a leaky tyre valve, more a PIA than anything heavy.

It's averaged 29 MPG in mixed driving with plenty of long trips.

It still looks glorious when clean.

The interior is wearing well, and still cleans up nicely. Almost a special place to be. Comfy GT level cruiser.

Engine seems to have loosened up, and revs harder now than it did.

New fronts seem to have quietened the urban ride a bit, which is a big help. Went for Kumhos.

Still goes like stink, tramlines in road ruts and wheelspins in 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the wet.

I had intended to run it for a year and sell it on while it was still worth something. I am tempted now though to run it to death and see how it goes. There is a sense of occasion with this car, and it is always interesting. In a world of silver diesel A4s, that is a real luxury.

Downsides, well the lack of Bluetooth music connection is a pain, and the radio is well fussy to use and tune. Visibility is as hopeless as in most modern cars. Oh and it feels like the widest car on earth when you're trying to park it at the cinema or supermarket.

A smashing thing, I'm enjoying it far more than I thought I would.

25th Jan 2017, 22:27

Glad you're still enjoying the car.

With regards to the comment about visibility, I totally agree, modern cars are a joke to the point of being unsafe - which is ironic as those big thick window pillars that you can't see around are there for safety (strength) in a crash.

But I'd like to be able to see out at junctions in the first place and avoid a crash because I can actually see other cars coming!

4th Apr 2017, 08:19

Original poster here.

You know this VXR has really grown on me in a sneaky way. I resented it a bit because of how I came to own it, and after the Barge the ride was dreadfully hard and harsh. And, of course, the quality isn't close to the BMWs either.

However after a lot of trouble free miles now, I can say that I've come to properly love it. It's terribly fast, handles well and safely, and even communicates a bit, but more than all of that it has a genuine personality. Jase wrote about his go in an Audi RS the other day; that it was bland despite being starship fast. The VXR is utterly not bland.

It's the closest I've ever seen to a prototype being put into production uncompromised, and I think it's very handsome in a Liam-appreciating way. The interior is a nice place to cover lots of miles in, with simply stunning seats and gloriously weighted controls. On new fronts the ride is not so harsh now, and on motorways is perfectly acceptable. The engine, though a tad unlinear, delivers fat bags of power everywhere. It handles very nicely and apart from a gentle writhing as the clever technology keeps the wheels pointing in the right direction under power, there's even a nice feel to the helm.

There are problems - the interior quality isn't close to BMW standards and there is a buzz or two, and damp traction off the line isn't great, and the ridiculous 20 x 8.5 wheels scratch to pieces easily, but more than all these details is the real attitude of the car's personality. It's a hooligan in a suit - like Eggsy from The Kingsman. Every bit as capable as the toffs, but snottier and a bit more uncouth. In a world of bland efficiency, it is a breath of turbocharged petrol-drinking fresh air.

I was gonna sell before a year's ownership before all value was lost, but I might just keep this. I can't imagine anything else being more rewarding to own at the price.