20th Sep 2016, 16:37

Thanks chap! :)

This is a special car. With an Audi badge on it the press would go mental about it.

27th Sep 2016, 20:40

Original poster here:

Controversial opinion this, but... I reckon the J VXR might just make a fantastic GT...

Goes like stink, handles and brakes brilliantly, sure... so do the Megane / CTR yadda yadda. However... the VXR has an extremely composed high speed ride, deliciously comfy seats, more convenience tricks than a monkey's got fleas, cracking infotainment system, gorgeous contact points, fantastic pedal position and usable cruise control. Six speeds means a relaxed gait at all speeds. Great boot, lots of cabin space. Basically this beast will take two people and their luggage to Juan Les Pins in a day in sprawling comfort, fun and high speed with only fuel stops.

Sure it'll do the hot hatch hooligan stuff better than most, but the class goes way beyond IMO. Much more in common with an M3 than it does an ITR.

I'm actually going to sell my beloved mint old E39 six because the VXR does such a good job at covering ground in a civilised manner.

29th Sep 2016, 12:04

Fair comment mate, but if the VXR can compare to the old BMW that's really quite something.

I'd still miss rear wheel drive and the luxury of a large saloon though :)

30th Sep 2016, 08:34

They're chalk and cheese kiddo! But I can't run both, and the VXR covers more bases. I'll be so sad to let the old girl go though, she's MINT and covers ground like a rolls.

30th Sep 2016, 21:17

I understand mate :) Yes interesting how smaller cars may be still worlds away from a large luxury saloon, but they have come a long way in terms of refinement. Was in a modern Corsa not too long ago there and the last time I was in a car that small was in 1990 in a Vauxhall Nova, haha. Worlds of difference. The most modern smaller car will still never compare to say, a late 80's 7 series BMW or Merc S class, those cars still have their place, but most average cars also have a lot of standard equipment as well that was only an option on more expensive cars back in the day, like electrics from windows/sunroof to basically everything.