23rd Jun 2017, 13:36

Original poster here - 20k miles now since last September.

Nothing has broken. Still looks amazing, still very comfy, with a hard urban ride.

Needs a main service, which will cost I guess, but it deserves some TLC.

A properly designed, made and engineered car that's as quick as a space shuttle and a quirky alternative to the popular German cars. Lovin' it.

27th Oct 2017, 19:07

Original poster here. I found I did 20k miles in the last year, almost all of them on the motorway. My lovely VXR will be worth nothing in 2 or three years at this rate :(

I think I may have to sell and get a cheap motorway barge instead.

A pity. I have loved this hooligan car. Still comfy, great looking and as fast as hell.

27th Oct 2017, 21:03

It's a shame Vauxhall cars will likely never hold their value like a BMW, Mercedes or Audi. Still, at least this makes them affordable, and there's no doubt they can make cars that can be right up there with the best, as mentioned earlier.

Since you're after a motorway barge, I was going to recommend a top of the range Insignia (if you're buying another Vauxhall), but you'd probably get bored with that soon and they also do not seem to be holding value too great either. Let us know what you get next and post another review :)

12th Dec 2017, 21:02

Original poster here - VXR sold today, replaced with a much more practical and similarly fast Subaru Forester XT.

The VXR is a miles better car than almost anybody thinks. A proper hooligan in a tailored suit. Fast as hell, stylish almost everywhere and very well built. Controls feel lovely to use.

However the ride is unbearable on broken surfaces, visibility is very poor and the doors are so long and thick a double parking space is usually needed to allow easy access.

I've lost a fortune in the year or so I've run it, but I have had fun and will always remember this everyday supercar!

12th Dec 2017, 21:43

Be sure to post a review of your Subaru and how it compares to the Vauxhall :)