1993 Vauxhall Cavalier GLS 2.0i petrol from UK and Ireland


A solid, reliable, and pleasantly driveable bargain


The only gripe is that when the engine is still warm, it needs a little careful revving (only up to 1500 rps) to stop it stalling. Other than that, outstanding for a car its age. Service history shows no major repairs, except a new head gasket a couple of years ago.

General Comments:

Cavaliers are not exactly objects of beauty; I think we all know that. But put a black paint job on and suddenly it looks a little bit cheeky, a wee bit sassy. The car was metallic black from new, and it does do a lot for the look.

The Vauxhall alloys are also smart, and complement the body's colour well. The only thing wrong here is the faded plastic on the wing mirrors, but nothing a bit of blackener can't fix.

In terms of handling, it is surprisingly good for a car as old as this; it corners pretty well, certainly a world apart from the same-era Carlton which wallows around corners like a whale with wheels; the Cavaliers wide tyres and tighter suspension see to that. Acceleration is quick, too, with peak power coming in at around 2500 revs and above, and a nicely throaty tone rumbling from the 2 litre injection engine at 3000 brings a smile to my face. The excellent soundproofing on the GLS model does reduce the characteristic noisiness of the Cavalier very effectively.

Inside, the seats give pretty good lower back support, though by modern standards are pretty unremarkable. Non-adjustable steering column is a pain, but a comfy driving position is fairly easy to find, and the way the Cavalier's lines are drawn, there is plenty of headroom whatever your height. The dash is plain and utilitarian, very mid-nineties.

One of the biggest points that makes the Cavalier the bargain it is nowadays (if you can find a really tidy one with a 2 litre or better engine, and a good trim such as GLS, CD, CDX or SRi) is that they are unbelievably cheap to maintain. Parts, both new and used, are very easy to come by and extremely reasonable to buy. That it isn't stuffed to the radiator cap with computers means that DIY is also an option.

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Review Date: 7th December, 2002

1993 Vauxhall Cavalier Colorado 1.8 Injection from UK and Ireland


I would not buy another one!!


I did have quite a few problems with this car.

The Master cylinder failed on the car as I was leaving the motorway (Not fun at 70 MPH)

The clutch needed replacing at 60,000 Miles.

The head gasket blew at 82,000 miles (Which Cost £800 to be fixed at a Vauxhall Dealer)

General Comments:

When I bought the car I was very happy with it, but as the mileage started to creep up more and more problems were arising with the car.

I kept the car fully serviced with my local Vauxhall garage which were expensive and their staff have no idea of what customer service is!

When the Head gasket blew on the car it cost me £800 to get it fixed once again at a Vauxhall dealer.

When I got the car back I decided to sell it because I could not afford the maintinance costs as they are high when something goes wrong.

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Review Date: 27th November, 2002

20th Nov 2008, 17:10

Vauxhall dealers are not the only place you can get cars repaired or serviced - I never use them, total rip off merchants, whatever brand of car you drive.

Look in the Good Garage Scheme for a local garage who will charge much less than the main dealers for better service.

Main dealers are clowns who don't give two hoots about the customer - they get a fixed wage at the end of the month regardless of how many cars they botch up.

Independent garages need your custom - they HAVE to get it right as their income depends on loyal customers, who won't return if a bad job is done. They will use mostly aftermarket parts to keep prices down and will actually VALUE your business.

The only thing Dealers want to do is sell you a new car or charge exorbitant prices just to change the oil and filters - they call this Menu Servicing - I call it a joke.

Always go for aftermarket parts unless you absolutely have to obtain OE parts from the dealer, this is especially important with an old car that is out of warranty, as some main dealer repairs and parts may cost more than the car is worth.