7th Aug 2008, 14:15

I will write an honest opinion.

4th Sep 2008, 07:25

Reading the above, all of the people writing positive things are regarding the experience of driving an easytronic car, the negative things are those that have had the experience of dealing with a fault with the same vehicle.

I would agree the system handles nicely, and is a comfortable ride, BUT I've just had my car in at Phoenix Vauxhall on Plough Lane with an "F" dashboard failure, whereby the transmission would die after about 2nd gear after being stationary, before returning 5 or so seconds later.

After hitting the diagnostic machine I was initially quote £598 for labour and the supposed fault, a clutch motor. After two days they got back to me and said after fixing this they had found a secondary problem in one of the sensors, which may have caused the first problem and gave me a full quote for the repair.

A staggering £1400. For two parts of a gearbox.

So yes, when its working, it provides a nice and comfortable driving experience. When it fails you have wavered the right to avoid being royally screwed by Vauxhall.

Quite frankly as I sit here still adjusting to that last phone call with phoenix, all I can recomend to anyone considering a Vauxhall Easytronic controlled vehicle, is stay away as far as humanly possible. At least with a mechanical gearbox the problems can be fixed by a far more reasonably priced local garage.

Absolutely ridiculous.

24th Oct 2008, 01:58

I bought a Corsa semi-automatic Y reg from in 2006 at £3499. The car looked new when I bought it, and six months down the road, the flame red paint on the top looked knackered and faded, and the car looked battered.

Last Sunday, it broke down on Chiswick High Road and it was nightmare ever since. A month ago, I paid £132 for MOT and when the dreaded F came on the dashboard, it was the beginning of my nightmare. I was told by a RAC man that something was wrong with the gearbox which, as a femme, I did not quite understand and was charged £150 for repair to starter motor and change of a new battery somewhere in Mawney Road, Romford.

The car went for 1 and a half day, the dreaded F came on again, and another RAC man said the car was involved in an accident before and the gearbox needed to be changed.

Now the same man who pocketed my £150 said he had bad news for me, and the gearbox would cost me £900. Any clever man with a conscience living in Romford who happens to read this article and who happens to be able to fix this for me. I have no car and can't take my autistic son to school.

I absolutely advise people:

1. When you buy a car, ask for a full service history.

2. Stay away from this make, better buy Japanese or German cars.

3. Go to an AA or RAC approved garages. Not from your mates!

25th Nov 2008, 03:56

I have a Y reg 1.2 Auto/Easytronic.. When I first started driving this car I also found it to jerk when pulling away or slowing down; it's almost as if it confused what gear it's meant to be in, but I have found in time you can kind of control the jerking!!

I now have another problem; when I'm doing between 50-70mph it sounds like I'm driving a jumbo jet. I didn't expect a fantastic drive with only a 1.2, but it never used to sound like this. It seems to not be able to get into 4th or 5th - any ideas???

I also found out the car had been in an accident before I bought it. The dealer did not tell me this, and as I have had the car 4 months I cannot return it. I had an HPI check but it came back clear... Do I have any rights as I seem to have been sold a duff car! Any advice or answers would be much appreciated.


1st Dec 2008, 17:34

I've just bought a 2005 Corsa Life 1.2 Easytronic and drove it for the first time today. It was fine when doing steady 30 or 40 mph, but when getting up to speed it was jerking and hopping around like a kangaroo! To be honest I'm glad to hear it's not necessarily me who's at fault, but I wish I'd stuck to traditional automatic.

15th Dec 2008, 11:27

Just purchased an Astra 1.6i Club Easytronic 2005. It's failed to start once already one week after purchase, and Vauxhall cannot find a problem with battery or other electrics.

Biggest issue is when driving in auto or manual, mine drops into first gear at 10 mph every time when approaching lights and roundabouts or coming to a stop. This really is my only gripe, but it is a major one as my driving is getting slated by all of my passengers.

Would be interested to hear if anyone else gets this issue at 10 mph, or does yours drop to 1st at about 2 mph, which I think should be the correct speed.

19th Dec 2008, 10:59

Had my 1.6 Easytronic 55plate Meriva for 1.5 years. I have had no problems driving, it has served well until the other day. Went to vist someone - no problem! Came back to the car, it started, but on driving away, there was no power - all the lights showing everything was fine. Went back to N and then into D again same problem, tried to do into manual & the indicator read 4 so obviously had stuck in that gear - there was a bad burning smell indicating the clutch had gone. Called AA who towed me to garage - the display now read F, but during the tow everything went back to normal and the car could be driven. Left it at the garage for them to check.

They tell me it is fine to drive, but the clutch ought to be replaced - cost £797!!! I pointed out the car is only just over 3 years old and has done less than 25k. Vauxhall's comment the clutch is only guaranteed for a year and it's just wear & tear! I won't be buying another Vauxhall again. Hyundai replaced a clutch on a manual car after I had had it for 4 years! I am sorry, as I have no control over an automatic clutch, I would think it would last at least to 50k.

8th Jan 2009, 16:32

My eyes have well and truly been opened to the cruel world of Vauxhall garages, when it comes to easytronic repairs. My dad has got a 53 plate easytronic and it has only 26k on the clock. I agree entirely with the sentiments of many of the comments left in that Vauxhall really have got us over a barrel.

First my dad brought his car to an official Vauxhall garage - I thought it as a bit weird when I saw a notice stuck on the desk that read no abuse will be tolerated by customers - I thought to myself this isn't a hospital or doctors or London Underground!!! Now I understand a bit better why Vauxhall customers might get a bit irate (totally understandable I have to say!!).

Where do I start? How about the diagnostic test which diagnoses two possible faults, but they're not sure which one it is, so they say it will need both parts (actuators and the ECU too = £1300!!!). Then they call my dad and say it might not be this, it might be the gearbox! Price rises to something in the region of £1800.

In this day and age, how can such blatant day light robbery be allowed? Surely under trading standards, OFT etc you can't run a diagnostic service which is as accurate as f***!

I will be writing to Vauxhall in Luton to complain in the strongest possible terms. I will also be raising the issue with WATCHDOG as this needs to be exposed. There are several principles at stake here, and as a consumer we need to challenge these strongly. Interesting thing on this case, is when my dad called the garage to ask for the replaced parts to be given to him, they called him the next day and told him it was probably going to be something else - completely different to what the diagnostic showed. I specifically said to the garage, is it definitely the actuator or the ECU, and they said YES, so now they have moved the goal posts.

C'mon Vauxhall easytronic owners. Let us club together and show that we will not take this nonsense. Any easytronic owners reading this, as per several comments made already you better sell your car fast before the barrel gets rolled in :) ) )