11th Sep 2012, 16:26

2003 Corsa 1.2 SXi with the F fault Easytronic at 40,000 miles.

Bought car in May 2012 with 3 months warranty (Warrantywise). In July 28, no gear select. Took it to the Vauxhall dealer, changed actuator, and the warranty paid out.

Still in the garage, problem is it needs a new clutch, warranty won't pay, say it's wear and tear, not a faulty part, so now I'm stuck with a £514.20 bill. It's now 11 Sept and the car is still in the garage. I still owe finance. I wish I had just had a normal auto now. Disappointed with the Vauxhall dealer, Warrantywise and the Easytronic Corsa.

3rd Feb 2013, 14:47

Hi, can anyone help me? I've just bought a 2006 56 plate Meriva Energy 1.6 16v auto Easytronic. I have read so many bad things about this car, but not really for the same one as me. Mainly the 2004-5-8 ones and the Corsas. Please help as I am picking up my car in 4 days, which is already paid for now. Help, help, help.

9th Jul 2013, 08:43

Opels are great cars! Just don't buy them with the Easytronic gearshift!

18th Jul 2013, 01:54

Hi, my son has a 51 reg Corsa Easytronic. Can anyone tell me where the reservoir is to check the transmission fluid? Please, someone help us!

19th Jul 2013, 22:39

You could say the Corsa is "Coarse".

14th Mar 2014, 13:38

Hi, the Easytronic is a normal 5 speed trans manual with adapted electronic shift, that uses DOT4 brake fluid to shift in a little reservoir on top on the trans.

27th Mar 2014, 04:59


This is for all you people with an Corsa Easytronic, if you are having problems with F fault with no fault code displayed.

Try the steps below first before going to Vauxhall.

1) Try putting on jump leads to increase the voltage to the starting systems.

2) Remove and clean all earth connections.

I had the same problem with my Father's Corsa, and after trying these two things above, all was OK. This has only happened once more, and that was because he had not used his car for 3 weeks and the battery was low on charge.

Hope this helps people. Please let me know how you get on, as this will not cost you anything to try!!! Only a bit of time.


14th Jul 2014, 17:52

Did you ever find out exactly what was wrong? I am having the same symptoms with my Corsa - which is a 2001 Easytronic - and find it hard to get anywhere, as it's not a constant problem and doesn't always show up when you want it to!