22nd Aug 2001, 03:36

You can have the roof panel in the car if you are not using the back seat, just fold down the backrest (only) and put the roof upside down and turned sideways through 90 degrees. Though I'm not too happy about what it would do to the occupants in the case of an accident...

27th Sep 2001, 12:49

Thanks for storage tip! - original author, - but no room for the kids and dog then!

Update: Still very pleased with car. Have you replaced your petrol fuel filter? What a difference it makes! I also Waxoyle the chassis and protective shields at least once a year. Also greased out the front hubs and hub springs for winter. There are now also lots of Frontera/Amigo/Campo websites - with lots of good reports.

18th Dec 2001, 07:05

Re: Storage problems for removable rear roof... Removable hardtop Frontera's 1992-1998, there is a removable folding cover available from Vauxhall which allows you to carry back seat passengers with the roof down. The cover isn't designed as a permanent fixture but more as a get you home measure if you get caught out, it allows you to leave the bulky roof section behind on a nice day therefore freeing up the rear seat space... Ask your Vauxhall dealer for: Removable roof cover : Part Number :- 91145894.

This part is still available as I've just phoned my local dealer 18/12/2001 and they quoted me a price of £102 + VAT

Hope this helps..

26th Sep 2002, 16:22

Original Author, now Sept 2002. The Frontera still as reliable as ever although only used a couple of days a week apart from August when it towed my large caravan every other day as usual. The exhaust is starting to concern me again. It seems the baffles are working loose in the main silencer. This could be down to the quality of the exhaust I bought last time, or maybe Fronteras do eat through exhausts. One thing for sure they run very very hot on the exhaust system compared to other makes. I am still satisfied with my Frontera at 48,000k as I maintain it and know it's full history. Would I buy another? Debatable, as I also have a Suzuki 4x4 which I find an absolute knockout and a far superior design.

19th Jun 2003, 09:33

I've only had my Fronty for 6 months, and just started looking round for the removable roof cover quoted earlier - my Vauxhall dealer tells me it's discontinued and they don't have any in the UK or Europe - if anyone wants to sell me one if they're selling their Fronty, I'd gladly buy it - you can reach me at theabductee@hotmail.com - I check this nearly every day.

Fingers tightly crossed.

23rd Nov 2004, 09:46

November 2004. STILL got the car. If you value the report of a family that has had the same Frontera for over six years, well here it is.

Past year: Radiator burst (fortunately on my driveway), so got a new one in 3 hours delivered to my local car parts shop. Simplicity itself to fit (really) and cheap - about £118UK. Fitted all new brake pads. Fitted camshaft belt whilst working on radiator (very easy again on an 8 valve). No other problems, no corrosion apart from where the front bumper hides under the front wings. Caravan long gone, but it still tows a large metal trailer for me. Just changed engine oil/filter and plugs, cost £35Uk Halfords outlet. Mileage now just under 60,000 - engine still very sweet, no camshaft clatter, - thank you Castrol GTX! This old technology 4x4 let's face it, is a truck, and drives like a truck compared to modern 4x4 technology, - but it still never ceases to impress us in bad weather, ice and snow. It's still the business, it still 'cuts it'.

18th Dec 2004, 13:17

I am considering buying a 1996 2.2l petrol LWB from a friend and was wondering what I need to look out for on these vehicles.

28th Jan 2005, 07:26

Hello I am thinking of buying an N reg 2.0l sport, 4x4 front era, after looking at reviews the results are about 50/50 for good & bad.

Any advice on what to look for would be great, so I know whether it is a good one or not.


2nd Oct 2005, 03:10

Just purchased a 1994 2.0 sport, very pleased with it so far.

Yes it's a truck, but it does what is needed in getting me to work, in the S Wales country side.

I was the owner of a Suzuki Vitara JLX for many years and can honestly say the Frontera is a much better equiped car, much comfier and overall a superior vehicle.

I am still suprised at it's level of performance, although the wind noise is very annoying on the M way's.

My wife as even hinted that we should by a newer version, but we will wait to see what, if any problems arise.

16th Nov 2005, 11:35

Love the Vauxhall Frontera model and currenty own a 1994 3 door Sport 2.0i type. Runs OK on short trips, but whenever you head on the motorway travelling at around 65-70km/h, after about 45 minutes to an hour, it starts juddering and loses power. Especially when you take your foot off the accelerator and try accelerating again, no power at all. You have to pull over (not the easiest when travelling in the fast lane) and wait for a while before driving off. The same thing happens again after the same sort of time. Have had it looked at, but alas, no luck, still doing the same. If anyone has any help about this problem I would be very very grateful in hearing it on this forum.

29th Mar 2006, 12:02

Hi, you could try leaving the fuel cap loose, or even off as this sounds like fuel starvation and I do know that there were fuel breather problems. The pointers are that the motor drives well for a period of time then starts to suffocate, ie, the fuel lift pump is starting to work against a vacuum in the fuel tank and therefore delivering less etc. Have you noticed an air rush noise from the fuel filler cap when you remove it when filling it with fuel? You could try next time this happens, pulling over and removing the fuel cap, see what happens, replace the cap and try driving off, you never know :o)

I have had this with another Vauxhall/Bedford and on that one, you could actually see the fuel tank starting to collapse, but the symptoms were the same ie motor hunting and eventually stalling. Good luck.

14th Jul 2006, 13:39

Well here we are in the year 2006 and the original poster (me) has STILL got the Frontera. It's no longer used for towing as we no longer have a caravan, and it's a second vehicle to a modern Astra Estate. The Vitara is long gone! So now it only does around 4,800 miles a year. I just fully service it once a year in April. Just bought some cheap, but very good Runway Endura Tyres. Costs of tyres etc. have come down like with most old vehicles. Still sails through November MOT. Underbody was Waxoyled in 1998 and it's still good. Yep, we've had this thing for 8 years! Find it hard to believe really. So this old bus owes us nothing! If there was a major fault I'd park it up and buy a cheap Auction car until I got it sorted. Once again however, I cannot over emphasise the need to make sure your cambelt is OK, and to Service the Frontera properly. Laughing all the way to the Bank now after 8 years!