21st Jul 2006, 03:20

I've owned a 1996 N reg 2.0 sport for about 12 months now. Within 4 months of purchasing head gasket blew, all 4 ball joints needed replacing, exhaust blew and main bracket crumbled, hinges on back door gave out, bonnet leading edge rotted (common problem), complete brake pipe replacement needed. But I love this car so much I would do it all again. So spacious I can drive all day and not feel like I'm glad to get out at the end of my journey. My kids love it especially when the roof, back and side windows are out. It's reasonable on fuel on long journeys - not so good around the doors. I've added quite a few extras to it and a ten year old car that can turn heads as it drives around town is alright by me. These vehicles will look after you as long as you look after them. Will definitely purchase another in the coming years.

29th Jul 2006, 13:59

I have a problem with the electric windows on my Frontera Sport (1994 model). Fuses OK, but both windows decided not to work!!. As each window has its own 30amp fuse, which as I said are both OK, is there a relay which controls the two, and if so which one is it? Any advice would be useful.

1st Feb 2007, 05:10

I have a 1994 2.0 Frontera Sport, great vehicle all round. I have had it for about 8 months, less that 95k on the clock. Recently it has developed a problem...

When driving at low speeds, 8 times out of ten the engine would start to "stumble", i.e. drop in power, quite juddery on the gas. This normally passes in around 10-15 seconds, but is a major annoyance on long trips.

It also has a tendacy to overheat whilst stationary.

Any ideas?

2nd Feb 2007, 11:33

OK, in reference to my post above about power loss, I found the problem (the hard way!).

Started up the beast, let it warm up a bit, smell petrol... Take a cursory look underneath, and lo and behold, the rubber fuel line just past the filter (directly under driver door) had split! Wasn't just dripping, it was spraying a fine, pressurized mist directly at the exhaust.

Needless to say, I promptly switched off, let her cool and waited for the fuel pump to settle and lose pressure. Obtained replacement fuel line (8mm, for reference, cost £3 for about 2 feet) and replaced the perished one for a new section. Also worth noting that is is more effective if you increase the length of this line by about 1 inch, it sits better and is less likely to be damaged off road.

Also after a nice looking front bar, to which I can attach some BIG spotlights. Any ideas? richy_677@msn.com.

26th Feb 2007, 18:50

Ref Nov 16th with the engine cutting out, I have had the same problem on a 93/94 Corsa, I found I to be the distributor and it cost me £225 not sure how much for the Fronty. I did have to wait at the side of the road for it to cool down before continuing. I now have a 94 2.0l sport and all is well and such good fun!!! I brought it for £800 on 106,000 and with new tyres,1 years mot 6 mths tax no rust and I recent service. Is it a good deal for the year or the norm?

4th Mar 2007, 12:28

If radiator has had a leak agent put in a new rad is your best bet. Very narrow cooling vanes get blocked easily. Solved my problem. Good luck.

14th May 2007, 08:13

I have a 96 SWB 2.0 Frontera Sport and after reading all the postings I hope someone will be able to help me.

I have just had it serviced and it passed it's MOT in January 07. However, since I bought it in October 2005, it has always been very "iffy" in wet weather. It starts to kangaroo slightly and loses power, but never cuts out. The oil pressure gauge reads very low, but I don't know if this is relevant due to me not being very mechanically minded, I just love the beast and would not want to part with it.

This only happens in wet weather, but I'm clueless as to what the problem could be as it is still doing it even though it has just been serviced and had new plugs.

Please could someone shine some light on this for me?

Thanks in advance.

E-mail: lastie1@btinternet.com.

19th May 2007, 22:20

I own a '97 Pineapple yellow Frontera and it now has 201,000km on the clock, we have had the old girl for 6 years and all it has cost us is 2 timing belt services (i do all minor services myself), and a set of tires.

This little 4x4 is great off road with good entry and departure angles and a fairly reasonable ramp over angle, and is fun and extremely reliable to drive where ever we want to take it, either beach, bush or highway driving.

One added bonus is being able to remove all the rear glass and roof in our hot Australian summers.. my one gripe is no cup holders in the front.

13th Jul 2007, 11:36

I also have a new frontera. Deliberately ran it down to the red mark on fuel gauge to get accurate full-redline mileage for an MPG comparison. No sign of the low fuel light coming on, but just got into it a few minutes back and it won't start.

Fuel light works, as it comes on on the self test at ignition. Fuel gauge moves from below the red, to just touching the top of the red - So my assumption was that there is fuel in it. Possibly not.

Will go and get a can full in a min and see if that is actually the problem.

13th Jul 2007, 14:32

I previously owned a 93 2.0L Sport, and had the cutting out problem. I sold the car because it kept cutting out on the motorway while my other half was on the way to work. I found out afterwards that it is a problem with a relay behind the passenger headlight that controls the fuel pump. Apparently it turns off the fuel pump on a whim, and then resets itself about 15-20mins later. Which is exactly what was happening to us.

Had the radiator problem (overheating etc). It was the thermostat. I was in Spain at the time, so just had thermostat removed and all good. Anyway just bought another one on eBay, a 97 Sport, and looking forward to picking it up. Yes, it will cost money over time, but it's a third of the price of a Shogun of the same age (can't fault 600 quid for a lot of car), and twice the fun.

23rd Jul 2007, 13:55

OK, was it March 2001 I started this thread?

Here we are in July 2007, the car is ten and a half years old and we've STILL got it! Now let's get things into perspective. We bought it in 1998 (was it?) from a reputable car supermarket in Northern England. It was to all intent and purpose 'just as new'.

I've serviced it each and every year even though some years it's hardly been used. You know all the bits and pieces I've bought for it as I've documented them here. We just don't see any reason at all to part with it! Yesterday we were out in the UK Peak District doing steep climbs etc. and it's a pleasure to use. It still returns about 28 mpg.

But apart from pulling a big caravan around between 1999 and 2003 it's never been hammered, in fact it's been wrapped in cotton wool. I know there are HORROR stories around with used Fronteras, - but there are with most makes. If I were buying another now I'd be looking for a 'switch on the fly' 2.2 litre 16 valve 'Sport' - you can pick one up from about £2500 GBP. I'd change the cambelt immediately and give it a full, regardless of cost, service.

Check out the Landrover Reviews, check out the Japanese. reviews, the choice is yours. Over the years I've been documenting my Frontera here I've always told the truth straight down the line.