6th Aug 2007, 16:42

Help. I have a 2L 1992 Frontera Sport. I had it about a week; it was fine until I left it sat for work. When I got back it would not start, and then after half hour I got it started, drove home, then Sunday morning nothing.

I had a mechanic come round and he said there was no spark. Then I had another one come round on Monday; changed the ignition coil and cam sensor, but no good. Then out the blue it started.

I have also checked the distributer; not that, and when it does run, it's all OK, but I turn it over loads and it sounds like it's not firing, and I cannot smell fuel like you would if it flooded.

I don't know what it is. I have been told it could be the ECU, fuel pump or relay. Any advice as I'm broke now, as I've just spent all my money to buy it.


2nd Sep 2007, 03:28

Most likely cause will be the fuel FILTER that is a simple disposable component part. When changing the filter, check the condition of the two short lengths of flexi hose either side, and replace if necessary.

Join www.fronteraowners.co.uk and stop handing out money to so-called mechanics who probably know nothing. Get yourself a Haynes Frontera Manual - these things are better DIY maintained nowadays by owners.

5th Nov 2007, 16:26

Original Thread Author: 1996 2.0 Sport (basic). MOT time, November 2007. Passed OK, but I was reminded of a section of brake pipes I had omitted all those years ago to Waxoyl. Just behind (heading to the rear of car) the fuel filter, the brake pipes disappear into a hidden section under a non removable panel. To get access to these pipes to smear them with grease or Waxoyl reach over the o/s back wheel, over the chassis into this enclosed section.

The MOT examiner stated that brake pipes on older 4x4s are now becoming more of a focus point. It would certainly be a heck of a lot of work to start replacing pipes on a Frontera.

Needless to say I Waxoyled the whole lot again from back to front.

The Sport has seen 'em come and go! It currently shares the driveway with a Berlingo Multispace.

26th Nov 2007, 13:30

My fronty is a tad poorly... I am currently working through the entire fuel starvation issue, does anyone have a part number for a decent fuel filter (2.0 Sport '95 model)?

It also seems to heat up too quickly. Radiator isn't leaking, coolant is OK, fan turns. As soon as I stop, it rockets up, but when I'm back up above 30mph, it comes down again. Suggestions?

I don't really want to start cutting boy racer vents in the bonnet, as it would need two. One input vent towards the induction kit, and one the other side to vent out the hot air. It would be effective, but look a bit out of place on the bonnet of a silver Fronty Sport!

4th Feb 2008, 06:06

I'm having an identical problem with mine (1996 2.0l Sport), so I await responses with interest!

18th Feb 2008, 13:08

I have the same problem with a 98 frontera transglobe - some times it starts fine - other times it starts then instantly dies. Yesterday wouldn't start on the drive - gave up after a while - started first time this morning though!!!

18th Jan 2010, 14:44

Well, doesn't time fly by! I was in my 40s when I bought this car and now I'm 60! Yep, the Original Author of this mammoth thread is here again folks. It's January 2010 and we've just had the most appalling spell of snow and ice I can remember since being a kid. The Frontera just EATS snow and ice! It's been doing shopping for people in their 80s who have been housebound (Nissan Micras not good in deep snow!) ; it's been used as a business vehicle again and my Primera P12 Estate has been wrapped in plastic, unused during the snow. It pulled a Ford Transit twin cab pickup out of an ice trap too. We use it twice a week for carrying cycles; I still tow a small trailer with it (remember, I used to tow a large caravan years ago with it). The MOT examiner's jaw still drops open when he sees the underbody. Finally I have a video on YouTube entitled "Vauxhall Frontera - what was all the fuss about?" OK, it's never been our only car, and it's still under 70k miles, - but this thing has been just brilliant, and continues to be so.

Don't forget to address your issues to the UK Frontera Owners Club online, as this is a review site.

25th Mar 2010, 07:06

Good to see you are getting your monies worth. I found your posts very interesting.

31st Mar 2010, 15:45

What a fantastic post, all those years and still got your Fronty truck, thanks it's been real good to read. I've got a '92 Sport and a '98 Transglobe Sport, but I've only had them a couple of months, so we'll see how I get on. Thanks again.

15th May 2010, 07:35

I have just purchased a 96 2.0l Sport Frontera, and have noticed the engine warning light flickers sometimes. I have been told that this is a common problem when the cambelt has been changed. Can anybody confirm or deny this please. Thank you!

3rd Dec 2010, 14:29

OK, original thread poster here again December 2010. Needed another new exhaust system this year. I think it's just basically the poor quality of the ones available. The rubber exhaust mounting to the chassis (the rigid bolt fixing block) is now unavailable as far as I can ascertain, but there are alternatives, i.e. two close fitting rubber bushed bolts. Only problem is these still carry a certain amount of vibration through to the chassis. The flange on the downpipe from the cat. converter had rotted, so we cut away the flanges on both this and the new exhaust system, and joined them together with a sturdy straight bolt on slightly bigger bore pipe.

No other problems this year - straight through the MOT again. My YouTube vid now has over 5,000 views - it's the black 1996 2.0 Sport if anyone interested. I'm thinking of laying the car up for long periods now as it's still in pristine condition, and I wouldn't mind showing it as a classic when I'm in my 70s (if I'm still around myself then!!). Otherwise happy to use cheap bulletproof Japanese. cars these days.

8th Dec 2010, 12:15

Hi. I have had my Frontera sport for 4 years. It is the best car I ever owned, never let me down. It was 6 months old when we bought it. The only thing wrong was in wet weather in 2 wheel drive it wouldn't stop in time and on three occasions I lost the back end at 30 MPH, but in 4 wheel this never happened. Could you tell me what the problem was?

Thank you.

6th Apr 2011, 06:19

March 2011. I brought a Holden Frontera Sport 12th month 1998 - Frontera A phase 2 model SAME GOOD OLD SHAPE =). Now with new dash and rear coil not leaf springs like the older models.

So far so good. The CVs are extremely difficult to change says my mechanic. I needed new CVs, had to glue hood lining up, replace G4 brake bulbs on roof, replace missing door hinge pins, replace tyres. All this to pass what we call in Australia a RWC: Road Worthy Certificate.

I got my Red Sport back from mechanic (he's had it for 3 days) to find the CVs still click, so I've called him up and he says bring it back tomorrow it may be the backing plates on the CVs. It is the exact same noise it made before I took it in to him so I wonder if it is the CVs? Thoughts?

I need some parts too: centre console lid, interior door handle inserts, passenger side roof handle, clock-upgraded 12th month 1998 version, drivers side light adjustment motor, parking mirror/left fender/ bonnet mirror, back 3rd door handle, aerial (ALL OF), and more. =)


14th Mar 2015, 08:46

Sounds like the fuel pump pickup fine gauze filter needs to be cleaned - it involves dropping the fuel tank (an easy 4 bolts)!

The end result with mine was way more power, great acceleration and vastly improved fuel economy! :)