23rd Nov 2009, 17:34

Just thought I'd keep everyone up to date with the VXR.

At 1000 miles I had a trip computer error come up, the manual didn't tell me what the problem was, so I took it into the dealer and was told that there was a faulty connection.

This was repaired and I was given a courtesy car (Astra 1.6 CDTi Club) and my next MOT & service for free for the inconvenience caused (now that's costumer service).

2 days ago another computer error, but I could tell what this was. I had low tire pressure. I swapped in for the spare (a stupid 50 mph limited tire) and had the old tire bunged. Turns out it was caused by a screw puncturing and slowly letting air out. It was suspected this was intentional! I blame the locals getting a bit jealous!! =D.

Also I thought I'd let you know about real life MPG as well. Recently I've been driving a little more practically and have had 29 mpg shown on twisty A roads. Also cruise MPG (Scarborough to Liverpool) on motorways was recorded at 37 mpg.

Not bad for a turbo V6 I think =)

28th Nov 2009, 05:46

Ouch 400 miles from a 70 litre tank... Well glad I got the CDTi, as I regularly get 840 miles+ from a tank, and it still accelerates 0-60 in under 9 seconds and has 380 Nm of torque! I do miss though the smooth refinement of the petrol V6. How do you find the exhaust note at motorway speeds - I read in a review it can drone rather noisy at 70.

28th Nov 2009, 15:38

The 400 miles on a tank was when I was playing about on the local roads. On motorways it can do about 550 miles. But still, it's not the most efficient car in the world.

I love the V6 engine, it's smooth and the turbo has no lag at all. And there always seems to be seamless amounts of power and grip, no matter what speed or gear. I mean literally I will pull from 15mph in 5th gear, and be doing 70mph in a few seconds. I think that the 4 wheel drive system will help with this a lot

I have to admit that on motorways I turn the radio up, and it does mean I can't hear the exhaust much. I do this because I got used to tyre noise in my Astra, so I automatically do it.

The exhaust sounds sweet on A roads when doing 60 in 4th. I've had a few of the local "boy racers" turn around when driving past because my foot SLIPPED on the accelerator =D.

I will now admit to racing in it. A guy in a Subaru went past. When he over took, he gave me a laughing look as if to say you can't keep up. This was the first time I really let the car have its stride, and I don't think I've ever seen a car disappear in my rear view mirror as quick. I think he might think twice in the future.

30th Nov 2009, 05:54

Probably wasn't racing you, did you think of that? LOL.

18th Dec 2009, 10:47

At 3600 miles the oil light came on. I took it into Vauxhall, after finding that oil level was fine, and they have tweaked the management computer and replaced the oil pump.

There was a recall on some pumps.

30th Jun 2011, 04:15

LOL! Well if you made a WRX or STI disappear quickly then he wasn't racing you, I only have 260 BHP in my WRX but even that will see me past 100 in seconds without realising it sometimes. The Vauxhall might be faster on the top speed though, but not in the midrange, it's a cruiser.

9th Nov 2012, 07:03

Is it so bloody hard for you, sir, to accept that a Vauxhall can beat your precious Subaru?


Oh and if you haggle, you can get an Insignia VXR for LESS than £24k. Now that is a proper high performance bargain.

The haters and badge snobs can go away!