27th May 2003, 14:23

I have recently bought a Monterey 3.2V6 Diamond 1995 model. It's only done 26,000 miles and is in excellent condition for the year.

It's a bit thirsty, but a pleasure to drive. So far, (touch wood) the only problem I've had is a leaky sunroof which was immediately repaired by the garage I bought it from with no quibbles.

Hopefully it will give me many happy motoring miles.

Does anyone know where I might get hold of some third row seats?

4th Aug 2004, 01:22

I have a '96 Monterey Diamond, LWB, V6.

The car has been a real Trooper (sorry - couldn't resist it) with no significant problems. The only adverse comment about the car is very possibly a slight feeling of it being a very tiny smidgen underpowered.

The only big let down has been Vauxhall's support and spares cost. There can be no justification for £18 for a 4 inch strip of rubber for the headlamp wipers or £350 for a wing mirror.

Vauxhall's customer and technical support helplines know little about the Monterey, presumably because it is really an Isuzu and isn't properly integrated into their systems.

Already such critical parts as the immobiliser can no longer be supplied by Vauxhall. Other parts such as towing looms can also no longer be purchased.

The technical / workshop manuals and electronic parts catalogues supplied to Vauxhall dealers are full of errors and generally quite amateur in execution.

I would definitely buy another, but it would be a Trooper from Isuzu as neither Vauxhall, nor the Vauxhall Network Q main-dealers that I have experience of just don't cut the Customer care and support mustard.

24th Nov 2004, 08:46

I have bought a 1997 Monterey. The remote control for the alarm system has become defective. I cannot buy a new remote or alarm system rendering the vehicle useless. It is also wired through the vehicle control box which means that it cannot be by-passed . £6000 for 4 weeks running. If anyone can be of assistance please contact me gordonj.brown@virgin.net.

30th Nov 2004, 12:29

I have a Monterey 3.2 V6 LTD LWB 1994. I have previously owned a Trooper Citation 3.1TD which was great. The "Monty" comes with no end of problems. I currently need a new part exhaust. The part I need is in front of the Cat and is "Y" shaped, I have been quoted over £400 for this. Scandalous. When I took it to a Vauxhall Dealership, I was told it would be close to £600 plus fitting at £55 per hour. I don't want an exhaust made of gold for gods sake. Vauxhall are utterly useless when it comes to the Monterey. I even had one guy in their service department ask a colleague "Who makes the Monterey?" I will definitely return to Isuzu next time. In just under a year from purchase, the Monty has cost over £3000.

13th Jun 2005, 15:39

This is my second Monterey V6 3.2 Diamond 4x4 and I must say it has been as good as the first.

The car is very comfortable on short or long runs, has a very quiet engine and a smooth automatic gear box.

Both cars have been very reliable and have never let me down. I get an average of 24 miles to the gallon and never have to top up the oil or the water.

Isuzu technology with a vauxhall badge makes this car great value for money, its just a shame that Vauxhall know more about the dark side of the moon than they do about their own car!

Make life simple, buy a monterey and use an Isuzu dealer, they know what they are talking about and can also order vauxhall monterey parts.

7th Nov 2005, 14:54

Got one it's great. Gas conversion works very well indeed. 70 litre gas tank in boot (removed 6th seat) 200 miles for less than £20.

14th Jun 2006, 08:02

Hi, I have Vauxhall Monterey ltd 3.1 TD.

The electric sunroof has never worked. I have located the fuse in the fuse box well. If the fuse was there on the cover, it says B/C-2 30 amp. Does anyone know where I can get one from? Thanks.

20th Apr 2007, 10:22

I've owned my monty for a couple of years now and I find it the best car I have ever owned, it's a pleasure to drive and its great for a weekend away, last year I went to the lake district and I managed to fit 6 of my friends, 4 tents, sleeping bags and essentials into it. a tad cramped, but not too bad. I had the starter motor replaced this year for a very reasonable cost of £100. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone and hopefully will continue to enjoy driving it for as l, long as possible. Mr Bano.

24th May 2007, 03:16

24 May 2007.

My Brother has just bought a 'Monterey'.

He rang me asking if I knew what caused the 'whining' noise he hears when driving? Apparently, acceleration makes the 'whine' louder.

I suggested a problem with the differential?

Repair mechanic doesn't seem to have any idea and same goes for the service department of the Vauxhall main dealer.

Any suggestions - anyone?

17th Sep 2007, 03:31

Hi just reading the comments above! The one with the problem with the car cutting out which you and your cousin fixed yourselves...what was the problem caused by and how did you fix it??? we have the same problem!!!


11th Jan 2008, 06:17

To the member who was experiencing the 'whining' noise during acceleration, this could be one of many things, but I have experience of two such occasions. Firstly, if the whining takes place at around 1800 revs and continues till about 2600 revs, then this is simply your turbo kicking in, you should feel the added boost. However, if the whining or 'whistling' is present at idle or as low as 1000 revs, and continues throughout the acceleration of the car, then I'm afraid to say your turbo may be broken : (

Last week my turbo was making a continuous whining noise, and a friend had a look at it for me. Its cost me £600 to get the parts, including my friends very cheap labour (£25 and a pint) and I'm due to fit the parts this weekend, so hopefully it will fix the problem.

I'm hoping that your turbo is not broken as this costs a fortune. other than the usual timing belt last year (123,000 miles) my 3.1 td monty has performed very well. I'm 21 and bought it off my parents, and my only gripe is the sunroof, which leaks excessively when it is standing in rain. I plan to seal this forever when the weather permits.

Since purchase, I have spent £160 on new shock absorbers for the front + fitting, £220 on a timing belt + fitting, £20 on brake pads and £600 on a new turbo + fitting, and £15 for a fan belt, so in 13 months the car has cost just less than £1000 excluding MOT, tax, fuel etc. it is certainly not the cheapest car to run, but it is so comfortable, and generally reliable, that for the £1000 I paid for it I can't complain :)

24th Apr 2008, 12:01

I have a '96 LWB 3.1TD, and with regard to the immobiliser: I lost both the key fobs, so I had it towed to a local garage. I live in rural France. They removed the immobiliser in about 30 minutes. Apparently they are 'aftermarket' fitted, and so are not too hard to remove.