18th Jan 2009, 16:01

Hello all you lucky people. I have recently bought a Monterey 3.1 TD Diamond.

The second day I had to replace one of the two large and expensive batteries.

The sunroof leaks enough to warrant never going through a car wash, and now my exhaust has gone at the back end.

There are plenty of parts available at cheap prices if you look around.

The car is a real work horse, but after having to bump start prior to fitting of the new battery, I now have a well lit dashboard, timing belt light, diesel filter light, battery light too. I have had the belts all changed, the diesel filter light and fuel light are on as well. Does anyone know how to turn off all the warning lights??

Does the car have to go to Vauxhall for this to be done??

My car was missing the key fob for the alarm, and the little red light on the steering column keeps flashing too. Any ideas guys? Currently it's covered with black insulation tape as it's so distracting. Help needed...Thanks...

Oh, and I get about 26 to the gallon on diesel, and to have the filter and all the belts including timing belt changed cost me £75 plus parts, which were about £40...

The interior hot air no longer works either, checked the fuse (blower) checked the relay (blower) Only thing left is change the fan (have acquired for £25) anyone else had this problem???

11th Dec 2009, 02:22

Re: Vauxhall Monterey 1996 3.2 V6.

Has anyone any idea on how to remove the immobiliser? Having the engine stop whilst doing 70mph in the outside lane of a motorway is not amusing. I am considering taking legal action against Vauxhall as the immobilisers were actually fitted to the cars when they arrived in the UK. Nothing to do with Isuzu. In the meantime, I really need urgent help on getting rid of the immobiliser.

Many thanks.

23rd Feb 2010, 07:17

I have just purchased a Monterrey, and so far I am pleased with it.

One problem has arisen, and that is the immobiliser can take a couple of minutes to start after a short stop. Does anyone know approximately how much to disarm the immobiliser?

Only paid 700 for it, it has a FSH and has done 122k.

Being the diamond model, it has air con etc. Excellent value for money, would recommend them.

29th Jun 2010, 03:22

Immobiliser problems on the Monterey. Solution, get rid of it. Just had mine bypassed by R.A.M. Electronics in Hull. £45 did the job while I waited, very helpful, first class. Their number is 01482 589522. I had been having intermittent starting problems for ages and could not get anyone to touch it, but they knew of the problem and fixed it, now my car starts every time, and no fob. WHOOPEE!!!

29th Jun 2010, 15:15

Hi there.

I am on my second Monterey, the first one 3.1 Turbo diesel Diamond Edition. No problems; we had it for 9 years, second owners, paid £15,000 and it never let us down. From the previous Monterey, I would sing its praises, and I would buy another one, maybe a bit newer as it had been excellent.

We replaced it with a model a year younger 97P for very little money, but goodness, turn the engine on and the whole road hears as it screeches for about 30 seconds as you drive, then there is a large hurricane/wind/tunnel sound; on a busy road it is not too bad, but on a quiet road everybody hears you coming.

AND NOW when driving, it just stops, it gives you a warning as the wheel turns, and it allows you to go for about 10 seconds. Before it would start straight away; now you have to wait like 10 minutes with the car in park and everything switched off; what is this? On Sunday I was parked up on a dual carriageway for about 20 minutes. Dreadful. Any ideas?


5th Aug 2010, 02:01

I just purchased a Monterey, and the same thing was happening to me. After a month of asking people and trying to get it removed, I decided to remove it myself. It took about 1 hour in total, and was not that hard. I do have some mechanical know how, but did not find this to hard. Hope this helps.

23rd Dec 2010, 04:45

I have a P reg Monterey 3.2 V6 Ltd. When indicating left I get a buzzing sound from the fuse box I have changed the indicator stalk with a new one, but I am still getting the buzzing noise when indicating left.

Any ideas?


1st May 2011, 16:45

Hi, I need HELP. My Monterey 3.2 V6 Ltd has a gear problem. Won't just move in D and will not change automatically. But in L, 2, 3 and R it moves. What do you think? I have flushed and changed the gear oil. Still the same.


11th Sep 2012, 11:25

After being told by countless garages and auto electricians that it was impossible to bypass, I got it done in half an hour by a semi retired gent.

The immobiliser is behind and to the left of the glove box. The cable runs under the dash to the driver's side where it breaks into the main wiring loom. It's a simple case of cutting the immobiliser wires and re-joining the original colour coded wires. If anyone tells you different, they're talking rubbish.

p.s. It cost me £40.!

22nd Sep 2013, 02:41

Dead easy to remove. Cost me nothing apart from 30 minutes of my time. All hassles are gone.

10th Nov 2013, 09:45

Hi, I have the same problem, but seem unable to find the immobiliser on the car. Drawing blanks everywhere. If anyone can help email me at jayschris2@aol.com anytime, any help would be really appreciated. Don't want to see a good car end up as scrap.

8th Dec 2013, 09:45

Hi, I also have a problem with the immobiliser. I have cut and joined wires, but can't find a white/red wire to join to. Any ideas? Thanks, Shaun.

8th Jun 2014, 11:55

I have taken out the immobiliser and it was not a difficult. I found online a wiring diagram to follow, and cut the wires, then rejoined the ones shown. Several forums will help you, as I no longer have the information, or I would send it.

8th Jun 2014, 11:59

Vauxhall Monterey, 1997/98 3.1 TD manual.

Can anyone please tell me why my 4 wheel drive will not engage on my Monterey? The green light on the dash comes on and goes off as it is supposed to do, and the vacuum all works as I have had it tested.

I was told it was the ECU, but cannot find one? Could it be the TOD?

Any help would be great.

27th Sep 2014, 14:59

Hi, how did you remove the immobiliser? I'm struggling to even find it. Any help would be good.

17th May 2017, 15:36

I've just lost the heater blower function power to the fuses. The air con push button lights up in blue when pressed, but no blower heater thing going on. What to look for? I don't have a clue... Help.

17th May 2017, 18:13

The impact fuse needs to be re-bolstered; this is in the black box in the engine bay near the battery, black fuse, remove, and lug P9 should be tightened.

2nd Mar 2019, 12:49

Hi, looking at buying a 3.1 manual 1999, it's got 220,000 miles on it, MoT till July 2019, last test no advisories, intermittent battery drain, and a slightly noisy wheel bearing; it's £500, would you touch it???

3rd Mar 2019, 17:10

At £500, you can't really lose. These were decent cars, though the motoring press gave them bad reviews back in the day, and owners reported below average reliability. Get that battery drain sorted and the wheel bearing replaced for cheap, and then if you get a year or so out of it after that, it's paid for itself :)