1992 Vauxhall Nova SRi 1.4 injection petrol from UK and Ireland


Car has done 62,000 verifiable miles, since we bought it over a year ago with 60,000 on it)

Very little gone wrong. The door pins have been replaced at 60,000 miles, but both passenger and drivers doors still seem to drop slightly. Very slight rust on inner bottom of drivers door. Have waxolyed all inner panels.

VERY easy to break into. The AA proved this to me when I locked myself out of the car (whoops). This means that all 17 year old thief's LOVE this type of car. An Alarm and Thatcham 2 immobilser are ESSENTIAL.

I find the ride pretty hard, and if you fit the 175/14 tyres to wheels like this one has, then steering seems a tad heavy. It does handle like it's on rails though, which makes it fun to drive, but awkward to park.

Odd parcel shelf rattle, but at this age..who cares !

Rust has 'just' started to appear on the drivers side rear wheel arch, so will have to get that fixed properly - WHY do ALL Vauxhalls start to rust here...Have Vauxhall NOT got the message yet !!!

General Comments:

Lovely looking car in white, brilliant girly town car. Has GTE alloys. This one is in brilliant condition. Cruises very well at 70mph, in 5th gear.

Important that you get this type of car HPI checked. There are too many of these cars that have been crashed, bashed and thrashed.

Fuel consumption is very good.

Having owned a Nova GTE, as a run around, previous to this car, I see no point in having the GTE. My wife pays £175 fully comp for this Nova (our new run around) against me paying £375 against the Nova GTE and there is not a great deal of difference in performance between the standard cars. Hey, I paid the same insurance on the Nova GTE as I now pay for my P Reg Calibra 2.0 16V.

The SRi is very well equiped, with sunroof and most GTE bits like sports seats and dials. I get car serviced at local garage, as I see NO point in using main dealers. I bought with Full service history.

I reckon on very easy private resale, considering the response when we sold our old C reg runabout 1.3 Nova shaped Corsa 1.3GT (The phone almost rung off the hook) I will be selling as "best offer secures" (when the wife lets me ..hehehehe !!)

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Review Date: 1st March, 1998

1992 Vauxhall Nova SR 1.4 petrol from UK and Ireland


All the dash lights packed in at 50K.

New discs and pads at 57K.

Dodgy automatic choke from cold.

General Comments:

Very reliable car and very quick too.

Cheap to run and maintain.

I would recomend one to anybody who's looking for a quick first car.

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Review Date: 10th February, 1998

1992 Vauxhall Nova Merit+ 1.2i petrol from UK and Ireland


New rear brake drums, bearings, pads and shoes this year at 43 000 miles.

Nothing apart from that.

General Comments:

Very good car, goes well and is generally reliable.

The dealer was the only let down, not helpful at all.

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Review Date: 28th January, 1998