26th Mar 2005, 15:32

Have owned two Nova SR 1.3's in the past & found them to be surprisingly quick & reliable motors. Done usual mod's like K&N air filter etc. Both had manual choke and ran better if left to warm up on choke for a bit when cold. A mate had a auto choke model & changed it to manual to overcome iffy cold start up.

10th Jul 2006, 16:43

I have a 1.4 sr. It's a great little car and is super quick, and can never under stand why its so quick? I put a full magnum body kit on mine and had it resprayed blue. Same as before, but looks great now! can any one tell me why they are so quick? I love it and I'm a girl!

26th Aug 2006, 05:12

Hi I have just bought a nova 1.5 td it has air filter nothing else does any one no were I can get a dump valve for it coz I've looked every were and can't find one thanks.

27th Aug 2006, 06:21

I have just bought a Nova for £20.

2nd Oct 2006, 07:38

I have nova's for sale.they rule.

3rd Oct 2006, 11:02

You got a cheek calling them boy racers, your more likely to cause an accident with dim behaver like that, and then you'll wright off your precious EVO too. If your gonna beat'em in a race just do it properly. I've got to admit id like to meet you on the road in my STI PPP. But I'd beat you properly.

1st Feb 2007, 11:07

I have just bought an SR 1.3 from the auctions where I work, it's an F reg and its only done 56k I haven't driven it yet so I haven't decided if I want to keep it or sell it. any one interested?

4th Apr 2007, 07:17

Hi I have recently bought a nova 1.2 I am having trouble starting it anytime of the day I changed the plugs leads and dizzy cap as a lead was corroded, but this hasn't solved the problem, any suggestions?

13th Dec 2010, 17:44

How do you go about putting an automatic choke in a Nova that has a manual one??