6th Mar 2004, 16:19

I have recently taken delivery of a new Signum, a 2.2DTi, manual, Elegance. I find it a joy to drive. I do not find it noisy or rattly. The seats are comfortable, in fact I believe they have won an orthopedic award.

This car is not aimed at the company car rep-mobile brigade, but at a buyer who wants that something different.

It may not be perfect, but what car is.

It must have something going for it, judging by the amount of favorable comments I have had from total strangers.

A word of advice... do not pick a car based on someone else's report. Motoring journalists only like cars that can do 140+, and get there very quickly. I suggest that you hire one and give it a good test drive.

That's what I did and I now own one.

Happy Motoring... whatever car you buy.

11th Apr 2004, 14:49

I have driven four different Signums on Vauxhalls 48 hour Fleet Demonstration service, a 2.2 Direct Elegance, and three 2.0T Design models.

The cars were all excellent, the 2.2 Direct Elegance; less so.

The 2.0 Turbo Design looks the part with its smart alloys and tinted glass, and the part leather seats were extremely comfortable. Only the slightly bland dashboard design lets the car down. The rear seats were very roomy, but the cars are only really designed for four. The performance of the 2.0T was outstanding, I currently drive an Omega 2.6 and would consider a Signum at a later date or as a company car purchase.

Highly recommended.

20th Jul 2004, 08:36

I received a Signum 2.2 Direct Auto as a hire car for a weekend whilst my vehicle (Audi A3) was in for repair. I covered approximately 500 miles during this period.

Firstly I agree with the later comments posted above. I found this vehicle extremely comfortable, and yes this includes the seats. My passengers also found this car a pleasure to travel in. This was such a pleasure for me as I'm 6'4 and suffer with lower back problems. I could drive around in this vehicle all day without any major aches or pains.

I found the engine smooth and powerful enough for both the motorway and country lane driver. The handling was responsive and precise. The kick down could be a little "harsh" at high speeds, but I think that's just how a 2.2 - 4 cylinder engine will always behave.

Would I buy one? Yes I would. As mentioned above this is a car for a person that wants something a little different. I found it a pleasure.

29th Sep 2004, 05:47

Have been eyeing these cars up for a little while now, and would not buy as a brand new car. Plenty of spotless one year olds with next to no miles, and for the price of a top supermini (which is what I am leaving), you can get into a 2.0T Elite (Which I am considering at the moment). I test drove the Design 3.0 CDTi Auto yesterday and that was more than quick enough (Considering its hauling over 1500Kg), although I could imagine that a 2.2 DTi Auto would struggle a little. At town driving the computer read 26.6mpg, and that concerns me a little, but didn't get enough M-Way driving in for average to settle. Room (In the back is akin to sitting in aircraft club class) and seating fantastic, toys - plenty, safety - plenty of gadgets to protect. Second hand prices fantastic (Just don't buy Metallic Bamboo Green, they don't seem to be selling - Wonder why, and it will be harder to shift come resale). I am worried about future resale value, as Vauxhalls never have been that good, and the car is a little too unique (It could go the way of the Renault Vel Satis). Will post again if I take the leap.

3rd Oct 2004, 08:50

I recently bought a nearly new 5k 2.2dti design signum. Generally pleased with the car- there's lots of great design touches, and it can't be beaten for space and flexibility for the price. Some niggles- I find the ride too hard for comfort- whilst the firm suspension set up might suit the more speedy petrol engines it doesn't suit the diesel. Over pot holes and dug up roads every bump is felt which can get a bit tiring, especially when driving around suburbs. On A roads and motorways this is less noticeable. The rear window looks great, but unfortunately when you open it when it rains, water drips into the boot. Small thing, but irritating! The plus sides are endless... lots of car for the money, some very smart features, in my view good handling- lots of electronics to keep you on the straight and narrow that occasionally kick in. The car feels solid and well put together. No significant rattles. And I really like the half leather trim in the Design- well finished (unlike the odd bits of plastic- e.g. the high level tweeter casing). So, no BMW or Audi beater, but if you need a car with real space, versatility, decent drive and economy and something that is a bit different, the Signum scores highly.

24th Nov 2004, 14:47

I have owned a 2.2 DTI Design Signum since March 2004. I have been extremely pleased with the car. I was fortunate enough to get my car supplied with a full Irmscher body kit and sports exhaust system. I took the car to Le Mans this year and found it to be a real crowd puller. We had ferrari, TVR, Lamborgini, in fact you name any of the top marques and they were there. I parked up at Indianapolis Corner and found literally hundreds of people admiring the car and asking questions. Most could not believe it was a Vauxhall. The fuel consumption is very good. For your information we averaged 120+ mph on the continent and the car did not miss a beat. All four of us found the seats extremely comfortable. I do agree with the slightly restricted views due to the rear quarters, but a good driver soon gets used to this and compensates accordingly.

One of the other very good points of this car is the road holding and ride, although a bit stiffer than normal the suspension keeps the car level and smooth.

I will definately have another one after this one.

8th Dec 2004, 15:54

I'm Just about to purchase an 04 Plate (Ex Vauxhall business demonstrator Fleet) from one of the Car Supermarkets. It's a 3.0CDTi Design with less than 4K miles

For £14K that's around a £10k saving on list. Personally I am glad that the model is struggling to sell to fleets, they can continue to prefer their cramped poverty spec Beemers and Mercs for all I care.

The Signum is a fabulous used buy for the money, with a really clever folding seat arrangement and at least in 3.0 CDTi guise genuinely quick performance. I agree that the dash plastics are a little low rent. But overall I give it an 7/10 for style, 9/10 for value (used), 10/10 for practicality.

If you are not a badge snob and like a bit of a bargain it is definitely worth a look.

18th Dec 2004, 07:27

Purchased a nine month old 2.2 Direct Elite manual a month ago with 15t on the clock and so far am very pleased with the car, (previous car 2000 Omega 3.0 MV6 Auto) being over six foot tall I do not have problems with the seats and find same very comfortable, plenty of power there when needed and loads of nice gadgets, the design is unusual, in time I think we shall see a lot more of these on the road, great car to buy second hand 45 per cent depreciation in nine months? you get a lot of car for your money, also a good eye catcher have had plenty of people checking out the car when parked. Maybe early days yet, but first impressions are that I am very pleased with purchase.