10th Jan 2005, 08:40

I have purchased a 2.2DTI elite, 53 reg with 9K on the clock and for well over £10K off original list price. The car is great, far, far better than the S Reg Audi A6 I had a few years back, which was a real lump.

As for niggles, it is a little choppy on rougher roads and I find the new indicators a pain in the you know what!! However on the plus side it is VERY comfortable, 43-44 MPG after 3 months use and for a diesel really moves when it needs to. Family love the space. The 'Travel assistant' is inspired.

All in all a great used buy.

26th Jan 2005, 11:12

Like many before me it seems, I have just bought an 04 plate 3.0CDTi Design Signum from a main dealer with full guarantee. The car cost under £14K and has only done 6K miles. I looked at Elite models for the same money, but in the end I actually prefer the half leather seats which have a slightly more sporty look and shape. Considering this practically new car has only cost the same as a very average family hatch, I have to say I am absolutely delighted with it. The build quality seems good, the extras are excellent and boy does it go! The mpg isn't bad for a large car with a pretty large engine and even the insurance was surprisingly cheap.

I'm SO glad I didn't take the safe option and go for a new Astra/Focus or similar. Someone else has taken the hit of the depreciation and hopefully I can enjoy some happy motoring in my rather impressive looking, uncommon motor. Its all good!

7th Feb 2005, 06:16

What sort of average mileage is anyone getting with the 3.0 diesel?

11th Feb 2005, 11:21

In response to the question regarding fuel consumption - I've now done 800 miles without resetting the computer and it shows the average as 36.6mpg. Considering I live in Birmingham and a large percentage of my driving is stop-start first and second gear traffic jams, I am really pleased with that figure. When I go on a reasonable journey on fast 'A' roads it has returned over 47mpg easily. The computer seems pretty acurate when I have bothered to check it by doing the calculations manually. Go on - treat yourself!!

13th Feb 2005, 11:33

I have just bought an 04 plate Signum 2 litre turbo petrol model and have found it a very easy drive, powerful and very willing to pull in any of its 6 gears.

I have a back problem and have found the seats to be OK the longest run I have been on is 100 miles, but I usually find that firm seats are best for long distance.

MPG so far is 30mpg with a mix of motorway, town and country.

A quirky looking vehicle that has had 2 people asking what it was. I like the sliding rear seats that give an enormous amount of leg space in the rear and still allow a 42kg dog in the hatch.

My last car was a V70 T5 but before that I had an X plate Vectra 2.2 CDX diesel from new and I hated it. This car must be the best all round performer available at the low prices available second hand. I paid £10,500 with 5000 miles.

Is the 3 year Vauxhall warranty definitely transfereable? It says in the book that it is as long as its serviced - which isn't for the end of 2 years. Anyone had any problems warranty wise?

24th Mar 2008, 16:45

I have a 2.2 diesel Elegance. Had it nearly a year. Had no problems with it at all. Cannot fault it. Great family car.

16th Jan 2013, 10:42

Got a 54 plate Signum Elegance. Had the bottom pulley go at 22000; not a good showing for a marque I have had for many years.

Vauxhall customer service don't seem interested. Said they would ring me back. I'm still waiting. I doubt if my next car will be a Vauxhall. Whoever thought of a rubber doughnut in a pulley!!!

I am seriously thinking of a Mazda. So it should help the Japanese, who seem to have all the problems solved.

I have always supported the UK motor industry, as it keeps people in work; who's bothered now I am retired!