1997 Vauxhall Vectra LS 2.0 diesel from UK and Ireland


Good workhorse


Air flow meter at 77,000.

EGR valve caused total a loss of power at 89,000 miles.

Rear suspension bushes constantly wear out.

General Comments:

This car is used as a taxi and it is so reliable. The service costs are reasonable and it's good sound car.

The seats feel like deck chairs after a few hours of driving.

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Review Date: 23rd April, 2001

1997 Vauxhall Vectra GLS 2.0 from UK and Ireland


This car is a very good workhorse


At 131,000 there was an auto gearbox problem, which the Vauxhall dealer in Sheffield diagnosed as a ECU fault. Auto gearbox specialist fixed the fault.

General Comments:

The car's performance is very good.

The driving position is not right, and there is nowhere to rest your left foot, as there is a footwell intrusion from the centre console.

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Review Date: 18th April, 2001

1997 Vauxhall Vectra SRi (130) 2.0 16V petrol from UK and Ireland


Vauxhall should have evolved it more from the Cavalier


1. 2 radios.

2. 02 sensor.

3. Loose front suspension knuckles.

4. Blown middle box (exhaust).

5. Water leaks into the cabin.

6. Defective tyre valves x 2 on delivery.

7. Screen washers only work when they feel like it!

General Comments:

1. Fast smooth drive.

2, Reasonable economy (35 to 40 mpg).

3. Comfy interior.

4. Poor lights (on dip).

5. Excellent passive safety... as a rather reckless cyclist found out when it hit him at 40 mph plus (no doubt that the car's design and ABS saved his life)

6. Superb load carrier.

7. Excellent touring car on euro roads (will cruise at 90 - 100 all day, only petrol stops required).

8. This was the ninth Vauxhall I have owned, it is by far the most shodily built and because of that it will be the last... When the General shut Luton it came as no surprise to me if this is an example of their best effort... My next car will be an Audi!

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Review Date: 16th March, 2001

1997 Vauxhall Vectra LS Estate 1.8i from UK and Ireland


Excellent 2nd hand bargain


Display panel for outside the temperature, radio and time etc practically invisible by 100,000 miles - was replaced under dealer warranty.

Headlight bulb blew and the headlights are generally rather dim (dipped only, fine on full beam).

Hand-brake needs regular adjustment.

General Comments:

An excellent reliable large estate, well worth the money for a three year old car. Don't be put off by high mileage - this car has done 140K of which 50 were in the last 2 years without missing a beat, other than the small items listed above.

Servicing by Vauxhall dealers is cheap and for the size of car running costs are small. Easily does 41 mpg.

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Review Date: 25th February, 2001

9th Dec 2002, 14:45

Glad to hear you like your Estate, i have a vectra tourer Estate, and find it much more comfortable than my previous

Vectra Hatchback. also find it a lot more Reliable as well.

Even the suspension and overall handling of the car is better, very refined engine don't you think?

1997 Vauxhall Vectra LS 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


A complete dog


First there were noises and rattles, after numerous returns to the dealer I decided to live with them.

Then ignition faults, a new ignition system was fitted.

Shortly after the catalytic converter needed replacing.

Then the gearbox was unable to select gears, a new gearbox was fitted.

Reverse gear switch needed to be replaced.

Now the cam belt has gone at 71,000 miles, dread to think what the repair bill will be.

The car has always been fully serviced and repaired regardless of cost, but how much more can I take, I have probably spent half of the original cost of the car in repair bills!!

General Comments:

This car must have been jinxed as I have never experienced such faults on a three year old car before. Would like to purchase a new Zafira but will think long and hard beforehand.

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2000

30th Mar 2001, 04:05

I happen to be an expert engineer, I am afraid what you said about the Vectra 1996 LS car you had is just not true. It is a superb car, you ought to trace where and how its been used previously!

In fact the 4X4 is superb, especially in rear wheel drive mode.