1997 Vauxhall Vectra GLS 1.8 16V petrol from UK and Ireland


High mileage capability at cost of boredom every trip and frustrating seating position


Lost windscreen arm after two days.

Occaisional engine cut-out when decelerating from cruising speed - almost caused two roundabout pile-ups!

Stone chips led to corrosion very quickly.

Boot springs shut when opened on an incline (ouch!).

General Comments:

I'm not freakishly tall at 6ft 2 but I have found it absolutely impossible to find a comfortable driving position. This is a failing felt for 100% of my time in the car and along with a most uninvolving general driving experience, it must be sorted on the next mass middle market offering. Economy (41-42mpg) is outstanding as is general reliability. Good level of trim on this model.

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Review Date: 4th July, 2000

9th Jan 2002, 16:50

I have a 1997 1.8GLS Auto which regularly cuts out... usually a few minutes after starting from cold. Two near misses on roundabouts already! Surely Vauxhall should be aware of this...don't they remember the Pinto?


15th May 2002, 14:30

Vauxhalls are crap and they can't build a reliable car to save their life. Wake up Vauxhall and take a few lessons from the Germans and the Japenese. By the way, sack anybody on Quality Control - if there is such a department.

1997 Vauxhall Vectra GLS 2.5 V6 petrol from UK and Ireland


Pace, comfort, great ride, and a low purchase price


Very little. The EGR valve had to be replaced, but this was covered under warranty and the dealer service was excellent.

General Comments:

The only thing lacking from this car is air-con. Performance is superb. It's quite sedate at low engine speeds, but get the revs up and it's a beast (albeit a thirsty one). Lots of toys fitted, including ABS & traction control. Service costs are low. It only cost £85 for the 30,000 mile (major) service at a Vauxhall dealer.

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Review Date: 12th May, 2000

1997 Vauxhall Vectra LS 1.8 petrol from UK and Ireland


Steering rack replaced.

Throttle body replaced.

Steering coupling replaced.

Crankshaft speed sensor replaced.

Handbrake linkage replaced.

General Comments:

Most problems arose and were quickly sorted under warranty.

Only the Speed sensor failure caused a complete breakdown.

Fuel consumption has averaged 42mpg but there is a question mark against reliability.

Don't intend to buy Vauxhall next time.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2000

1997 Vauxhall Vectra CDX 2.5 VG petrol from UK and Ireland


Minor electrical things, bulbs , switches etc.

Front speakers blew.

Boot leaks.

Front discs warped.

All above fixed under warranty.

General Comments:

Smooth, comfortable and fast. Not too bad on petrol for a V6 - cruise control gets good MPG on motorways. Leather seats are a bit slippy. Gearbox not really a "quick shifter". Nice looking in Titanium silver and alloys.

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Review Date: 6th October, 1999

1997 Vauxhall Vectra SRi 2.5 V6 2.5 V6 petrol from UK and Ireland


I had to return it 12 times because of faulty trip computers. It transpired that it was a dealer issue as other dealer fixed it first time.

Car jumps in the wet (misfiring?), dealer can't fix.

Dashboard creaks when heater warms up, steering ticks on turns. Backfires when cold (they all do from talking to other people).

Dealers generally can't fix faults (I've tried 3). Perhaps not enough room to work on as engine is shoe-horned in.

General Comments:

This is excellent value for money.

Fast for it's class (I tested them all and hated this one the least) and well specified, though seats are uncomfortable. The stereo a bit under powered (personal choice!). It handles well for a Vauxhall and the V6 is smooth and quiet for the first 40k. It's also very economical, I get approx 32mpg and my first set of tyres lasted 42k.

If I was in the market for a 16-18k car next time, I would possibly go for another, perhaps look at the GSi.

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Review Date: 14th March, 1999

9th Feb 2001, 02:54

The backfire from cold is not a fault. The exhaust manifold has an electrically controlled valve that bleeds in cold air for up to a couple of minutes after startup, to reduce emissions. Current BMW sixes do the same, as do many other engines. If you listen carefully, when the time is up you will hear a 'clunk', and the exhaust will go quiet again.

15th May 2002, 09:31

I have had my Vectra for several months now. I have been highly delighted with the performance. It is a 2.5 V6 estate on an 'R' plate. The drive is comfortable and the driving is excellent.

I have had two 3 series BMW'S and a Laguna in the past 4 years and from my own point of view this is the best.

21st May 2002, 06:37

R plate - 115,000 miles, which I have done from new. Initial problems with engine management system - it used to cut out at inconvenient places and it took the dealer three goes to fix it. Otherwise its great if unrefined and the seats are not good, but now well bedded in. Averages 32-33 mpg and you can squeeze out 34-35. I usually cruise at about 80mph. Engine now a bit noisy. Considering an end of range low mileage one as against a Mondeo as replacement.