1st Oct 2015, 19:22

I've just been quoted £1600 for a new DPF plus sensors for my Vectra C 3L, and like the rest I noticed the split in my intercooler hose; I've changed it, but I just need to reduce the saturation levels in my DPF, so a bit of cleaner and 6 miles of 3000 RPM should sort it. If saturation levels are below 95%, it can be restored, and this info comes from a credited Range Rover specialist; he's never let us down. Hope this helps!

19th Oct 2015, 17:16

My work mates just put a new fuel filter on mine for the same symptoms and it's sorted it.

17th May 2016, 21:53

I got a Vectra estate 150 SRi 2006 CDTi. Had 1 problem, a lil' crack in the flexi pipe, which I had replaced at an exhaust place. I do 10 miles a day and take her out on long road trips on weekends. I open her up on motorways. She's so quiet and easy to drive. When I bought her, she was being looked after very well, all the paper work for her yearly servicing. The only light to come on was the coolant was low; I topped up to the mark and it went off.

With most diesels you have to give them few minutes to warm up then go. If you do short trips all week, then give it a good run. If you get it from a car dealership, take a mechanic with you to check it over. When you have your warranty, get your car checked, and get the parts replaced. Which I did.

I have had few cars in my time, and this is my favourite.

24th Oct 2016, 22:41

Check the crank sensor, as a faulty one will also upset the gearbox ECU when cutting out; it's a cheaper option.

14th Apr 2017, 09:31

Cracked air intake for turbo seeping air, which is causing limo home mode for sure.

9th Jan 2018, 22:10

This is an EGT issue; mine does this, but as it gets warm, the car starts dragging like a tank; not fun, so tried cleaning the EGR. It worked for a while, then went back into limp mode, so I bought an EGR blanking kit, but as I'm not sure which engine I have, the first one was wrong. So any tips on working out if you have the Isuzu or Vauxhall V6 would be great. There's not much written about these cars LOL.