10th Feb 2009, 07:52

I own a 99 Vectra and I can tell you it would beat any boy racer in their Saxos, Clios and 106s. It has a very powerful engine!

26th Feb 2009, 06:23

I have just brought a 140 SRi, and believe me, I left a Ford Focus RS standing for dust, equal on pull away from a roundabout, side by side.

A powerful car and enjoyable to drive..

26th Feb 2009, 11:11

No you didn't.

26th Feb 2009, 12:46

Surely you don't mean the focus RS and that was a typo? Otherwise he was parked or in reverse.

26th Feb 2009, 16:33

LOL, come off it, a 2.0 Vectra against a Focus RS? LOL I'd pay you £1k if your car won in a straight line or on the twisties.

Even if it was the top spec new VXR model, you still wouldn't beat one. Nuff said.

27th Feb 2009, 03:53

The Ford Focus RS driver must have been asleep. I've had a 2.0 SRi 140 before, I use to get left by 1.6 Honda Civics, and you're claiming you beat a Focus RS.

29th Mar 2009, 16:31

I don't know about the Saxo's etc, but I have beaten my fair share of 106 GTi's in my 99 V reg SRI140. Have also held up against a few so called 'high power' BMW's etc, a work colleague has a 2.5 V6 which he raved about, but couldn't do much to me in a race, although I am a firm believer in the 'it's not the car but the driver' philosophy... I have 'raced' some very powerful cars where I have beaten them due to them 'bottling it'. But at the end of the day I am very happy with my SRI140, wouldn't swap it for anything, except a 67' GT500 or a 70' GTO... hey, I can dream.

30th Mar 2009, 12:30

Don't know what you mean by bottling it, but if it is backing off once you get to high speeds then it's not really the same as beating something. I have a quick car and always have some fool giving it a go, and I will embarrass them upto 70/80, then back off only to have them come hurtling past thinking they 'beat me' - when actually it is just showing some common sense. If you want respect, just get a quick car, then you have nothing to prove, and don't have to race every kev who comes asking.

10th Apr 2009, 02:57

Hiya, I've just bought the 2.5 V6 Vectra, it purrs at 100mph at just under 3000rpm, not had the chance to do much above that yet, but it's a dream to drive.

I've had Vectras for years, and to be honest had a fews problems like heads, wheel bearings, the odd engine and rear bushes, but for what they cost, they are a decent fastish motor, although my Cavalier 2.0 GLSi was a lot quicker than any of them except the V6 of course.

7th Jun 2009, 16:18

Could someone tell me how to make a 2.5 V6 SRi quicker without spending a fortune?

27th Jul 2009, 07:32

To the poster above; the best mod you can do to a V6 Vectra without spending a fortune is to fit a lightened flywheel to it.. it easily knocked half a second off my old GSi's 0-60 time and the car felt much more lively!

18th Jan 2010, 17:36

I have left Saxo VTRs (not sure about VTS) and 106 GTis standing in an SRi 140, it has a lot to do with the drivers I think... but seriously, the wee cars have no guts about them after a ton (100 mph) whilst the Vectra just keeps on pulling.

For what the car is the SRi 140 is a nice all round every day driver, with the added power for overtaking or back road driving.

It's quiet enough, grips not too bad (terrible in the rain).

If you were to load a Saxo full of passengers and a Veccy 140 with passengers, I think hands down the Vectra would leave it for dust (not that I condone driving fast and irresponsibly with passengers).

7th Feb 2010, 17:11

I have a Vectra SRi 140 T reg. I love this car, but it keeps letting me down at the minute. It keeps losing revs, so I turn it off and wait for 5 minutes and it is fine, then all of a sudden dies again. Does anyone know what this could be? Please help.

13th Feb 2010, 08:46


I have a 2000 SRI 140 for poodling around in the winter, and a 2009 Yamaha YZF-R1 for leaving everything mentioned on this forum for dust... if you enjoy speed so much... buy a friggin Sportsbike, but do me a favour... stop wasting my time trying to race, it's embarrassing for you, and funny for me.

6th Mar 2010, 17:16

You people haven't lived - I have a tweaked plain clothed Ford Cortina Mk3 and you would probably be sitting thinking you were admiring a classic motor at the lights. That is until I blip the throttle and all you will see is my fat tail pipe. I have probably laughed in my mirror at your very motors. Vectras, Saxos, Imprezas - show me what you have cause you ain't getting near my tina. Follow my burnt up tyre tracks when you've wiped the smoke out of your eyes. Yeah baby! xxx.

7th Mar 2010, 17:08

LOL your "tina" would have to be a lot more than tweaked to beat an Impreza, and even then it's only RWD so your won't be beating one off the lights.

Some how I doubt your claims.

21st Mar 2010, 21:21

I find it funny reading all your comments. I'm buying a Vectra SRi 140, but I use to own the Vectra 18, which was a reliable car. I think they drive really well, which is why I have decided to buy the Vectra SRi 140.

Who cares if it beats the Saxos or the boy racers for that matter. I thought the idea of this site was so other people can read other comments on the Vectra SRi 140, so people like myself can get abit of feedback on have good the car is.

I think all you boy racers need to get a grip and come back to planet Earth.

However, when I get mine and I have driven it around for a couple of weeks, I'll post again letting you know what I think about the SRI 140.

Ian. :)

23rd Mar 2010, 06:33

If your Cortina is green, and you live in the North West. Then I think I may well have followed you in it sometime last year. And yes it was shifting.

2nd May 2010, 06:38

Have just bought an SRI 140 on a W plate. Nice motor, but heavy. Solid ride and pretty decent handling (depends what you're comparing it to).

Last car was a Primera SRI, which was much lighter than the Vectra. Years ago had one of the old Cav SRi's (the 1.8). With all these engines, they need to be worked above 4000rpm to get any performance. But again it's not just the car, it's the driver. I don't think the Vectra 140 SRi is the quickest I've had, but the car is about so much more than speed.

31st May 2010, 15:34

Hi, just bought a Vectra SRi 140. Seems to knock on start up and the steering makes a noise when turned from far left to far right. Any ideas?

Thanks, Dave.

7th Jun 2010, 16:31

My Vectra SRI 140, well superb value for money motoring, great build quality, very reliable, parts cheap, quite nippy, but definitely faster than the Cav 2.0 GLSI as someone said otherwise.

My Vectra is faultless, I have owned it for 6 years now and only ever had to replace tyres, exhaust, and regular service parts.

All these people going on about speed should get real, it's something to get you from A to B, so you want something comfy and reliable - choose Vauxhall.

All French cars are complete rubbish, and all you Saxo boys know they are, you are all just too afraid to admit it!