13th Jun 2010, 03:34

I'm actually trying to find reviews about the SRi 140 as I'm interested in buying one. All I can find is how some people think they are quicker than Saxos, some people think they aren't. Who actually cares about what is quicker?

Do people really buy an SRi 140 thinking they are buying a quick car? I mean, it's really obvious that they aren't going to be quick. Get over it, accept that most modern hatches (and a lot of old ones) will be quicker and review the car for what it is, not for what you think you'd like it to be.

What are they like on fuel?

How reliable are they?

Are they comfortable?

Are they cheap to repair/service?

How good is the bodywork?

What common faults are there?

The two that I've driven so far are really not a fast car, so I don't see why some of the ones that people talk about on here are? Is Vauxhall's build that inconsistent? Really?

15th Jun 2010, 14:59

Well, after writing the last comment I have bought an R reg SRi 140...

I can confirm that they are NOT a fast car. So far, I am reasonably impressed with the level of comfort. It is returning reasonable mpg (seems to easily manage 35-37 on average, 45mpg on the 80 mile run home from collecting the car).

Comments so far (from ones that I've been to look at/test).

Vastly varying quality of cars out there. Airbag warning lights seem to be a frequent problem. The Ecotec engine really does lack any kind of grunt. It's OK if you rev it, but it's really not got a sporty feel to it.

Interior comfort is good. Better than I am used to. I'm 6'6" and there is plenty of room, with reasonable adjustment for driver position. I wish you could move the steering wheel with fore and aft adjustment, rather than just up and down.

Avoid rusty ones, there are a lot about. Door bottoms, arches, tailgate, check all over for surface rust. There are some good ones out there.

Suspension seems a reasonable compromise between comfort and performance. The car handles OK, just. It's far, far softer than I am used to. But that comes from me driving old cars.

Air-con is adequate, but a better climate control package would be far more desirable. Definitely better than what I am used to (an open window).

Look at the car for what it is. Draw comparisons to Mondeos, Passats, cars of that ilk. Don't expect too much and you won't be disappointed.

I paid £400 for an OK one with a few (easily fixable) problems. For £500 I'll have a 100,000 mile car that is comfortable, easy to repair, returns good MPG and is a good cruiser.

I'm happy with my choice, I believe there are better cars out there of similar size/performance (Passat, A4 et al), but value for money on the Vectra is great. Second hand parts are freely available. Cambelt is an easy job, engines are easy to work on, service parts are cheap.

Summary, cheap, reasonable specification, comfortable and just (in one word) "easy".

Avoid cars with:

Smokey engines.

Oil leaks.

Engine management lights on.

Airbag light not extinguishing correctly.

Rusty arches.

Modified/thrashed ones. There are a lot about with daft wheels, "Lexus style lights", daft exhausts, the usual tat.

If I want fun, I'll take my 1971 Mini for a spin. If I want a daily plodder, I'll use the Vectra! Simple as that.

26th Sep 2010, 12:25

I love Vectras.

30th Sep 2010, 04:28

I have owned a W reg SRI 140 2.0 litre for 4 years now. It has a rear spoiler, s/s wide exhaust and Vauxhall alloy wheels, front fogs. The previous owner was disabled, had a low mileage, but has now done 70,000.

I have kept up with the main dealer servicing, but I don't suppose it's worth much now.

It grips the road well & is the fastest car I have owned for going uphill & cornering. It catches a few out as I whizz round roundabouts.

It's great for winding country roads & motorways, but showing the first signs of rust on a rear wheel arch.

The only problems I have had are with the trip computer; first saying my brake pads were worn, then that my oil level wanted checking. The local garage says it's the sensors.

I am well pleased with it, so will probably keep it for another 30,000 miles, unless it rusts away or I win the lottery.

17th Oct 2010, 13:52

I've had a Vectra SRi 140 facelift for a bit now, and I'm well impressed. They're not the quickest car on the market, but they're not bad, and they look great, and I know for a fact they will beat a VTR/VTS, as I've owned all 3.

27th Oct 2010, 15:07

I own an SRi 140. All I can say is slow!! And nothing but grief!!

3rd Nov 2010, 04:02

A friend of mine owns a W reg 2.5 GSI. I own a VTS. Off the line, the Saxo smokes it! From about 60, the Vectra catches up, but there ain't much in it! Also the Saxo has plenty of power up to around 120 MPH. We all know French cars are shocking, but value for money they're a very surprising car. The VTS is not to be confused with the VTR, the VTR is poor.

10th Nov 2010, 15:22

VTS, VTR, who cares. My Vectra 2.2 150 will and has done both, though came unstuck with the 2.6 GSI LOL.

12th Nov 2010, 14:49

I'm picking up a SRi 140 on Monday. Please tell me I'm doing the right thing.

9th Dec 2010, 14:45

I've just bought an R Reg SRi 140 Estate for £350. It has a few issues, the most notable of which is front wheel bearings, which look like they're gonna need replacing.

Re performance. It's fairly nippy for a big car, but the more modern equivalents are quicker. You've got to give it a fair bit of throttle to get the best out of it. It's a rattly old beast, but having just scrapped a Mondeo of the same age, I'd say it's a more comfortable drive, but doesn't handle as well on twisty roads.

My advice, as with any car of this age, is to have a good test drive, look for any leaks, and check the warning lights.

28th Dec 2010, 15:24

I own a Calibra 2.0l 16v 1994 plate, been offered a W reg Vectra SRi 140 for my car! Would it be wise or not, some advice please.


4th May 2011, 19:38

0-60 in about 9-5 seconds, I average 36 MPG, and 40 plus on a good run.

A common fault is the cam sensor, but a new loom is now available to fit, good power and plenty of pull all the way to 135 MPH. It is not a car for fast cornering but a great motorway cruiser, and well kitted out.

It has been very reliable for a 1998 motor.

17th Aug 2011, 00:48

Hey, I'm 30, and doing my test next Thursday, and buying an SRi 140 on the Friday. The insurance is not killing me; it's cheaper actually than I was quoted for a Saxo, so there's a bonus. I just hope it's reliable; I will be beefing it up a little to try get more power. I'm looking forward to it, as I like the Vectra, it's a nice car to look at, and I've driven Fords etc, so will be interesting to see how it goes.