27th Jan 2009, 07:19


I have a 2002 Vectra B 1.8 (130bhp) and it intermittently loses power completely, but only when low on fuel (15 litres or below). Runs perfectly OK otherwise. Can anybody advise me???

Many thanks.

31st Jan 2009, 07:59

I have a '98 Vectra 1.8 which runs really well until I pull up to lights or slow for a corner, then the engine seems to cut as if it stalls and most of the warning lights come on. It will start OK again, but I need to keep the revs above 1k.

Seems to be a common fault, but does anyone have any ideas, I've heard it could be a crankshaft or camshaft sensor?

17th Jun 2010, 12:31

Hi I had the same problem.

I replaced the idle control valve myself (two bolts and £27 to buy, just make sure you get some liquid gasket about £3). That sorted that out, but I am having a problem with the revs at the moment. They want to stick around 1500RPM when in idle.

Any ideas people?

25th Nov 2011, 04:46

I have a Vauxhall Vectra 2004, and we have had nothing but problems with it. We bought it when it was four months old, and it was the worst buy EVER!!! We have the same problem with the cutting out when you slow down, and it is so dangerous. I will not drive it now, as I am too scared. Vauxhall will not take liability for this, and it seems to be a common fault. When will they take liability, when there is a serious or fatal accident due to the faults on their cars!! In the past two years, we have spent £2,000 on trying to find the problem, and I am not prepared to spend any more money on that death trap!

24th Feb 2012, 14:30

Have the same problem.

9th Aug 2012, 18:50

Hi. I've fixed a couple of Vectras with the jerk at low revs and cutting out, and found the problem to be a blocked throttle body air breather. Just clear it with a nail or drill bit.