10th Nov 2005, 14:06

I was the owner of the 'Moonland' grey 'Y' 2001 model 2.6 V6 Vectra that you have been commenting about. I apologise about the reference to it being a '190'! Not to worry!

Well, I'm still with the car and it's doing well!! I've broken the 120,000 mark and it still flies!! Like I said originally, it's still a pleasure to drive. It's the most enjoyable car I've owned.

Prior to my current car, I owned a Vx Vectra 1.8 16v SRI120, which was a nice 'looker', but had very poor performance, and before that, a Vx Calibra 2.0 16v red-top, which was a very nice car to drive and to look at, but was getting on a bit.

I thought I'd never own a car of the Calibra standard again; how wrong I was.

The only modifications I have made to the car would be the installation of Xenon headlamps to both the dip and main beam lamps, and a Vauxhall headlamp washing system. A vast improvement. I'd recommend you visit www.autolamps-online.com, and speak to Janet at Customer Sales for more details.

Thanks for reading, Rob Nicholson, Cramlington, Northumberland 10/11/05.

6th Aug 2008, 10:02

Hello!!! Well roll on another year with my Moonland Grey 'Y' reg 2001 Vectra 2.6 V6. Its now 2008, and I've had the car for over four years now, and now its covered 150,000+ miles, and this would be my 3rd comment.

So what do I think about the car? What an experience.

OK, granted its not as good looking as the modern BMW's, Audi's and the like, but its still very very fast, smooth and comfortable. I've cured the problem of a sluggish standing start with a lightened Flywheel from Courtnay Sport which is magic, and cured the forever wearing rear bushes with some stronger poly ones.

Things to look out for on the model when the miles start building up...

ECU fault code, ref the cats under performing. I've cured this problem by replacing them. OK, not very cheap, I think it was around 800 quid for the front and rear manifolds (which also house the pre cats) and the main front pipe and cat.

Air bag warning light.

Normally the plug under the front seats causes this or the wheel squab sensor.

Air conditioning.

The system on mine was never perfect from the day I bought it, so this year, I replaced the compressor with a recon one, and seems to be OK. the wiring plug on the underside is a bit rubbish, nothing that connector blocks or a solder joint wouldn't cure.


I would recommend Pirelli P6000 205/5/R16.

I did have Goodyears on it, then Dunlops, but the P6000's are far better handling, which I've had on for 3 yrs now.


For some strange reason, all vauxhalls I see on the road these days seem to have misted up headlamps. Maybe Vx can't make them totally waterproof, I don't know. I've had to change mine twice now, but be warned, whatever you do, don't get them of that auction website '*bay', as they are cheap for a reason. Crap. I bought some and the light output pattern was all over the place, so I replaced them with some dealer ones, which weren't that much more expensive. Oh and another thing, put some HID lamps in them too, because I did, 4 years ago and they are still going fantastic. I've put the web address for the company I bought them from on my first comment back in 2005.

Well very soon, I'm going toe get the car resprayed and the seats re leathered as they are wearing now, I don't see how I can't get 4 more years out of it to be honest!!!

Love the car, would be at a loss without it.

8th Dec 2016, 21:37

Evening all from Northumberland. It's now 2016, and yes, I still have my Vectra, although I don't drive it so much now due to work commitments. It's showing 156k on the clock, and is still very quick for its age, showing that regular servicing always helps. If memory serves me correct, I've had this car for at least 13 years now; I'm too reluctant to sell it really. It isn't too bad on fuel either, or tyres to be fair. I did however have to spend £100 on a set of 4 OEM springs for it, as one looked a bit ill on the driver's front wheel, so I thought changing it before the MOT would be a good idea.

Overall, it's been a fantastic car, with a very smooth musical engine / exhaust note, and is still very comfortable to drive.

8th Dec 2016, 21:52

Thanks for the updates! I'm a keen reader on Carsurvey of old Vauxhall reviews. Had a Vectra myself a good few years ago and I totally agree with you - they are just as reliable as any car if you look after them, I don't think they deserved the bad motoring press reviews at the time through the 90s and early 00s when they were new.