2003 Vauxhall Zafira Design 1.8i from UK and Ireland


It is perhaps the best car that I have ever owned


After 8 months, the roller blind luggage cover failed to retract. It was replaced under warranty, and that is all so far.

General Comments:

The build quality is very good and they have a splendid reliability record.

I chose the Zafira for its ease of entry and exit.The Zafira offers this ease of entry and egress and it is extremely supportive in its seating position on long journeys.

The gutsy 1.8i engine has coped with everything we have asked of it so far and does so satisfyingly economically, returning in the region of 38 - 40 mpg overall.

Several holidays have passed without incident and the Zafira has never failed to satisfy, always giving us a smooth and comfortable roomy ride with ample luggage carrying capacity too.

We have regularly shifted fairly large loads and there is plenty of room in the back with the seats folded to accommodate freezers and the like and be able to close the rear door.

Although there is the superb Flex-7 rear seating arrangement available, we haven't so far needed to use it except for once when a friend's large family of youngsters demanded a road test in this configuration. They just loved it! The system is simplicity itself to set up.

Now that a touring caravan is on the shopping list, Zafira will be fitted with a manufacturers tow bar and I'm sure that she will perform well towing too.

It is perhaps the best car that I have ever owned.

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Review Date: 15th November, 2004

23rd Mar 2005, 13:21

The Zafira a great car... now I do have to agree with, we have just bought one.

Our on-going experiences with an aging Cavalier, Vauxhall build great cars, which are very reliable, and well built. But even if they do go wrong, they do not cost the earth to repair.

I have wanted a Zafira, for some time now, but our funds could not stretch that far. That is until now, the wait has not been in vain... we are really happy with it.

21st Jun 2007, 08:37


I too have a 1.8 Zafira, and I am wondering how did you get on with using it as a towing vehicle?


2003 Vauxhall Zafira Club 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Is it a car? Is it a van? Is it a people carrier? No it's all of them rolled into one


The glove compartment courtesy light remained on when the glove compartment was closed resulting in several of my CD and Cassette cases having melted holes in them.

Plastic trims on the sides of both rear seats have broken.

The vehicle started misfiring just after 12 Months and the Coil Block had to be replaced.

The engine management light came on again recently and the vehicle was taken to our local dealership by my wife. They not only let her walk home (two miles) but when she went back to pick the car up, they told her that the fuel system had picked up some dirt from the fuel tank. After explaining this they advised my wife not to let the fuel level fall below a quarter full.

I have done some calculations, fuel economy on a long run is 31 MPG, and on local trips, the car develops 25 MPG. (so much for ecotech)

General Comments:

We bought this car because we had an addition to the family and found that the Peugeot was too small for the family, prams and shopping etc…

The car itself is probably the most versatile and practical car I have ever bought and we have no real complaints apart from its poor economy.

My only real gripe with Vauxhall is the inability to be able to talk to someone about technical problems.

In general their after sales service is very poor.

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Review Date: 6th August, 2004

14th Dec 2004, 08:02

Never buy any opel / vauxhall with a petrol engine. the diesel engines are fine.

21st Jan 2005, 14:43

May I suggest the dual fuel (LPG) version is the most economical. Will save you hundreds of £'s!!! We have. Covered the extra cost in 10 months. Keeps the engine in excellent condition.

Had the same problem with plastic cracking on rear seats.

Otherwise, most useful car we could have bought.