20th May 2002, 06:13

My Zafira is using the oil at a poor rate. Never had a car like this before. VW is great; no oil use to speak of.

MPG down to 39mpg. This is an average, and I anticipated it to be higher.

Should I try fitting a fuel CAT?



29th Aug 2010, 02:27

I have a W reg Vauxhall Zafira Elegance, and am really happy with it except it keeps stalling for no apparent reason?! I've replaced the oil and air filters, and done a recent oil change along with general maintenance, but the problem is still causing me a lot of concern.

I've been told it may be something to do with the lambda sensor having a fault, or a broken down sensor, which could be sending corrupt feedback to the ECU. I've also been told that as a result of the lambda sensor malfunction, that the ECU isn't getting the right info needed to tell it how much air to fuel mixture is needed.

I'd really appreciate anybody's knowledge on this problem, as I've consulted many mechanics regarding this, but as yet have not had an answer to the problem. If anyone has a different theory on this, or has experienced the same problem and therefore knows the solution, would you please be able to email me at nkirk2@sky.com to put an end to all the stress it's causing.

Many thanks, N Kirk.

30th Sep 2011, 12:45

Try putting a fuel or diesel injector cleaning fluid in. It depends if it's fuel or diesel. Put about 1/4 of the cleaning fluid in a full tank of fuel and repeat it once more if it needs it.

I did that to mine that I bought used, and it stopped stalling and over revving when it was cold, and also try after a full tank to give it full throttle, and see if it's blowing a lot of black smoke out of the pipe; if it does, it means you need to get the dirt out. Then drive it with high revs on the motor to clean out the dirt, and hopefully that will do the trick..

Best wishes and luck with the car..

Greetings from Norway..