18th Jul 2001, 04:48

I also have an Opel Zafira 1.8 CDX with the same engine cut out problems.

The problems are not only in decelleration, very often also at constant speed the car proceeds in a discontinuous way (the engine seems to loose power for a while).

It would be very nice to know if someone succeeded in solving the problem.

Lorenzo from Italy.

3rd Sep 2001, 07:29

It may be well off the mark here, but regarding your engine cut out problems, I had a '95 2.0l 16v Cavalier which was forever cutting out when you slowed down for junctions, parking, etc. In each case the idle air bleed valve required cleaning, it would solve the problem for a short time. I had a similar problem with my present Vectra 2.0 SRI, they now have a modified valve for the problem. Since fitting, the car has been OK.

7th Dec 2001, 06:41

Definately the idle control valve.

22nd Jan 2002, 02:42

I have the same problem with the cutting out on the Vauxhall Vectra Estate 1.8 (automatic). You will be driving along and the engine will cut out for no apparent reason. It is a bit of a worry on corners.

31st Jan 2002, 05:37

Definitely renew your idle control valve and using the right fuel isn't as silly as it sounds. My Vectra 1.8 kept cutting out at roundabouts, I was using supermarket fuel, changed to Shell and it's never done it since.

1st Jun 2002, 05:14

I have a Zafira 2.0DTI with a fuel management system. Trouble is the language is in Dutch. I haven't the slightest idea how to change it. It came this way from the dealers as an import. Secondly the CD/Radio (CDR500) does not appear to work the display screen which it certainly should. Are there any wise owls who can offer advice before I take it to the dealers and spend ££££?


31st May 2003, 08:29

Re the problem with your Zafira radio display not functioning: I have just solved exactly the same problem with my brand new 2003 model 2.0DTI Zafira. My Vauxhall dealer took the dashboard etc. all apart and discovered a bent pin on the multi connector box (I think). He bent it back and now it all works perfectly. Incidentally, the problem did not show up on their computerised "Tech 2" investigation. I hope this helps.

On a related matter, does anybody know where I can buy or download a manual for the VDO CDR500 radio which came with this car? Or does anyone know of a way to program the radio always to come on at a given volume level? I constantly have to turn up the volume to an audible level when I first start the car - and it's slightly irritating!

8th Sep 2003, 06:57

Try cleaning the butterfly valve and the chamber surrounding it, it should cure the cutting out problem it worked for me,1.8 Zafira Comfort. email bwiggins@ntlworld.com.

4th Oct 2003, 06:06

My problem is specifically with the CDR500 CD player in the car - have lost the manual and need to input the code after a battery disconnection - my in-car display does not function at the moment and I need to put code in 'blind'. Can anyone help please; email me harryhogg55@hotmail.com.

20th May 2005, 00:57

I bought a new Opel vectra on august 2004,on march car used quite a bit of oil then when my wife would be dropping kids to school car would fail to start, No ignition after turning key a few time it would start. next problem was while driving along car would cut out at between 25 30 mph the car is now back with Opel and to date they have not solved the problem. Where do I go from here. R.GREEN DUBLIN

10th May 2007, 12:51

We purchased a used 1.6 Zafira Comfort last year. After a month the Air con stopped working, the engine management system warning light kept coming on, this was rectified after the lamber (?) sensors were changed.

The air con was repaired, lasted approx a month & went off again. This happened around three times.

The engine management light came on again, we were told it was a software problem, new software was downloaded by the dealer & everything seemed OK for a few months. Just recently it has started coming on & going off again. The performance of the car does not seem to be affected.

Any ideas?

David Taylor


20th Nov 2007, 07:59

Hi I have a 03 1.6 zafira its failed mot on the co reading being 50 instead of 30,computer test shows up no faults I'm hazarding a guess at the cat any suggestions would be helpful?

31st Dec 2007, 08:50

I also have a 1.6 Zafira Comfort that stalls at low revs, lights, junctions etc, but my engine light is on also (oil level is okay)

I'm not a mechanic, but skint, this is doing my head in, this seems to be a very common fault.



21st Jan 2008, 13:33

I thought I was the only one suffering with this problem with the car cutting out when coming up to a stop. I have a 1999 Zafira 1.8 Elegance, this is now my second year of ownership of the car. With two Throttle body replacements, a new EGR valve gasket, and an ECU, my garage is now running out of ideas. I would have thought Vauxhall would have resolved these problems by now. Obviously its far easier to sell these cars with the same problems. These have been manufactured from 1999-2004 with no success from Vauxhall to resolve the problems. The car goes back into the garage tomorrow; another hefty bill to look forward to.

24th Jan 2008, 16:25

We have a Y plate Zafira and are having similar problems to the ones described above-hopefully the cleaning of the idle control valve fices this as it has happened on 4 occasions now, is it possible for me to clean this part myself or is it best to take it to a mechanic?

15th Mar 2008, 04:45

I have a 1.6 Zafira Club 2002 model and it looks like I have similar 'stalling at roundabouts and junctions' problems.

This happens intermittently+ one day its fine, another its stalling and the revs are all over the place.

When it's playing up the exhaust pulsates and leaves a black sooty mark on the road where it's been parked!

Main dealers can't find a solution+ they plug it into their computer and nothing comes up.

Could it really be as simple as a dirty air idle control?

16th Jun 2008, 08:44

I have Vauxhall Zafira 51 Plate 2001 model 1.6 Club.

I have the same cutout problem; I cleaned the Throttle Body and also cleaned EGR valve. I could not locate the Idle Control Valve as it is not attached to the TB as well.

The problem is still there.

Any ideas what to do, as the electronic check didn't show anything?

13th Oct 2008, 12:27

I have a Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 2003.

The problem is the heating panel lights will not light up along with the mileage. I have changed some of the fuses, but no luck. I don't have a manual book, which makes it harder.

10th Feb 2009, 18:19

Anyone help? I have a Zafira 1.8 Comfort, but it has started to cut out when at junctions around abouts, what is going wrong, anyone have any ideas?


16th Mar 2009, 09:43

I have the exact same problem as most here. Very annoying. I can always tell when it is going to do it also. The car will start to stutter and I have to keep my foot in the exact same place on the accelerator to stop it doing that, but as soon as I slow down or the revs drop below a certain amount, it will cut out. It always happens whilst in 4th or 5th gear, so sometimes shifting down a gear can help, as the revs will be higher.

I've been going along the motorway doing over 80, and it does it, which is a bit scary. To get the engine going again, I find I have to turn the key and throttle it hard, and it will get going again. My car was fine until one day I ran out of oil, and ever since then I have had this problem. My car also seems to eat oil, so unsure if it's connected to that or not.

I have a 04 plate Zafira 1.6.