1999 Volkswagen Beetle GLS from North America


Cute, but not reliable at all!


I had always wanted a Bug, and was so excited when I finally got one... But I would definitely say that this is NOT a reliable car WHATSOEVER.

Of course this was my first car, so I was suckered into buying it. My car stalls on me all the time, shifts horribly, and jerks when I put it into drive and step on the gas, even when I step on it with the slightest touch.

I have been to 2 different mechanics, one being the VW dealer themselves, to "fix" the problem, but it hasn't done anything.

My mirrors don't move anymore, I had to fix the gas door when I got the car because it didn't work, and it sucks on gas. I can't wait to buy a different car!

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Review Date: 1st March, 2012

1999 Volkswagen Beetle GL 2.0L from North America


Cute and reliable car but not recommended to someone who is not "car savvy"!


I purchased the car from a towing company, and it had extremely low miles, so of course a few things were bound to stop breaking.

This is the work done since I purchased it (obviously routine oil changes have been done):

25,000 - The car came with a check engine light - replaced throttle body and computer (not the car's fault - my mechanic burned mine).

27,000 - Mass air flow sensor - I went on a road trip, bad idea, my Bug wasn't ready for one.

29,000 - Trunk won't open - I don't even use the trunk, so I could care less about fixing it.

30,000 - New brake pads and rotors (routine maintenance).

35,000 - Oil gasket - Apparently I have to change this after every oil change, or else my Bug will leak oil - No biggie, it's a $2 fix.

36,000 - Radiator flush (routine maintenance) - My car overheated for 2 days due to an air bubble. Downside to Beetles - they don't have a bleeder.

40,000 - New light bulb for front head light - easy fix. Side note: Beetles are known for going through light bulbs. That doesn't bother me.

General Comments:

This is an excellent first car, however I do recommend that you know a mechanic or have a "car savvy" friend, because these cars are known for having their little fits.

I do recommend you purchase this car with LOW miles - 50,000, I got lucky with my car! $4,000 - 25,000 miles, and about $2,000 in maintenance and repairs. Not bad considering my car was sitting for, hmm.. like 10 years?

As long as you do all the maintenance and immediately get your car checked out when any sort or warning light goes on (my friend has the same cars as mine - her car isn't the best), it should be fine, and will last you at least 175,000 miles.

Also - It gets great gas mileage considering its age, 27-30MPG!! But I don't recommend it for road trips - I love my car, but Bugs are very dainty cars, so they are best suited for college students and people who don't commute far.

Overall this car is fun, reliable and gas saving car!

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Review Date: 18th December, 2011

24th Jan 2013, 20:48

I never looked under the hood of the newer Beetles, but now I bought one just to play with, and what a piece of JUNK. Anyone who knows anything about auto repair & thinking about buying one should look under the hood. What kind of idiot designed that thing? You can't get at hardly anything without taking all kinds of things off first. JUNK. On some, if the battery goes dead, you can have all kinds of trouble

1999 Volkswagen Beetle from North America


The novelty wears thin after the reliability proves to be terrible


After 5 years with my 1999 VW Beetle (I purchased it used): 11 replaced headlights, 2 repaired axles, 4 new engine mounts, 1 shattered window, broken ABS, brakes failing on 3 occasions, radiator cracked, defective airbags, a hood that wouldn't shut, a slipping transmission, replaced the air conditioning and heating system twice, cruise control broken, and now broken turn signal switch and hazard lights wiring exposed. I guess if I don't laugh, I'll cry.

The general appearance of the car is shabby, and I take very good care of it. The knobs to control the position of the seat have all fallen off on various occasions, the vinyl seats have cracked, odd unexplained chemical smell (apparently something to do with fire preventive materials?)

General Comments:

When it's running properly, this car is wonderful. Unfortunately this rarely happens. I don't feel morally right selling this to someone.

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Review Date: 11th January, 2011