2001 Volkswagen Beetle GLS 2.0 from North America


Appreciation is in the eye of the Beholder


Winter 2006 - coolant temperature sensor out. Car wouldn't start. Replaced.

Spring 2007 - passenger headlight out. Bought bulbs ($4), have Haynes so I went to replace myself. Light assembly wouldn't come out, but I could get the driver one to move. Had to take it to dealer where bought car, they did it for free. Only time a bulb went out on me.

August 2007 - no more dinging at all when the headlights are still on, and I go to get out of the car with the key in ignition or not. That warning sound doesn't come on at all.

Sept 2007 - If the car is unlocked by fob and not started, the alarm resets. Even after both passenger and driver door opened and closed, and the key is in the ignition. Not worth paying a shop to fix.

Nov 2007 - Airbag notification light on. Only remedy is a VW shop. Reset computer, $120 later.

Cosmetics such as driver handle plastic/paint peeling off, side mirrors knob came off in my hand, arm rest side piece broke, headrests a pill to remove every time.

Quirks, but nothing severe to cause me to fear for my life or my pocketbook.

General Comments:

Sturdy thing, but having a low profile car with long splashguards gets old on speed bumps.

I was very lucky to have this car as my first "real" car since high school. One owner, low miles, manual and all the service records... As if she was brand new.

One thing, though, not great for road trips with adults in back. The side frame is centimeters from your head - unsettling for someone who's had whiplash from accidents in the past. A steel frame so close to your face is a nuisance, but not for kids.

Another thing... It's a Beetle. And she's a smile on my face.

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Review Date: 16th February, 2008

2001 Volkswagen Beetle GL 2.0 gas from North America


This car is far more trouble and expense than it's worth


I've had a lot of problems, including the windows not working (getting stuck down in a snow storm), the gears getting stuck in park (it's an automatic), and the air filter needs to be changed every two months or less, as well as the cabin filter.

I get less gas per km than I should, the air flow system went, the ignition coil went, which also caused my spark plug wires to arc.

I bought this used, but the dealership promised a 200 point inspection and fix of every problem.. nothing was fixed, paint is also flicking off the inside of the doors.. the list goes on.

I won't buy VW again. The service records from the former owner were included and all service was up to date done at the dealership... I take really good care of it, service it before it's due even, clean it, drive it well, yet have had problems.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2008

2001 Volkswagen Beetle diesel from North America


I love the car, but hate the crayola smell


I have a crayola smell in the car.

The check engine light is lit.

General Comments:

I have a 2001 Volkswagon Beetle, it is a standard and also a diesel. I purchased it last year and it has a bad crayola smell in the car. I had a mechanic spray the AC with a cleaner/sanitizer. He said my filter in the AC was really dirty so I replaced it. He said they may have dust in the dashboard area and he may need to take the dash apart. I just read your website and found out that someone had the dashboard removed and cleaned with no luck. Has anyone found a solution to the problem yet? I am wondering if anyone can test the car and see if it is toxic!

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Review Date: 4th September, 2007

30th Dec 2007, 08:54

I have a 2001 New Beetle. I've had the car interior cleaned multiple times, changed any filters that could affect interior air multiple times, and even used fragrance, but the smell stays the same. Oh, and my check engine light has been on for about two years; I had it diagnosed, and mechanic said it was an improper seal on the gas cap, which neither he nor I could fix...