2001 Volkswagen Beetle 1.8T from North America


Dog Doo


Bad electronic coil pack, car died on road trip in Canada, Leaving us stranded with no transportation.

Still unexplained electronic gremlins that rendered the car undriveable, dealer refused to explain further, demanded $2000.00 to fix!

Peeling interior door handles.

Plastic parts randomly dropping from the sunroof.

Broken center console.

Constant check engine light.

Tape player ate cassettes.

Headlight failure (multiple)

General Comments:

The good:

Peppy, reasonably quick and handled well, when it worked at all.

The bad:

Welcome to my nightmare. We got my wife's "dream car" off a used lot in 05 with 40k, looked clean, drove tight and had the right options and the turbo motor. OK. She drives it for 3 mos. and things start going wrong. Long story short, it nickel and dimed us to death. The car was the worst I have ever owned, and that includes an 82 Escort and an 84 Skylark.

Last straw:

The electrical system gave out in the middle of a road trip to Canada and literally left us stranded in the middle of the road in a different country. $1000us to get us back on the road. Unfortunately the dealership rip off experience does not stop at the US border. Guess what? it happened again 2 weeks later. UNBELIEVABLE prices for parts. We ended up trading it in on a Yaris, and guess what? The poor sod that they resold it to dropped it back off at the dealer the next week, WITH THE KEYS LEFT IN THE IGNITION, INOPERABLE. That's right, the electrical system completely gave out, and the new buyer abandoned it!!! We are talking about a car with 45000 miles on it!!! This car's electrical system was designed by retarded monkeys.

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Review Date: 20th July, 2007

2001 Volkswagen Beetle 1.8 turbo from North America


Cute car... would not purchase again given the grief it has caused


I have the crayon smell that is talked about frequently here. Had to replace the carpet and underlayment to reduce the odor ($850). It would literally saturate your body and clothing when it was hot out. I live in Arizona so its hot a lot. The mechanic said that he would have to replace the firewall material to get rid of the smell completely, but would involve taking out the dash. I did not do that yet. I was able to look at the underlayment after it had been removed. Simply touching it made my hand reek with that crayon smell. I would estimate the smell reduced by at least 90%.

The plastic on this car is very, very poor. While removing the carpet the mechanic managed to break the plastic pieces below the upper seat belts attachments ..these are part of the interior panels next to the rear seats. He also broke the plastic panels that run along the running board.

I thought that this was simply due to rough handling until my daughter had the passenger door handle break off in her hand. It's plastic and I went to replace it. I figured new handle, couple screws, no problem. No way, VW has managed to mold this handle into the complete door panel. So, the only way to replace this handle is to get a new door panel with it's integrated handle. The door panel has a separate piece on the top that has been painted at the factory to match the car. Now I have to get a new door panel then have it painted to match the car.

While looking into the handle problem I got to experience firsthand the plastic problem issues. That stuff is just brittle. While GENTLY pulling the door panel away from the door the plastic simply snapped in the panel. This is the same material that the handle is made of.

I have routinely had the check engine light come on. The mechanic said it might be the mass air sensor. Went to msn today and see that VW has extended the mass air sensor warranty to 7 years/ 70,000 miles because so many have gone bad on this model year.

Bottom Line... I'm really tired of problems that should never have occurred. As far as I'm concerned these are VW problems that were never addressed and and I'm stuck with. What a piece of (engineering).

General Comments:

Cute Car/Poor engineering, execution.

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Review Date: 12th May, 2007

26th Aug 2010, 15:15

Purchased 2001 VW Beetle in 2003 with 22,000 kms. Loved it at first, but since 2004, have had nothing but problems.

The car would not start - to do with brake and steering connection and seat belt (something to do with safety). Was diagnosed by VW dealer as a factory defect, and they fixed it (cost was $450.00). 2 years later, same problem, had to pay for it. VW head office would not respond.

Then windows kept getting stuck, got it fixed. Then driver car seat warmer died, twice, had to fix that! Now, at 85,000 kms, the transmission has blown... something was grinding, and the transmission has metal parts in it!

Wow! What a piece of bad machinery. I thought German cars were made to last. This latest episode will cost me $4800.00 Cdn. Any suggestions? Will never ever own a VW product again! ENOUGH!