2008 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible 2.5L from North America


Wish I hadn't bought it


Purchase car new for my wife Xmas 2008.

At around 900 miles the left side speakers was blown. At dealer for 1 week for repair/parts.

At 1600 miles a rattle from the driver's side rear area at all times and speeds with all road conditions. Was at the dealer for 2 weeks for repair. Returned the car to the dealer the same day of pick up for same thing. Dealer called 2 weeks later, said they had body shop re-weld a body panel to stop the noise. Picked up the car and was appalled at the condition of vehicle. The car was not put back together properly; some trim pieces were on the floor! Trash/food spill in the back seat. The car was very dirty. It was at the dealer now for ONE MONTH.

When they (dealership) cleaned the car, they spilled some oil on the seat, which left spots on them. Had to take it back to the dealer next day.

The car has 2000 total miles now and has been repaired 3 times at dealer, and 5 weeks out of service. Service manager has yet to return my calls. This is the last VW I'm going to buy!

General Comments:

My wife loves the car, but I'm not happy with reliability and dealer service department.

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Review Date: 24th August, 2009

2nd Oct 2009, 16:14

If you haven't done so, buyers should price and consider the extended warranty. This will give you the safety you need. Many owners will need it and VW repair costs are so high, it is well worth it.

8th Nov 2009, 22:35

Wow, you need to give your head a shake, you just bought from a bad dealership, I wouldn't condemn the company or the car. Sounds like it went in for a minor inequity and the hack kids working there tried to fix it, screwed up, causing damage, tried to re-fix it without you knowing they screwed up, and lied to you probably several times.