19th Aug 2011, 04:58

Bad dealerships seem to be the norm with VAG. But the fact is that the design of the product leaves much to be desired in the quality and reliability area. This is not unique to the Beetle, as the engines and many of the other components are shared across various platforms.

28th Mar 2012, 11:12

I don't agree that this is a dealership problem, but a problem with the product. That's where it all starts. The new Beetle has been out since 1998, and one would think that these problems would have been corrected over the years. As an owner of an 05 Convertible New Beetle, I can tell you that the problems do get worse. The 6 speed tiptronic is a terrible power train. Replacing that one costs a lot, I would know.

3rd Sep 2012, 22:11

I am considering buying a Beetle. Any info would be appreciated.

4th Sep 2012, 21:11

I'm not the person who wrote the comment, but if you are really considering buying a Beetle, I think that you need to read all of the reviews on this site, and read the ratings as far as reliability in consumer magazines. If you still want to buy one, at least then you will be going into the purchase with your eyes wide open.

Personally, as a VW fan and someone who has owned 10 VWs over the last 40 years (none were a New Beetle), based on what I have read, I personally would not consider a New Beetle for myself, however the ultimate choice is yours.

That being said, I have purchased vehicles that had gotten bad reviews, and found them to be reliable and enjoyable vehicles. In any case, if you do decide to buy one, I would recommend looking into a good extended warranty.

5th Sep 2012, 15:27

If you're looking for a New Beetle, go grab a Golf instead.

They use the same platform, but the Golf is easier to repair, though that's not saying much.

26th Jun 2015, 22:23

Shocking VW dealer experience.