20th Oct 2016, 12:19

That fake leather vinyl is called V-Tex, not VW-Tex.

The VW Tex was a concept hybrid hatchback.

21st Oct 2016, 11:05

In 1971 I worked for a drug store. They bought a new 71 orange Super Beetle. It was used for delivering prescriptions at night. Hard to believe anything like that in this day and time. I really enjoyed that job. It was driven start stop in all kinds of weather in Northern Delaware. I liked that car so much that I ended up with 5 over the years. None after the 70s. The only weak point could be considered the heater. It worked on the standard Beetle when moving. The Super had a fan. Once warmed up both did the job.

I don't remember having breakdowns. If the battery went dead you simply pushed it. They were great with headroom for a tall driver. I took really long trips and never an issue. I only owned air cooled ones.

In the snow it was very rare to get stuck. The rear engine right over the drive wheels.

You could buy a brand new one back in those days for right around 2 grand. Gas mileage up to 28 MPG. During the 73-74 oil embargo period gas was only purchased on odd and even days, with long lines. That was a great time to own this car. People were selling their gas hogs and buying cars such as this. Other common cars purchased in this period were Vegas, Gremlins, Celica, Pintos, Capris, Dodge Colts etc over the gas shortage issues. I was in college and these were the cars seen throughout the campus. But many VWs no doubt over how great they were and the price new. They were reliable and a perfect car for students. Prior to the gas issue there were Camaros, Mustangs, AMX etc and then smaller cars later. You could completely fill a VW up with gas for under 4.00. And that would take you far. It was a fun car to drive.

17th Sep 2017, 19:51

I had a 1974 Super Beetle Sun Bug and it doesn't compare to the newer Beetles in terms of safety, comfort, or practicality. A 1970s Beetle is basically a death trap on the freeway. They require way more maintenance (though it is incredibly easy and cheap to do yourself). The brakes are horrible compared to today's cars, no airbags, no safety features to speak of, terrible heating and no cooling except for the wing windows. Yes, the old Beetles are fun to drive, and I love the way the engine sounds, and I would love to own one again, but not as a primary car.

18th Sep 2017, 07:06

I would not want to win a new one as an everyday driver. Our sister found hers to be notoriously unreliable and costly to own. Also a Passat. The durability of the air cooled from the 70s (pre 75) were in fact great daily drivers. The road salt would get to the body long before the engine. 73-74 were in our opinion the best ever. Owed us nothing and cost very little to buy new or own. Driven every day and exceptional in the snow. If you had stashed away a bus with the sky windows from the 60s you could sell it for a 6 figure new car today. What's a modern era Bug going to be worth?

30th Sep 2017, 05:03

Yeah, just terrific in the snow. But oh wait, no reliable heater or defrost, and when it is working, it smells like exhaust fumes, even when tuned up properly.

30th Sep 2017, 16:24

Rarely needed heat in my area. And the front wing windows were great in summer. And air cooled didn't overheat. Far better than the new ones.