9th Jun 2004, 08:52

I purchased a used 1998 New Beetle Turbo Diesel with 72,000 miles. I've owned it for six months. Paid $7700. Diesel mileage is only 39 mpg. Anyone who says different needs a new calculator. And then I found this WEB Site. Arrggghhh! It is amazing the amount of crap people have been put through while owning the New Beetle.

Here's mine so far:

1.) Glow Plugs - Serviced myself. On-line $17/ea.

2.) Headlight bulb - no bid deal. $5

3.) New fuel lines because they hang too low and got dragged off - Serviced myself. $65 for parts

4.) Oil changes are a snap. Oil filter is cartridge type and on top for easy access.

5.) CD changer in trunk is junk. Skips on all bumps. Living with it.

6.) Window in passenger door fell down. I pulled the door apart to find the window mechanism for lifting the window must have been designed late on a Friday evening by a bunch of drunks gulping warm beer. Can't wait to find out what the parts will cost on this one, but seems to be a very common problem among owners.

7.) Wheel trim falls off while driving down the road.

8.) Visors in front window are useless unless you are 6'5" tall.

9.) A choke, unless your sipping tea from a 3" tall and skinny cup.

10.) Very hard to start when it is cold.


12th Jul 2004, 10:38

I have a 2000 New Beetle. I have had the usual repairs - the window switches (changed out twice), Window regulator (fixed on both windows) and some not so usual, but expensive repairs the sun roof ($600+) and now the A/C is out. OK, you are thinking this shouldn't be a big problem. The estimate is $1862. YES, that number is correct. The big ticket item of this repair is the compressor with clutch. I have been told by both dealers and an outside mechanic that this RARELY goes out. Most cars "last a life time with their original compressor". A call customer service resulted in them saying "sorry, we can't help you." OK, now I went to an outside mechanic who fixes Volkswagen's. Guess what they are charging me $574. YES, Volkswagen wanted $1862 and this mechanic who specializes in Volkswagen's is charging $574. Be careful...

29th Jul 2004, 04:34

I own a 2002 Turbo S Beetle and I have had a few problems. They weren't major, but after owning several new Toyotas and Hondas, I did not expect to be in the service department as often as I have been in the last 2 years. In the first year, I had 2 recalls--one for the window raising/lowering mechanism and the other for the ignition coils. The EPC light came on and was blamed on the replaced ignition coils, thus they were replaced again. My latest problem is that during a thunderstorm, the alarm went off. The next time the car was started, the trunk open indicator light wouldn't go out--even when the trunk was closed and secure. I am taking it in to the dealership today to have that problem assessed. My rear cup holder is being held on with 2 tabs, as the other 2 have broken. I am on a first name basis with most of the service/parts staff.

I had an offer by VW in the mail a while back to buy back my beetle, as it was one of the resale models in demand, but I didn't take them up on their offer. After reading the reviews, I may be sorry that I didn't! I think this will be the last VW I own (sad to say, as I love driving the Turbo S). I will definately consider the tried and true Toyota or Honda.

12th Aug 2004, 22:15

My VW Nightmare: A Repetition of all of Yours.

Last Year I purchased a 99 GL 2.0 liter, 50K miles. Within 300 miles, the check engine light went on. This lasted four months (and apparently I am lucky it did not last longer) and cost around $700, including pointless dealership diagnostics, to fix. I am praying daily it does not go on again.

The power mirrors which never worked cost 150 to diagnose that they needed a new part, for 400. I skipped that, but replaced the serpentine belt at 53K.

Discovered after a month that I consume 1 quart of oil per thousand miles.

I have had a score of other issues (totaling about 1.5K), but the final straw was the collapse of my manual transmission at 67K, from internal failure. The mechanic said something broke off and there was a bunch of metal in the oil. The cost, as I also replaced a very worn clutch, was 4K. After that, I mean, when I collected the car, the lock system was malfunctioning, which cost another 250.

I always wanted a VW. Now I plan on handing out fliers to other VW owners urging them to make their complaints public and loud. The vehicles are faulty; the word lemon is a compliment to them. Needless to say, my car is for sale and I daily pray that my engine light does not come on; my windows do not collapse; my fuel door and boot open ; and my oil consuming engine does not die (it's the only big part I haven't replaced yet).

I wouldn't buy a VW again if they gave it to me for $1.00.

12th Oct 2004, 10:13

I drove my 2000 Beetle GLX-Turbo off the lot brand new and have had each and every problem described on this website (engine light on, headlights keep burning out, engine stalls, cable to fuel cover, automatic window replacements, etc, so many rental vehicles during maintenance) BUT, for the past year (knock on wood) my GLX has been running in tip-top shape (30-32 in town MPG). The exception to all this is the dealer offered a TotalCare Warranty at purchase time and I accepted. This has been the ONLY TIME I purchased a warranty and really used it, and used it and used it. The TotalCare warranty has paid for itself several times over in 4 1/2 years. Yes, the inside handles no longer have the protection (peeled off within a year) but overall the condition of the car is good. But, I will not purchase another VW, I will remain with Toyota's or Honda's.

17th Nov 2004, 14:33

2000 VW Beetle GLS... fully loaded.

Like many of you, I have had problems with this car since day one. I will never be able to sell this car, because I couldn't honestly let someone buy it, knowing what a piece of junk it is.

As of right now, my alarm continually goes off during heavy rain (even though it is parked in a garage) and continually my trunk light is on (even though it isn't open.) I am taking it in for repairs.. and thanks to this website, I realize I am not alone with this problem.

Also, within the last week my temperature light started beeping at me and blinking "red". (NOTE: The blue temp light as blinked since having only a month in Sept.99, even after bringing it in several times to repair.)

Other problems through the years:

1) Like many of you said... It would not go out of PARK unless I slammed on the break as hard as I could... once my boyfriend had to get in my car and slam it because I wasn't strong enough. (I brought it in for repair, only to have it happen AGAIN, exactly one year later.)... eventually the brake switch was recalled...

2) The windows on both sides fell in (THREE TIMES)... all of this repair was paid for before it was FINALLY recalled, and now, the window works, but when I try to close it (push up), first it goes down and then I can close it (by pushing the up button again)... strange...

3) The locks would not respond to my remote, nor work when I inserted the key. Once, I had to climb through the trunk of my car to get in the drivers seat... seriously... (Hilariously enough, when I went to pick it up after they fixed this problem, I went to drive away... and I couldn't get it out of park... AGAIN!)... this was before the recall.

4) Out of the blue it started making a clunking noise, initially only when I turned corners... then whenever I drove slowly... and then all the time. This was so bizarre to me, I don't even remember exactly what they said the source of the problem was.

I wouldn't recommend this car to ANYONE. On a sidenote, I have a good friend who finally sold his 2000 Jetta due to many of the same problems that I had.