16th Nov 2006, 00:12

I own a 2001 New Beetle. I have had it for a year now. It was a really cute and fun to drive car. Upon picking the vehicle up, (purchased used) I didn't even get home and the water pump went and engine overheated. After a week of waiting I got it back. 2 days later my check engine light went on. It was fixed and again within 2 weeks it came on again. I had the thermostat replaced.

Within the last year it has been in the shop 7 times due to the check engine light coming on.

Two weeks ago, my passenger window didn't go back up. It cost me $425.00 for parts and labour!

My check engine light came back on a couple of days ago, so back to the shop it goes.

A guy that works next to me, his wife has a 2000 turbo model and the check engine light, constantly comes on.

If you don't mind it being in the shop all the time for electrical issues, it is a fun car.

20th Dec 2006, 21:07

I own a 2001 turbo Beetle. I originally wanted a Audi TT, but I am very tall at 6 foot 5 inches (nearly 2 meters).

I have had no problems with the vehicle at all. The Traction system (ASR) works good in snow. I purchased it in Florida where that is not an issue and have moved to Michigan. It was in Michigan that I learned to really love the heated seats.

I have had to change the headlights bulbs (nearly 60,000 miles) it was tricky to find out how, but it went very well and I did it in about ten minutes once I knew what I was doing.

I change my own oil. That is an easy operation--however you must access the filter from below. Which means lifting the car somehow. I have used ramps and the low front fairing can be an issue--however this is no surprise for a low car.

All in all--i was sensing some beetle bashing, I just wanted to defend the car. I LOVE MY BEETLE. Please feel free to respond. bikingteacher@yahoo.com.


22nd Dec 2006, 15:13

Which elements were replaced to stop drain on battery? I am experiencing the same problem.


28th Dec 2006, 02:47

My daughter purchased her dream car for her sixteenth birthday, the 1998 VW Beetle. This dream car has turned into a night mare for a first time car owner. She has had one problem after another. Many of the issues she has had are cited by individuals everywhere I look.

*Paint is wearing badly

*replaced front headlights five times to date

*window problems

*electrical problems galore

What makes the situation worse is she loves the car. She doesn't want to give it up. We are to a point though that her parents, who have to pay for all these repairs, can longer justify spending the money on this vehicle and are going to have to force her to sell it. What an ordeal!!

29th Aug 2007, 08:03

The battery drain could be either:

The radio is shorting out somewhere (that's what my problem is)

Or an alarm on the car is draining it.


27th Nov 2007, 20:00

I LOVE my little 2000 VW bug! I have had little problems with it. I bought it with 70,000 miles on it and now have 83,000 on it. Other than replacing a couple of cracked cup holders ($20 each from the VW dealer) and oil changes I have had no problems. I also have manual crank windows, etc. I drive this little gem every day for 50 miles! Runs like a champ! Great Car! YES, the paint is peeling on the inside door handles... little consequence after all I did buy a USED car! She's still my little buggy. She was checked out at a VW dealer and was given a clean bill of health! I did do the 70,000 mile service to keep her going. Timing belt and water pump. I am a very happy owner! I can't believe all these bad reviews. VW's are great! We have a 1989 VW Golf with 250,000 miles on it! Original motor and tranny! Can't complain!

1st Dec 2007, 15:41

Just an update. I just turned 160,000 miles on my 2000 beetle that I purchased new.

There were Technical Service Bulletins that were issued for these cars that would have resolved most of my problems, but I have so many miles on my car, I didn't qualify for them.

VW recalled both O2 sensors, the mass air flow sensor, and extended the warranty on the catalytic converter to 100,000 miles. This is why your check engine light is coming on.

Mine comes on all the time, but it's not impacting anything and I'm not paying $2,000 for a catalytic converter.

Other than that, this has been the most maintenance free car I've ever owned.

The best headlight bulbs are the $5 ones from walmart. The expensive ones only last a couple of months.

23rd Jun 2008, 20:44

I have a 2000 Beetle GLS. Thank God for the comment the owner of the 2000 Turbo Beetle made about checking the gas cap and making sure it's on tight and securely. Here I was ready to go to the VW dealer or another mechanic in the area, fork over major dough, and all I had to do was recheck how the gas attendant put the cap back on. The stall I experience on the highway came right after I'd gotten gas. then the engine light appeared. I didn't know what caused it! Great advice from the 2000 Beetle GLS owner. Thank you.

31st Aug 2008, 21:59

I have a 2000 New Beetle and it is a piece of CRAP!

As previously mentioned by so many other Beetle owners, I've had problems with the check engine light coming on when there was no problem with the engine at all. A few times, it came on for a few minutes and went off by itself. I've really had problems with the temperature light coming on. Just yesterday, (8/30/08), I filled the reservoir up to the correct level with the super expensive antifreeze that only Volkswagen takes. My wife came home from work this evening and told me the temperature light started blinking red again! How can such a small car drink so much antifreeze?

A few days ago, I was dealing with the same problem and I opened the hood and took the top off the coolant reservoir. All of a sudden, the coolant came right back up to the proper level before my eyes. This car is getting to be a real headache and I regret purchasing it. Does anybody have a solution to this temperature light problem?

13th Sep 2008, 03:22

I have a 2000 VW Bug. It's a 1.8 turbo and I'm having a LOT of electrical problems.

My car is a manual and I have changed the battery, the starter and the alternator, but still my car won't start without a jump or it will turn off while I'm driving because the battery is drained. Can anyone help??? I love this car and can't afford a new one right now :(

If you can help, please contact me at leene08@tmail.com

22nd Jul 2009, 11:02

I have a 2.0 2000 Beetle, great car for me. Had few electrical problems with windows and sun roof, but nothing major. This is a great buy for me. It's a gas saver and to me very dependable. Easy to park, especially in a city like New York.