31st Dec 2005, 21:18

Hi everyone, I would just like to say that I feel your pain. I have had my 2004 VW Jetta For one year now. I am awaiting delivery on my fourth CD player, under my warranty. Each preceding one had a different problem. I have seen the apparently familiar "CD Error", and other problems. I hope the fourth one works, I am fed up. I have had at least three other issues with that car in a one year period, including chipping paint, a "kill switch" that no one ever told me about, causing me to be stranded at a gas station. Anyone else with these CD player or other VW problems, please don't be shy. We have to continue to get the word out to make sure VW does what is necessary to correct these ridiculous problems.

5th Jan 2006, 03:35

I own a '98 Automatic VW Beetle with only 55,000 miles on it. Mine isn't orange... it's silver (apparently colors are NOT an issue). Everything seemed all right until a couple days ago. The gear shift was locked in Park and refused to move past it. Stranded in the grocery store parking lot, I called my friend who is a mechanic. After messing around with it, he determined the vehicle was no longer recognizing the break being pressed while in Park (hence the reason why the gear was locked and wouldn't shift into Reverse).

I've been fighting with the dealership for two days now about it. Trying to get VW to fix their defective cars is like trying to talk a militant vegan into eating a raw steak! Unbelievable!

Lucky for me, my friend and I found a way to fool my Beetle into shifting out of Park. Totally ridiculous that one has to 'trick' their car into working! For those that experience this problem, until you are able to get it fixed, you can 'trick' your Beetle into unlocking from Park by stomping on the break a few times then press the shift button in without moving the stick. You should feel the click in the console and then be able to release it into Reverse.

Some of the other problems I've had: power lock only works on the passenger door, seats are massive junk, the force of The Hulk is needed to close the hood, the air conditioning part of the console only lights up when smacked very hard, etc., etc.

It's really a shame these cars have so many problems because they're so cute and fun. Grrr VW!!!

5th Jan 2006, 09:09

Call VWoA. Your brake light switch may be one in the recall.

8th Jan 2006, 20:31

I bought a new 2001 Beetle GLS and had nothing, but problems with it. The car was at the dealership at least once a month for the first two years. The quality of service was very poor and changing dealers didn't improve the service quality. The list of things that went wrong in the first two years covered a full sheet of paper. Even though the dealer fixed everything, I threatened to invoke my state's lemon law and VW came back with an extended factory warranty. Since that time, I haven't had a new problem, but I'll never buy another VW product again. Cute and fun though they may be, if the primary purpose is transportation, stay away from them. For those of you with a lot of problems and bought your car new not too long ago, check with your state's attorney general's office to see if your state has a lemon law. If it does, and your car falls under it, I recommend you invoke it with VW.

9th Jan 2006, 13:18

I have a 2000 yellow New Beetle. It only has 50,000 miles on it. I love it, it is so cute, but I also have had a terrible time with it. I also miss work and play just to get it fixed. My list is long... the belly pan broke and fell off, the fog light is falling off, the door light covers are broken, button #1 on the radio is broken (the only way to fix it is to replace the WHOLE radio?!?!?), sun shade on the moon roof got off track (paid $100 just to have it removed instead of the $500 to repair), the mirror switch just got replaced after breaking totally off when bumped (that was ONLY $80-cheap!), my arm rest snapped off too when my husband leaned on it (that is a $500 job to replace-still broken 2 years later), plastic seat belt covers broke off, CD player skips and gives me errors too, inside door handles are pealing (I guess some say that is a given), passenger door handle is falling out (the outside one!), my rear view mirror broke and the temp gauge for outside is wrong (told it is not fixable), the dealer replaced my window clips on both sides that were a recall when my windows wouldn't go up-almost went postal on that one becuause I was going surfing and went to the dealer instead-don't mess with my surfing! Now I am permanently locked out of my car on the driver side... getting that fixed today. Has anyone had any luck getting VW to pay for any of these? If so how? I love the car, but this really stinks!!!

24th Jan 2006, 07:59

Well, it seems everyone wants to complain, but the 2002 Beetle GLS that I bought for my daughter has been pretty good overall. The only problems were minor:

- window operators were fixed on recall

- screw came loose causing tailpipe rattle

- one headlight replaced after 3 years

- radio buttons stick; VW replaced the radio

- battery became weak after 3 years; new battery (!) on warranty

There has been nothing that required a special trip to the dealer. I bought the car because my daughter thought it was cute. The change from a 2-year, 24,000 miles warranty in 2001 to a 4-year, 50,000 miles warranty in 2002 was what sold me. The car hasn't cost a dime for other than maintenance and has never stranded my daughter. I suppose the nagging problems may be excessive compared to a Civic or Corolla, but those cars are pretty boring.

BTW, I've heard that there have been excessive problems with the Special Edition Beetles.

25th Jan 2006, 15:30

I bought the special edition "Blue Vapor" 2000 New Beetle, 1.8 T GLS because I love the color and the look of the car. The Turbo is also very fun to drive. It was the one you bought on the Internet. I have had so many problems with this car it is unreal. For the first 4 years or so I had to replace a headlight about every 8 to 12 months. The driver's side window fell down one day and would not come up. The electrical display package went out. All of the radiator fluid leaked out. All of the brake fluid leaked out and when I took it in the dealer filled it up and said there was no leak. Guess what? All the brake fluid leaked out again, I took it back and they found a plastic hose that was leaking, of course, because that was not covered under warranty. I bought an extended warranty and I believe I have gotten every penny I spent on it back. The air bag hangers have broken twice. The check engine light has come on numerous times and every time I take it in there is nothing wrong. It's just the wind here, the dealer says. The latest is the clutch which is not covered under warranty and I am having to pay a very large sum to have it fixed. There is only one dealer in town that is 25 miles away, so it is a real hassle to take my car in. All that said, I love this car and it fits me so well, but I am going to have to get another car that is more reliable.